Sunday, August 19, 2012

What does your inner circle whisper in your ear?

 OK Today's pictures provided by entertainment from a trip to Universal!!!!  YEA- THE NEW DESPICABLE ME RIDE WAS OPEN - FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!  And YES we ALL rode this- even the twins :) and it was sooo fun!!!!!  Nothing better than a ride about remembering their Adoption Day!!!!  OH YEA- that is what I am talking about!!!  How awesome!!!!!!!!  :)
 So today in church the pastor did a sermon on Who is in your inner circle? 

Have you ever thought of that before?  I don't know if I have specifically.  The point is that those in your inner circle play a BIG ROLE in WHO you are.  Not that they define you specifically- you still have a choice, but really what they "whisper into your ears and heart" really do define who you are. 
 Take for example a few incidents.  When the spies were sent in to check out the Promised Land there were 12 men who went.  Now for some reason they were picked.  In that circle of people there were only 2 that actually believed what God had said.  They were the only ones who said- God said it was ours already all we have to do is believe that.  The other 10 said we don't believe God.  I mean I know He said it was ours, but have you seen the giants? 
 In essence they were saying "I don't know God. Are you sure you can do this?"  or "Has anyone done this before? Are you sure we can?".  They were in definition skeptics.  Men who just couldn't quite get the fact that God is really GOD!!!

Listen to today's Declaration (something we say together):  I am filled with seeds of greatness because I possess the seeds of Christ.  God is connecting me with people of faith who will inspire me, challenge me and help me to grow.  If  there are any unhealthy relationships in my life, I refuse to let them pull me down any longer.  I am moving forward with those who believe the promises of God and are determined to realize them. 

WOW!!!!  Did you just read that aloud to yourself and think ummm......AMEN!  Because I did!  It was as if this message was all about what we have been going through.  If you are a facebook friend you know that I have been posting some things about tough stuff this week. 
 Our tough stuff has to do with what we thought was a mutual Christian friendships.  I am not saying these people still aren't Christians- I am NOT God (whew....glad we all know that).  What I am saying is that it was supposed to be a Christ filled relationship.  We totally trusted these people so much that personal information was shared with them.  That is typically what happens in a friendship. 
 That is how you know you are a friend when the person feels they can share anything!  I have a few people in my life that I do this with.  Only a couple of them live near me- the rest of you live a ways away, but I feel that you are so trustworthy I can contact you at any time and you will lift me up in prayers, pray with me over the phone, or just help me get the junk off my chest. 
 Those people that we shared with however used that information against us.  Speaking negativity into our lives.  It was AWFUL!!!  Worse than AWFUL!!!!!  It was devastating, heartbreaking......words that cut deeper than a knife....spoken into us........  The crazy part is that though we were sad because the friendship had been wounded so deeply, but we were not worried about what had taken place. 
 As in we knew that this severing was meant to be.  This message today made it clear!  Those in your inner circle NEED TO BE ON YOUR SIDE!!!  That is not to say we shouldn't speak hard things to friends who need to hear them, but when we do it has to be in a way of cheering them on and from a total Biblical perspective. 
 I would like to brag on my hubby just because I think he is so very wise!  He sought counsel with 2 different pastors over the situation because he wanted to make sure that he was not in the wrong in the way he handled things.  I am NOT talking about gossip people, but asking for prayer and thoughtfulness over a situation that is hard. 
 They both said the same exact thing.  Allowing his heart to be settled and allowed him really to handle the situation with the utmost confidence.  He made a plan before speaking with them. ended in a break in the relationships.  I am not saying they will not one day be restored because people WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD!!  I pray they will.  We DO NOT HATE THEM.  We just can't have them whisper in our ears can't change, you are in the wrong, I can't believe you anymore, you are crazy, you won't succeed, and on and on.
 The other main scripture was taken from Mark 5:35-43.  This is the story of Jairus' daughter.  Now Jairus was a synagogue leader.  People came after him as he was going to visit Jesus to ask for healing for his daughter.  They said - don't bother the teacher now, she is dead.  Upon hearing this Jesus said to Jairus Don't be afraid.  Just have faith.  (powerful words don't you think.)  When Jesus went to his house he only took 3 disciples.  His inner circle, and the parents.  When Jesus arrives the people are already mourning.  He said why do you mourn she is just asleep.  Their response- laughter. 

WOW!  You want to scream- ARE YOU KIDDING YOU JUST LAUGHED AT THE MESSIAH?????  What are you thinking?  If HE said she is just asleep and HE created her- I am pretty sure HE knows.  They didn't see it that way.  So what did Jesus do- He told them TO LEAVE!!!

