Monday, March 29, 2010

Journey to Joanna Faith part 1

Just so you have been warned this could be long...and I might need to put it in more than one part.

So as of last weekend we had called a lot of domestic agencies. We really felt like our international adoption that we thought would happen - wasn't going to. I will explain why later, but just know that the decision to switch was amazingly intense. I think mostly because our experience with All God's Children was soooo INCREDIBLE!!! The staff, the other families adopting, the Ethiopian staff- ALL 100% AMAZING! We were so sure our little Naomi was to be ours, and couldn't bear the thought of losing another child.......but we did. We have since e-mailed the family that will be bringing Naomi home, and although heartbroken, also felt assured that God was still working, and we still had another child out there if we could just find out where???

So after many, many, many, many times of prayer, and fasting, and praying some more, and begging God to just show us where!!! We started looking, calling, and asking lots of questions about domestic adoption. The one thing I guess that has stopped us from doing domestic adoption before was- our family size. Now I know that I LOVE MY CHILDREN more than anything else- except God & my husband, but would a birth mother see that in our pictures? So after searching, praying, going a little crazy with all the information......

We got a call from our agency that did our homestudy saying- we may have a baby for you that has just been born this weekend. We should know more in the next couple of weeks. So we waited, got excited, and waited, prayed, go more excited.....and found out- this wasn't our child. That was we waited- what now???

So we concentrated on all the work we had to do yet, and things that really had been left a bit behind. Then we got some information from a family that has 10 children- and I know at least their youngest was domestically I went to her website and e-mailed her. She said we used Christian Adoption Consultants. WOW- really there is hope for us, and we could maybe still adopt? Then my head was spinning.

As the weekend was fast approaching....we had to concentrate on food service for the retreat that was at the camp. So we were still praying, thinking, and hoping. When Monday rolled around and our kids were doing quiet time we finally sat down to look at Christian Adoption Consultants information. We got an e-mail and a phone call from Tracie Loux that said- have you filled out your information yet and sent it in for Christian Adoption Consultants? Nope, just sat down to talk about it. Oh- ok well there may be a possible scenario for you......just let me know if this is the way you want to go and I can give you more information.

So as Jason and I sat staring at each other talking.....we knew- this is it. This is our adoption journey continued. So we quickly filled out the forms, e-mailed them, and called back. Well, this little scenario wasn't to be our child either, but Wednesday we got an e-mail (from Tracie- the saying....I know this is crazy a little bit.....but there is a little girl being born- TODAY! So if you want to call let me know. So we did. We still weren't sure about it.

When we called our agency- Mother Goose Adoptions- said can you be in Pennsylvania by tomorrow? Ummm....sure...... is this really happening?????

So the next day comes...and of course we are having sewer issues at the camp. So Jason and I get wrapped up in these issues trying to figure it out. After checking with both situations that are a possibility.....I came over to Jason saying- Mother Goose Adoptions really wants us there ASAP. This is happening they want to conference call us both right now.

So dragging him away from our new camp issues.....he comes inside, and says are we sure about this. I said let's at least get the information. So Deb calls and we talk. She wants us to fill out right away all 50+ pages of paperwork, send in all of our information including homestudy, FBI checks, background checks, letters of reference, health checks for the whole family, birth certificates for everyone, marriage certificate, EVERYTHING!!!!! Oh yeah- one of you needs to be here by noon tomorrow because we are going to discharge the baby girl to you.

We stopped and said...umm can you give us literally a couple of minutes? Yes, but don't take too long. OK. As we hang up the phone- we look at each other and say- is this it? Are we dreaming? Is this our little girl? YES!!!!!!!!!! So we immediately call back.

Let the flurry of craziness begin. Keep in mind this is Wednesday. Our Joanna is now almost 24 hours old. We are going crazy!! We have a loan to get, money to wire, papers to notarize, and it is nearing closing time. We have papers to scan, papers to fill out, papers to sign, papers to look for......and flights to book, and I have to pack for myself and a new baby girl.

We decided that I would fly out Thursday- because there were no flights going to Pennsylvania after 5pm and I was not going to be able to pack that fast. So Thursday I would fly leaving at 6am, oh yeah and we had to leave earlier for check-in, and we had to stop by Wal-mart because we do not have all the baby baby stuff. So by the time we have figured it all out and go to sleep at 1amish- we have to get up around 4am......yikes!!!!!

Jason was going to fly out an meet me on Friday- stay through Sunday and would have to fly back to be with our kids.

Sorry.....little one is stirring will have to wait to read part 2..... :)


  1. Crazy wonderful...can't wait to hear more as time allows. Praying for your transition with little Joanna!

  2. I am so in awe of God and His plans! I was traveling last week and was without an internet connection for several days. When my sister told me in church yesterday that you had a baby girl, I gaped at her in astonishment! What a beautiful, amazing God story - I can't wait to hear the rest of it.

    Praying for all of you!

  3. Amazing story! Wow, what a whirlwind! So happy that it all worked out and I can't wait to hear more!

    And see more pictures (hint, hint hint ;)

  4. Wow! How exciting!
    Maybe you can't put this information out, but I was wondering what part of PA you were in? We are from Pa, so I was just curious how close your trip was to us?

    I am so happy for you all! and praying that everyone is adjusting well.

  5. oh dawn, I have tears running down my face - I am so happy for you guys! CAnnot wait to hear the rest of the story and to see more pics:)

  6. Soooooo exciting. I have been friends with Courtney for years (my hubby and I were her youth group leaders). Love how God connects people.

    Eager to hear more.


  7. Oh my goodness!! That is a whirlwind of info! I cant believe you were in PA! :O) What part??

  8. Oh my goodness! I had no idea! You have a new baby?! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to read more! YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! And, I am really glad that you were able to connect with Naomi's new family. That is so special.

  9. My heart was beating so fast while I read this! So exciting! What an amazing story! So happy for y'all!

  10. My goodness! What an amazing journey!

  11. This is such exciting news. Congratulations!!! I found your blog on the Spirit of Adoption blog, and more than anything, I am encouraged by your story. May the Lord continue to bless your family!!! I look forward to continuing to read about your journey.

  12. Such exciting news!!!! Part 2??? Can you tell I love reading your story :)

  13. Oh wow! I somehow miss coming to your blog for a few days, and I click over and THERE'S A NEW BABY! Yes, PRAISE GOD FOR THE GREAT THING HE HAS DONE! This is sooooo exciting!

    Congratulations on little Joanna! What a precious gift! Praying for you guys :)

  14. You guys BLOW MY MIND!!! So happy for your WHOLE family!! YAY PINK!!!

  15. What?????!!!! Totally surprised over here Dawn! - not to mention totally happy for you! She is beautiful and I can't possibly imagine what a whirlwind few days you had. Congratulations! :)

  16. OMG! That's crazy! And amazing! She's beautiful.