Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Elizabeth Anne Wright!!! (from Christmas Day)

 How did this happen???  The little girl that was brought to our door at midnight....the night before our camp's big open 5 1/2 months is ALREADY 6? 
 If you have not met are missing out!  She is sooo full of life!  She will run up to you and give you a hug!!!  :)
 She has a voice that is beautiful!!!!  And she LOVES to sing! 
 OK daddy.....why are you playing with Elizabeth's doll??  :)
 Elizabeth- there is no one like you!  You are an amazing gift from God! 
 Happy Birthday to our little nut! 
 Oh dear....what are you doing??
 Does it look like she is up to something?  or is it me?
As you can clearly see.....Elizabeth was made for our family!!!  A little crazy, a little nutty, but very full of love!!!!

Some would say.....oh poor baby she has to have her birthday on Christmas.  As you can tell - she wasn't worried!!!  She loves it!  You always get great food and plenty of it!  You can have a pj day and you never have school on your birthday!  She loves it!!!  :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy 8th Adoption Day Matthew!!!

 (Sorry for being a Blog Slacker.....will try to catch up again...he he he)
Happy 8th Adoption Day Matthew!!!!!!  ***His Adoption Day Anniversary is on December 22nd. 
 To our amazing little man!  He is just sooo cute I love to squeeze him :)
 When we brought him home from the hospital- he was less than 6 lbs. and a preemie.....we actually stuffed him in a stocking for a picture. 
 Hmmm..........what is this???  This is called Jason messing with Matthew's head!  he he he he :)  ****Remember the night before we were up late again baking for the fundraiser!!!!!!! 
 Happy Adoption Day!!!!  To our Captain America!!!!
 The smile in this picture says it all!  Matthew you are sooo sweet with a hint of crazy humor and we wouldn't have it any other way.  From the moment we first held you - you had our hearts and we are sooo very thankful that God decided to Bless our family with YOU!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU MATTHEW!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet The Need Christmas Party

 OK for you crafters out there......this is a cute idea!! 
 Here are the kiddos starting their white elephant gift exchange.....
 Playing outside- it was gorgeous Sunday afternoon
 Put them up Bat Girl this is Darth Vador!
 Employees and their families hanging out.....
 Waiting for the all crazy gifts to be opened. 
 Awww....Joanna actually going up to someone- (Jason's boss' wife) this is rare for her.  Awww.....
 She seriously really took to her.  It was so sweet to see. 
 Kids wanted to know what the boring adults were doing.
 Tanya explaining "white elephant" gift exchange rules for those who haven't done it. 
 Ok everybody's got it and now we start. 
 Joanna needed to see her face in the picture on the camera :)  CHEESE!
 Joanna offering her careful help in opening the present. 
 Showing off the gifts.
 Oohhhhh what cheesy gifts...
 an office gift set.....- this gift was stolen...
 there was fun and laughter....
 And Jason's boss opened up his present- what is this....not an American flag.....
 Oh Jim that just looks lovely on you.  Our kiddos had to help him put it on, awww there you go that looks great on you!
Oh and one cheezey wallet from the 80's is sooo nice!!  Great present for her boys.'s been a bit quiet......quiet because we are looking over different situations, praying, putting up quick profiles (but Tracie has our real one done now).  Making contacts, praying some more.....staying up until 3am making goodies for our bake sale- fundraiser.  Thinking this will be worth every ounce of sweat for our sweet child out there somewhere.

Please continue to pray with us!!!!  It is sooo hard putting your heart out there several times and each time wondering is this the one God?  And then being told no, or ignored all together, or ........still waiting.........

I know a lot of you know what I am talking about.  Appreciate your prayers as we journey to our next child!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We are helping start an adoption ministry!!!!

 Ok first of course there has to be a few pictures right?  So this is the same day we put up the tree we did some sidewalk chalk.  You don't do sidewalk chalk when you put up your tree???  he he he....advantages to living down south!!!  :)  No pretty snow, but it is shorts weather and we are still running our AC at times when it gets too humid. 

Just want to point out the manger scene in the picture above..... :)
So Matthew is giving me the "tour" of what is whose etc. 
 Today- we had a meeting.  And my friend Melissa was supposed to be there....because well she has been in contact with the church about how can we start and adoption/foster ministry.  But, unfortunately her little sweet baby got sick :(  BOO!!!!  So she couldn't be there, but my hubby surprised me by being able to get off work early (and work from home afterwards) to be there instead!
 And our missions coordinator said- sounds GREAT!!!!  I think it helps that he was a foster parent for many years himself!!!!!  :)  You don't think that was an accident do you?  Nope- me either!  That my friends is the hand of God MOVING!!!!  AMEN!

*The above drawing is my hubby's :)
 So we went into the meeting.  Let's just say- since I heard about this meeting I have been PRAYING!!!!  And our household has been under some pretty severe spiritual warfare recently.  Let's not forget what we are dealing with.  An enemy who hates to see children in loving homes that teach them about Christ!!!!!!!!  HA HA HA HA - well I am not afraid of the enemy.  I have seen him before and what he does AND MY GOD IS BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And insert sticking out of tongue and blowing here!!!!!

**yes the above is spelled wrong, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES LORD, REIGN IN ME!!!!!
 So we have clearance and are ready for take off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He gave us the huge green light!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!!!  So as this unfolds you can be sure I will blog about it.  I want to take you along.  Who knows maybe God will be asking you to do the same some day?  :)  I pray so!
This is soooo very very very exciting to us!  We have prayed about starting an adoption ministry.  We approached our last church- and got a less than enthusiastic response.  BUT THIS TIME - we are marching forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can not wait to see what God does!!!!!!!!