Get out!  That's right- you are not a part of my inner circle if you can not have faith enough in me! 
 If Jesus was concerned who was in His inner circle we should be too.  If He was saying - you don't believe- then you have to go.....I think we should too.  That is not to say all are not welcome.  That is where it gets tricky.  All are welcome!  All are welcome in our church, in our Bible Studies, but NOT ALL ARE WELCOME in our inner circle IF they are nay saying against us. 
 Have you ever had someone tell you - you will never accomplish that? 

Oh yeah....
 You just go ahead and watch me then!!!!  (perfect picture for this don't you think?)

Those who have the faith when the economy is bad, when your marriage is falling apart, when the loss hurts so much you feel like you are going to die yourself, when your children say and do things that rip your heart out, when your workplace is filled with naysaying and gossip, ...........SHOW THEM THE DOOR!!!!  NO I don't mean don't love them (that is hateful) or don't ever talk to them, just don't let doubters into "your real world". 
 I think that is why some bloggers have a hard time.  I know I do- with negative comments.  We think - what?  We put our hearts out there, and then someone stomps on us!  UGH! 
 God has CLAIMED US FOR HIM!  Mistakes, imperfections, and ALL!  WE ALL SIN PEOPLE- me, you, your spouse, your momma, your neighbor, your friends, everyone.  It is who we really believe in that we will truly speak life into.  Numbers 14:28 "So tell them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Lord, I will do to you the very thing I heard you say:"  

What God hears us speak over a situation matters.  If you have friends or parents or neighbors that speak ill of your family.  People who tell you your hubby is not worthy.  Your children will never change.  Your .........??  Then they need to stop (preferably) or you need to get them out of your inner circle.  We need to keep witnessing- so they still should be if at all possible in a circle of some kind :) AMEN?
We want people who speak LIFE OVER US!  Who believe that JESUS IS REAL AND CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH US AND FOR US!  People who say.....I am so sorry to hear about your trials, but I believe that GOD WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS!  I know it must be rough, can I pray with you?  I know you have slipped into this "sin" and I want to see you set free.  How can I encourage a friend today to help them get out?  How can I say- see those giants living in our land, did you hear about the girl who people said was dead, did you hear about the 10 lepers, did you see that person get up and walk after not walking his whole life, did you see the man whose friends tore a hole in the roof just to get their friend healed by Jesus, or the nation that finally came back to Christ after wandering through the desert?  YEAH THAT IS MY GOD!  HE CONQUERED!!!

People MY GOD still moves mountains today!!!  Besides the millions of stories I have told there are many many I hear about.  I stand AMAZED!  That is why I love reading all of your blogs too ;)

When we STAND WITH our inner circle friends WE BECOME AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE FOR CHRIST!!!  We become His hands and feet. 

Soooo........Who is in your inner circle, and do there need to be some changes?  How can you do that in the best way?  How can we still witness to people, but stand firm too? 

****Just so you know I will be away for a while- whew!  I will return ;).  Praying for you all and knowing that GOD IS AMAZING to give me a family.  So we are taking time to just think about our family!  :)

Friday, August 17, 2012


First off this is urgent!  Why?  Because all too much we have the opinion that if we are Christian we should be "tolerant" and let people walk all over us when we hear them say things unBiblical.  BUT THIS IS A TIME TO RISE UP!  A fellow person has made comments on behalf of Christians and not spoken truth :(  It breaks my heart.  I do not like when people trample on a passion close to my heart- ADOPTION!

If you want to watch the video clip of his interview- GO HERE!!!!
 Russell Moore obviously has some good wisdom in what he writes about it as well!!!

OK- SO TAKE ACTION!!!  Leave a comment!!!!!  PLEASE!!!

ALSO - GO DIRECTLY TO PAT!!!  AMEN!  Call 757-226-2468 (this is not a listed number this is one that my hubby - because he LOVES ORPHANS- called and asked for)!!!!  It is time to rise up and proclaim truth!!!!  It is important to let our voice of Christians from around the world let him know that ADOPTION IS REDEMPTION!!!!!  It is is is is GOD'S HEART!!!!!  NOT a thing to be scared of or weird!

You can also leave online comments as well HERE!!!!!!  Then scroll down to 700 Club and it will let you comment there.  Feel free to leave comments on more than one place!!!!

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO BOTH- call and leave a comment!!!!!

PLEASE JOIN ME ALSO IN PRAYER!!!!  I feel that we have a right and obligation to STAND FOR THE ORPHANS AND WIDOWS!!!!!!  Let's join together and pray for a coming to scripture because God loves Pat Robertson too!!!  Let's pray for his heart to be turned and for those who heard his message to know that this is not God's heart and it is not the heart of Christians!  AMEN!!!! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Praying Vika HOME!!!!!!! Please READ AND SHARE!!

