Thursday, April 21, 2016

The blessing of a baby girl - Craig & Amity’s adoption stor

Craig and Amity signed on with us at Christian Adoption Consultants in March of 2015 after waiting more than three years to adopt with their agency. Without being able to adopt previously they got connected to us and were interested in having our support to evaluate potential adoption situations, have help with paperwork, and to have wider access to agencies. In just over 5 months they were matched through one of CAC’s recommended agencies with a birth mother who was already going into labor, and the next day their baby girl was in their arms! Amity shares their story:    

“Our adoption journey was long, but, looking back upon it, I can see the Lord’s hand bringing us together. We began looking into adoption in 2011, when Josie was 3 years old and we had been unable to conceive a second child. We felt strongly that we should spend our efforts and resources on adoption instead of pursuing infertility diagnoses and treatment.

We started getting documents together to update our home study, and looked for an agency. I felt overwhelmed by the options and unsure of how to choose. In mid-March I began to feel a tugging at my heart, a feeling that there was a baby on its way to our family, and that we needed to move faster. Then, while visiting with a friend who had adopted, I received a strong impression that we needed to move forward immediately to be ready when our baby arrived. We signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants the next day.

By the end of May our paperwork and profile were completed, and in June we had applied with eight different agencies recommended by our consultants (Dawn & Jason Wright). 

Each application included our adoption profile--a book with pictures and information about us: our hobbies, interests, community, hopes for the future, etc. In working with Christian Adoption Consultants, we would receive emails with potential adoption situations. Each would include the birth parent backgrounds, health history, known risks including drug and alcohol exposure, the due date, and adoption fees.

We would then let the agency know if we wanted to present our profile. This commitment meant that we would not present to anyone else while the birthmom decided, and if she chose us, we would be matched. In all, we presented our profile to 6 birthmothers with 5 different agencies between June 26-August 25. 

The continued commitment and waiting were much more stressful than I had anticipated. I knew that whatever child came to our family, the Lord would help us to love, care for and cherish.

On August 24, I emailed an inquiry to one of the agencies we had applied to and I received a call from them on Tuesday, August 25. I was informed that we had not been chosen from our recent presentation--BUT-- that our profile had been on her desk when she’d been talking to another mom, and she felt impressed to show it to her (“I hope that’s okay,” she’d said, since we hadn’t known). She said the baby was a girl, and due September 15, with an induction date set for the 8th, but that mom was already dilated to 3cm at 38 weeks.  I told her I would talk to Craig and get back to her, and she sent me the information she had on the situation by email. We agreed wholeheartedly to this baby, and sent an email that evening telling the agency to “officially” present our profile.

I got a reply the next morning that BH had gone into labor and that the baby had been born. So Josie and I flew to Salt Lake City on the red eye that night. After a morning nap I left Josie with my parents and arrived at the hospital around 1pm, just as BH had finished signing the relinquishment paperwork. I was not sure what to expect, but as I entered the hospital room, BH said hello, and “Do you want to hold her?” She handed me the smallest bundle of baby I had ever encountered and I fed and rocked her while BH worked on the vital statistics paperwork. The hour passed quickly. 

When the social worker needed to leave, I asked BH if she wanted me to stay longer, or come back later. She said, “I’m kind of tired. And this is the only time I will have to spend with her.”  We agreed to just meet at the agency on Friday after discharge from the hospital. I no longer had any worries about this tiny baby. BH so obviously loved her. 

Craig arrived the following morning, August 28. And we took Josie to the agency to pick up our new daughter, Alora. When BH arrived with Alora from the hospital, we spent a couple hours together at the agency. Before she flew home on the 31st, she gave us a scrapbook she had prepared for us and Alora that included ultrasounds and photos from her stay in Utah. It also had a couple of letters that answered many of the questions we didn’t feel like we could ask.

Our open adoption means that we send BH letters and photos through the agency once a month for the first year, then at least yearly until Alora turns 18. Since the adoption was finalized, we have communicated by email and skype. 

We are so blessed.  BH loved this baby, and her decision to adopt was motivated by that love. She had been in Utah since June and had received excellent support and counseling from the adoption agency.

Alora was small, but she is perfect, healthy and whole. By her 2 month checkup, Alora had doubled in size. She continues to delight and amaze us. We are all smitten.  As I reflect on our experience, I am humbled and grateful. She is happy and sleeps and eats well. She only cries when she is hurt, hungry or tired. She loves Josie and often laughs for her.”

Nothing thrills us more than seeing families come together through the amazing blessing and miracle of adoption. We would love to talk with you about your adoption journey, and how we may provide support and encouragement to you. With our services you receive professional and caring support all the way through the adoption process. You get someone who’s in your corner and someone you can always trust.

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