Friday, January 27, 2012

Making Memories

 My blog has been home a little noisier.....and there have been many cookies eaten!!!!
 And for those of you who have to worry about the inlaws or outlaws.....I have no idea what that is like because GOD BLESSED US with parents who LOVE each other and get along so well.....sometimes we have to squeeze into their conversation!!!!  :)  he he he
 BUT the best part- is seeing them totally dote on our children!!!!!!!! 
 We have NOT DONE ANY HOME SCHOOLING since the grandparents have been here- and I DO NOT CARE!!!  Why?  Because what could be more important than playing barbies with grandpa?  We teach our children that family is the most important!  How can we do that with grandparents sooo far away?  Well.......when they are here we spend all the time we can with them.  If that means no naps or less naps or whatever....then so be it!  We will home school through the summer anyway.  Might as well take time to smell the roses. 
 Or smell batman?  Whichever works for you- right Joanna?
 Or you could kiss Batman......but daddy said no dating Joanna!!!  Did Batman ask daddy if he could steal a kiss??  Ummm...I don't think so!  he he he he
 How do you make a really grumpy girl smile?  Let her play with daddy's keyboard for a bit :)
 There will be many more pics of all our kiddos enjoying grandparent time!!!  And I wouldn't have it any other way!  I am sooo thankful for skype, phones, facebook, and emails!!!!!!!!!!!  Or in my mom's case snail mail.....almost forget what that is ;)
 We have been very busy here playing lots of games all day long! 
 Oh and Andrew was set on making no bake cookies so he wanted to have them- he made them! 
LOVE that all of my babes love to help in the kitchen :)  And YES they are yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That and my mom made her famous and yes they are famous- chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, a few extra desserts never hurt anyone!  :)

So if you wonder where I have been- I have been extremely happy spending time with my family :)

**Adoption update- ICPC was started today!  So we are getting closer.......will hopefully only be a couple of weeks now....but could be shorter or could be longer (most adoptions are within the 7-10 day limit, but sometimes there are extra tidbits that can slow things down.....and so I will try to wait patiently- I did say try).  Please pray with me for the ICPC to go smoothly.  For his family he is with- again....this is a very very very hard situation.  Not for our son- he is soooo LOVED!!!  But for the family.  And I am constantly thinking of them and praying for God's Hands to cover them and give them strength.  Thank You!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Universal with the grandparents

 Oh dear.....did you get a bit wet mum and dad?  yeah....the boat ride here gets you SOAKED as in NO DRY PATCHES ON YOU AT ALL!!!!  Smile for the camera :)
 Posing - are they cute or what?
 Joshua wanted to be the driver. 
 Matthew's turn. 
 Joanna says- time for sleepy........this wears a girl out!
 Matthew wanting to play drums!
 He he he....these people came over to us for a picture.  Cheese!
 Walking in the entrance area of Universal Islands of Adventure. 
 Some more cute pictures....
 They LOVED the bubble blower. 
 Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.....
 There is a little park area where we sometimes eat our evening snack/dinner.  This is the view at Universal Studios.
 The kids love running around a bit.  You know because walking around all day evidently doesn't wear them out?  he he he....endless energy!
 And Jason aiming raisins into his parents mouths....too funny!  My hubby is a kid at heart.  That is why he loves having so many kiddos ;)

Joanna- coming through!

Sooo......adoption update- PRAYING to get the ICPC started at the end of this week.  Ummm....the paperwork is a bit more complicated.  Don't want to share details, but just pray all the paperwork will be in fact done by the end of the week!  This is just such a hard situation and it is dragging out.  PRAYING FOR HIS FAMILY where he is!!!  PLEASE JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is just constantly on our hearts........

Friday, January 20, 2012

While our little boy was being born.....

 So forgot to show you our English LOOT!  This is all the goodies my parents brought over for us :)  Yeah, they love us!  The big box in the front- tea, loads of biscuits I mean cookies, and candies we can't get here.  Well, technically we can, but they are really really expensive!  I guess that is the advantage to living near Orlando where 1,000's of Englishers take their vacations.  :)
It hit me today.........Our son's birthday is February 27th, 2010.  Literally a month before our Joanna was born on March 23rd, 2010.  I was remembering.....what was going on in our lives at this time.