The following was written by her host family- you can read a lot more about them and her here:

Vika (short for Victoria) is an amazing girl who captures the heart of everyone she meets. She just turned 13 this summer. She has been hosted for 7 weeks in our family and has done amazingly well (she is from Eastern Europe)! She gets along well with our four children (ages 3-15). She is loving and affectionate and loves to give hugs.

She attached well to both my husband and I. She is extremely well behaved and very obedient and helpful. She likes to clear the table after dinner and eager to help with small chores just to feel like part of the family. She always says “thank you” for everything no matter how small – whether it is cooking dinner or washing her clothes.

She is very outgoing and loves to try new things. She loves swimming, listening to music, dancing, crafts, and knitting. She learned to ride a bike this summer and loves that, too. She is particularly interested in learning about Jesus and I would love to see her in a family that would nurture and feed this deep hunger! Her biggest desire is to be adopted and have a Mama and Daddy to love her. Vika has lots of love to give! For more information you can contact Project One Forty Three or .
 You can feel free to contact The Kessler family as well and they can answer some questions that you may have about Vika.  Beth though (the email above this pic) is the one to ask about specifics on adopting Vika. 

PLEASE PRAY!!!!  For Vika to find a forever family!  Those eyes have captured my heart! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our little getaway day :)

 Ahhh.......yes.  Marriage is sooo worth fighting for!  This last year has been a doozey with moving (a few times), finally buying a house, getting a job - now changing jobs, taking a pay cut and soon another pay cut, adding another cutie to our family, and the list goes on..........

That is why it is sooo IMPORTANT THAT YOU FIND TIME! 
 What does that mean exactly?  Well at different times it looks differently.  Sometimes it looks like- putting the kids to bed early so you can have a conversation with each other without interruptions- if only for an hour!  Sometimes it looks like a dinner out.  Sometimes it is five minutes hiding in the garage.  Sometimes it is going on a long walk.  Sometimes it is........
 Whatever you have to do to REMEMBER WHO YOU MARRIED AND WHY! 
 It is like this light house here.  It still works (we are on eggmont island a place where you have to own your own boat to get to it or take a ferry that only takes one or two loads of people a day for a limited time).  It works, but if you aren't paying attention you could still run ashore. 
 WATCH OUT!  The devil is sneaky!  He makes us get too busy buying school supplies, painting the  house and doing repairs, outside activities, stuff to be done, bills to be paid, and then before we know it we are dead tired with no energy for our spouse. 

Your spouse IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!  DO NOT TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED!!!  EVER!!!!!  Take it from me......earlier this year we did.....and didn't work so well for us.  I am guessing it doesn't work for anyone!!! 
Even with 9 kiddos we do get out of the house!  It may be rare....sometimes it is more often.....but we still GET OUT!  Remembering each other.  How we make each other laugh.  How we have passed the test time and time again.  How we really do love each other and we are each others best friend!  Because someday our kiddos may all be gone, but there will always be US! 

There is a very important sign I remember from a camp I used to work at.  It read "the most important thing you can do for your children is love your spouse." 

So just a reminder to all my married friends out there or those thinking about marriage- it is work.  Hard work pays off.  For you and your whole family! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hair, braces, a Michael photo shoot, and homeschool tests

 Totally random :)  This is Elizabeth!  She is our little butterfly......fluttering everywhere.....
 This is a twist gathering hair as you go.....
 Which looks like this. 
 Oh Joanna.....well I have learned I can not do anything exciting with her hair.  Just puffs for this girl....
 Because if it isn't "out" for her to play with she will pull it out!  So oh well it is simple and it works. 
 This is a fun pattern- 3 "rows" on each side of the head....make "blocks" and make a pattern.  You can do this with 4-5 "blocks as well or just 2 and criss cross. 
 Awww.....Pretty biased that she is VERY GORGEOUS ;)
 Then I usually twist at the ends like this, or leave as "puffs", or braid, whatever strikes your fancy.  :)
 This is my version of "fake cornrows.  he he is just literally twisting the hair in a line.  That's it!  Easy!
 Abigail- pretty sure daddy needs big artillery to chase the boys away.....she is sooo BEAUTIFUL!  :)
 These are the steps for the above. 
 just part the hair in the row, comb/brush through, then twist away....note to self you have to make sure you are twisting the same way for both sides, or at least make a pattern.  ;)
 I ended in a "puff" or ponytail. 
 And this is my oldest's real hair length- yep!!!  I know I will get comments, but her hair has never been cut since she was around 18 months!  She is now 12 1/2!  She does has one small patch of some "breakage" at the front of her head, but really her hair has done sooo very well!!!!  :)  Whew!!! 