So Melissa and I have some praying to do- will you surround us with your prayers?  Thank you- always know I can count on you!!!!!!!

**Don't forget if you want to donate here is all the info on the many ways :)
1) Buy some food from our Christmas/New Year's Baking Fundraiser (for local people) email us or donate through paypal and let us know in the comments what you want OR.....
2) Buy a What is Good Tshirt from our side bar- donate and then tell what color/size you want OR,
3) Buy something from Olive Tree Promise- they have Superman was adopted Tshirts, monogrammed baby items, music, necklaces, art, and lots more!!!!!! OR.......
4) Buy something from Scentsy- there are many great smelling things to buy for yourself or as gifts!!!  This is a gift to me from Kasey Ellis who wants to help me raise funds for our next special child- THANKS KASEY ELLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OR
5) Simply Donate or PRAY!!!  Pray for protection of our child.  Pray that they may be in great hands until we are able to meet them.  Pray that they will know they are loved.  Pray that we will be led by the Holy Spirit to know.......when the next Wright(s) come along!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


 So this is something that God has laid on my heart lately.  And while you are reading something you might as well have some cute pics of Joanna right?
 By the way she loves this toy!  :)
 Good thing daddy was there to give her cuddles.  No idea why she was upset....
 But daddy as always scooped her up and let her know he loved her. 
 And - All is well with the world again!!!  YEAH!!!  Great short story right?
 There is a lot of talk about let's put Christ back in Christmas?  And I AGREE......and yet I feel like we think a LOT MORE OF OURSELVES by making this comment than we should.  I know the sentiment behind it.  People are saying- Let's greet each other with Merry Christmas- AMEN!!!  Let's DO!!!
 People are saying......we need to remember WHY we celebrate CHRISTMAS- AMEN again- Let's do this in any way we can!!!!!!!!  BUT.........
 I think we give ourselves too much credit.  CHRIST ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE - CHRISTMAS!!!!!  It can't be anything else....
 You can't TRULY have Christmas without Christ!!!!  It isn't possible- it is the celebration of HIS BIRTH!  We celebrate because it is a big deal.  Christmas is when God sent the SON he loved sooo very much TO US!!!!  That is God's GIFT to us!  He scooped us up and said .....yes I know you are crying.  You are hurt.  The world is messed up, and this won't make sense to you right now, but I am sending you MY ONE AND ONLY SON!!!!!!
 Just to prove HOW MUCH POWER I HAVE he will be born to 2 commonly poor people his Earthly mom will be a young teen.  His dad a carpenter.  OK to make this work I will hook them both up to an angel messenger because otherwise- well yea- this plan is a wee bit hard to swallow! 
 And then......JESUS IS BORN!!!!!  That is CHRISTMAS my friends- there is NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!  There just ISN'T!  HE IS, HE WAS, AND HE IS TO COME AGAIN......that is the finishing story which we celebrate at Easter!!!
 We humans mess it up (he he he....all the time that is) - you know the story.  We say well this is the time of year I feel guilty so I give a few toys to those that may not have any.  Or how about we serve a day at the soup kitchen.  THESE ARE GREAT THINGS- KEEP DOING THEM.  BUT my point is this is NOT CHRISTMAS EITHER!  They are a few results of what we do in response of Christmas. 
 So we let our christmas - yes that's right folks I did it on purpose- christmas without a capital C.....why?  Because that is what most of us do- crowded malls, overflowing presents under the tree, santa, spending so much money we are in debt the rest of the year or we skip tithing that month because after all this is really important, or spending so much time going to christmas parties we forget to spend time with our own family.  I point fingers at me too!  A real Christmas is WHO we are.  Because of the HOPE, FAITH, and JOY God brought to us through JESUS!  It is what WE DO EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! 
Not because we deserve it.  WE DON'T!  But God does it for us anyway.  He came so we could see how to live our lives.  He came so that we could HAVE CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME!  Every day.....not presents, elves, and the silly movies.

It is the kind thing we did for our sick neighbor- in MAY,
it is the child we support through an organization so they can have food and basic health needs- all year long, it is the time we take to teach Sunday School- all year long,
it is the kindness in our hearts as we Gladly wait in line at the grocery store and the rude person in front of us is caught up in the moment and snaps at you- today,
it is the forgiveness in your heart for the child who just couldn't help themselves for the millionth time......daily. 

My friends we can't put Christ back into Christmas because HE NEVER LEFT!  HE IS HERE for YOU ALL THE TIME 24/7/365!!!!!  He is the baby in the wooden manger who came to grow up in perfection and DIED FOR  YOU ON THE TREE!  So you could be HIS FOLLOWER!

HE WAS, HE IS, AND HE IS COMING AGAIN!!!!  Don't MISS OUT!!!!!  Invite HIM into your lives today!

Dear God,
I am so sorry for when I let red and green bows, presents, crowded stores and sales, things I think I can't live without, the shiny lights, or a man wearing read and white take any place in YOUR DAY!  I am sorry that year round I tend to go with the flow and NOT SEEK YOU!  I pray you will come into my life and take over all that I do.  I give my entire household to YOU and YOU ONLY!  Thank you for dying on the cross and forgiving my sins.  Please ENTER into all parts of my life and help me listen to you.  In YOUR HOLY NAME we pray- AMEN!

***A recommendation of a movie if you have Netflix - it is on the instant play...if not it is available to buy as well.  Christmas with a capital "C"...pretty much where I got my thoughts from :)