Then it came rushing over me like a ton of bricks.......WE WERE IN THE MIDST OF OUR LOSS......LOSING OUR NAOMI CAROLINE.  We were in the stage of trying to move on like we would be ok.  It was hard work in those days- making ourselves smile, but we tried. 

Interestingly I went back and found this post a couple of days before he was born.

And yet just a few days before that......this is what I posted.

Actually......I remember feeling like just getting up in the mornings- was HARD WORK!  We had lost our Hannah Grace July25th, 2008 as she went to be with Jesus.  And although we know she is perfectly healed of her scoliosis and spina bifida not needing any earthly surgeries........we longed to hold her!!!!  She was our daughter!!!!  

Then starting in December of 2009....when we got the UGLY LETTER from usc*s stating they wanted more information?  Through March......we were in a deep longing, mourning, lost stage.  Because Naomi was never going to be coming home.  Those months were filled with grief!  A depression even.

While all this was happening- God was arranging for the birth, not only of our daughter, Joanna Faith Wright....but now we find out that our next child as well?  How can such a crazy time of deep loss, that is sooo unexplainable unless you have lost a child, lead to not 1 but 2 of our children?  I was blown away by our God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was praying God led me to realize one really important thing.  HE does NOT conform to our ideas of good timing.  I know that sounds simple, but it is true.  If you would have asked me in those months are you sooo excited about God.  Ummm.....I would have said yes, but right now it is hard to just live. 

Sometimes it is hard enough just to breathe in life.  There are times when we feel like we are suffocating with a kind of death.  Some of you may be feeling that way right now.  But God works in ways we can not understand!  I still don't understand why we had to lose our Hannah Grace or our Naomi Caroline- much less lose them both within 2 years!!!  BUT OUR GOD IS SOO AWESOME that HE KNEW.  He knew our hearts would be broken and HE HAS RESTORED THEM!!!  NOT ONLY HAS HE RESTORED THEM, BUT NOW THEY ARE OVERFLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does this mean that our hard times are over now - ha ha ha....nope, doubt it.  BUT it puts things into perspective a different perspective.  One that I am sooo grateful for!  During those times when you are drowning in never know what God is up to :)!!!! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

 Happy Birthday to my father in love!!!!!  (his name is Vic).  It was his 66th Birthday last Saturday :)  So Jason whipped up some fun cupcakes....and yes Vic picked the orange color!  :)  Tells you a little about his personality doesn't it?  YEP!
 OH if you haven't read the last post- GO DO IT NOW!  :)  We are adopting and he is of course the cutest child!!!!!  Not that we are biased or anything mind you.  So for those who don't know my parents are here in FL- staying with my Aunt Jane, and my Aunt Beckie and Uncle Doug are here also staying at my Aunt's house too.  (my hubby's parents are both staying here with us). 
 So here is Becky talking to my mother in love.....
 My mom.....trying to get Joanna to smile....oh yeah......ummmm......did I mention we have all that the stomach bug?  Oh well.....WE HAVE!!!!  It hit HARD!!!!!!  UGLY AND NASTY are the only words to describe this disaster!  It hit one or two at a time- only missing Vic, Sarah, and Elizabeth (thankful for them.....but not for the rest of us who have all suffered the terror).  So this nasty bug has been hanging out in our home and well - PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am declaring that disaster OVER baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 The father in love on the left- Vic, my dad in the middle- David, and Doug on the right - my uncle. 
 My aunt Jane talking with the girls......  :)
 So this not the clearest pic because it was taken through the window- but this dead tree is the only tree the boys have to climb in our yard....he he he.....and well... you know boys will be boys!
 My mum and Andrew.....

 Grandma playing Chinese Checkers with Abigail.....
 Jason and Aunt Jane talking....
 Bring on the cupcakes!!!!!
 Jonathan asked several it time for the cupcakes yet?  FINALLY he got his wish!
Hey, Matthew- what do you think of the cupcakes???