All of the above hairstyles (except Joanna's bunches because she plays with them of course) actually last a week or more!  Depending on if my girls remember to wear their hair caps, and how small your "rows" or "sections" are.  They all take about 15min- 30 min DONE!  So I know people ask me all the time what do you do to their hair- do you do it every day- UMMM....NO WAY!!!  Unless Abigail wants to wear it down- which is GORGEOUS!  Then I do have to do a quick comb through every day.  I will post more styles as I do them if I do different ones and remember to take a picture.  ;) 

Lately I have gotten in the habit of "redoing" hair on Sunday afternoon before church (we go in the afternoon/evening time), but sometimes I will stagger hair time so I only do one girl a day.  Either way there are tons of styles that don't take long that last at least a week or so. 
 So Michael got his very own pair of "boots" (braces).  They help "break" the tone caused by the cebral palsey as well as keep his feet in the right position for standing up since he is now pulling up on his own.  He doesn't wear them all the time, but for now at least an hour- 2 hours a day.  He does really well and only fusses as I am putting them on. 
 Can't see that well but he has "space" boots- the look like outer space.....with stars and planets. 
 Here is the front- with the spaceship strap too :)
 Awww....Michael modeling for you, but he looks shy....
 Aw mom......not another picture........
 Ok this is boring I am going to get into something........oh the stack of papers on mommy's desk- that looks like fun. 
 Ok ok.....another picture for my fans.  Look I am sitting on the edge all by myself.....
 Ok mom....I want down to crawl around.....
 MOM!  I am serious!  Let me down!  HE IS SHOWING EMOTIONS PEOPLE THIS IS AWESOME- and even when he is mad at you he is still sooo CUTE!
 Man.....mommy didn't listen to me.  The others said this would happen.  They said, "Michael you are number 9 and you will be gushed over, but mommy will make you work.  Just face it and get over it."  They were right!
 OK this is my last pose!
 OK one more because this is my cute sister and I and well we are the most adorable twins ever!  CHEESE!!!!
 Look I can hang on and get down.  Wanna see.....(ok folks at this time I know he can get down by himself, but I am not about to let him fall doing I did put the camera down to make sure he wouldn't fall on his face)  :)
This picture is for "K" because you rock and I know this picture would make you laugh!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!!!

OK so we have been busy around here this week!  Yesterday and today was testing day in the Wright home for homeschooling.  Some states, like Louisiana don't require anything :) just a letter stating you are homeschooling and how many students you have.  Some require A LOT like PA I believe has crazy laws.  Most have somewhere in between where you test or do a profile that has to be reviewed once a year. 

Our tester was AWESOME!!!!!  Christian lady who loves homeschooling and did it herself!  She was so great with our kiddos and all our "special issues" ;) he he he.....  Only the oldest 6 have to test right now so we did 3 tests each day and I had wonderful friends help look after the other kiddos so we had a quieter house to test in.  They all did so very well and I am so very proud.  Come to think of it, really it just reaffirmed me in teaching.

I think before this I was still leery on how good of a teacher I am.  You know self doubt can creep in easily!  What I have to say to anyone thinking about or already doing home school.  God created us to be a family.  Yes there are people who don't or can't teach their own children and that is fine!!!  Not worried, but if you are feeling a nudge or did feel and now you are worried.  Don't be.  I was pretty much right on where I thought my kids would be!  That reminds me that although my children struggle in areas that some of my other children don't struggle in, that is not my fault.

Did you hear that?  Your children were created by THE ALMIGHTY PERFECTLY!!!  If they struggle it is not your fault!!!!  It happens.  Can you help them?  Sometimes, but not always.  Sometimes you can do all you can to help them.  You can study research, buy more curricula, and pull your hair out and the only thing that changes is you are now bald.  FOR REAL! 

Sometimes just when you thought all hope was lost and your child would never learn such and such......they do it!  And you jump for joy and start singing SCREAMING PRAISES TO JESUS!!!  I know!  That was/is me! 

So just a pick me up from me to all of you wonderful moms out there.  I am NOT perfect!  I totally make huge mistakes all the time.  I try and try again.  Sometimes I fail, sometimes I fail miserably, sometimes God moves those mountains, and sometimes I have to move and get out of the way for HIM!  I pray this encourages each of you homeschooling mommas and public schoolers!  YOU ALL ROCK!!!  :)