OK I know, I are all wondering- when is your newest son coming home?  Hmmmm......well that is a great question!  For matters of privacy there are some and maybe a lot of things that I don't want to share with everyone.

BUT, what I can tell you is that there is paperwork to be finished.  Then there is the ICPC to complete.  An ICPC is the Interstate compact agreement- this is a paperwork process that has to happen when you adopt a child from a different state.  The state where they live now has to agree that your paperwork and clearances are in order.  Then the state where you live- where the child is moving to has to agree with that too.  Sounds silly, but it is protection so that there is not tr*fficking of children.  We did this with Joanna as well.  It can take anywhere from 1 week-3weeks, but usually around 1 1/2-2 weeks for MOST people.

This is a different kind of adoption for us because it is private.  So it is just a matter of dealing with lawyers.  So we wait for the paperwork to get started....and will have to make a judgement call about when we fly to meet him....and of course waiting for ICPC to be completed before we can come back. 

So that is pretty vague, but we know that there is always waiting in the adoption process, and it makes the meeting that much sweeter.  This is what I wrote on my facebook earlier today....and it sums up everything..... 
Waiting and praying for our addition to our family. Knowing he is GREAT AND WONDERFUL hands right now. Praying desperately for healing for those hands and for him. God knows!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Joanna has some BIG NEWS TO SHARE!!!!!!!!

 Hello everyone!  As usual I am a cute model.  My daddy went out and bought this Monday night to surprise my mommy because we received news about............................
 Awww.......look isn't this cute?  Oh sorry excuse my ADD....I get it from my mommy you know........
 Look grandma and grandpa came on Tuesday and look at what mommy did for their arrival. 
 She even gave them lots of treats.....
 Oh and here they come- grandma and grandpa.....
 And here we are waiting very impatiently for them to come- wait what does that sign say?
 Oh...........HERE IS THE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am getting a new brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is of course cute.....and a month older than me!
 Here is grandma and grandpa putting together the new changing table (he he he- mommy was still using the cardboard boxes to change me on since my old changing table broke in the move here).....
 Sooooo here we are putting a new one together.  Well at least I get to use the new one :)
 Of course I will have to share it, but I don't mind.
 And did I mention my family is a bit- different?
 Yeah, here is proof!
 So here is the new changing table......hmmmm...mommy didn't take pictures of his new crib- will be coming in future posts I am sure!
 And here is my new BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Isn't he cute?
 Well, I mean for a boy anyway. 
 Don't let the sleeping cuteness fool you- I am planning on some good fun with him.  I mean really we will promise to behave much as any 2 almost 2 year olds can behave :)
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WE are soooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to meet him and bring him home!!!!!  I mean his cheeks are almost as cute as mine :).

So a few things about my new brother........HE IS A MIRACLE in sooo many ways!!!  As with any adoption there is GREAT PAIN in his story.  Please pray continually as we are for all those involved.  The pain is really deep and overwhelming according to what my mommy says.  We are praying God's continued HEALING because we know HE is the ONLY ONE WHO HEALS our wounds!

He has a whole list of things that are a part of his history and medical records......he has HIV, he was born here in the States, he was exposed to alcohol and drugs in utero, he has possible mild Cebral Palsey, and possible severe autism.  And well to be honest that is only a tiny bit of the list.

BUT- OUR GOD IS GREATER!  WE know our brother may never talk, he is already crawling, and now cries, and boy does he have a great giggle!!!!!  You see my mommy and daddy tell us that EVERYONE is PRECIOUS and EVERY LIFE IS AMAZING NO MATTER WHAT!!!!  And so although a lot of people may be questioning our sanity right now.....we know GOD ordained his life and this adoption.  That out of our darkest times God STILL REIGNS!

It is more than a song we sing in church more than something we say in passing- IT IS REAL!  And our brother and each and every one of us in our family are miracles and we can't wait to see how GOD WORKS in our lives and brings our brother to us even in these really hard circumstances. 

PRAISE GOD for the GREAT THINGS HE IS DOING!  Please continue praying!!!!!!