Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Announcement and a prayer request

 First of course there has to be an allotted wait time session....right?  So if you are a good reader you will read the whole post before scrolling down to find the answer......don't be tempted.......  ;)
 What is this you ask?  Great question.  I had no idea things like this even existed until a week ago :). 
This is what our family calls- "a standing machine". 

What does it do?  Another equally great question.  This is to help Michael "practice" standing.  Because of his cerebral palsy he has to wear the boots (afo's) to help make his tone better.  You see his brain is constantly telling his muscles to flex outward so his toe points.  Sometimes he tremors in his legs.  It isn't all the time and it has gotten a lot better with therapy and his boots. 

So because our miracle man is doing so stinking good- as in he is pulling himself up already on couches and chairs, and he has the ability already.  They want to help him really work on getting those leg muscles strengthened.  This machine helps him stand up on his own.  It is "easy" because it has padded straps to help keep him in position.  Then the frame makes it comfortable and not too much work on his legs. 

This also allows for his weight to be in his heels.  Very important because you have to have that practice in order to walk!  I just love writing that!!!  

We have already noticed a difference!  He is usually in it for 20-30 minutes twice a day:).  So who cares what the technical term is?  I am just thrilled that our little man is doing well and he is not worried about being in it at all.  He just plays with the one million toys his siblings bring him :)
 HA!  Yes - more vacation pictures....he he he.....
 This is a place called Arch Rock!  It was a crazy looking crevice in the rock from a distance, but when you got there - these stairs were there. 
 So we walked up the stairs and to the top! 
 Hung out for a few minutes and waited for others to pass.
 Aww........a girl needs her daddy!!
 Then what goes up, must come back down.  So here we go!
 Then there is the all important snack time before we hike back to our car!
 My cute babes!  (**NO I did not let my baby drink Mt. Dew!  That was my empty)
 Look- Joshua doing the stacking rocks game daddy taught the kids :)  I love that my kids are creative!
 Love this little man's giggle face!!!!! 
 So then after our hike we went to the state line area to picnic, but there were no tables.
 So we improvised!
 It was a gorgeous day.
 Michael says- just give me the baba baby!
 This would be why they are called the Smoky Mountains ;)
 A game of tag ensued after the picnic.......come to think of it a game of tag is pretty much ongoing in our family every day or our life.  For real! 
 So here is the state line photo!
 Jason and I in a photo- together!  WAHOOO!!!!!  Do you realize how rare that is? 

He he he....for those of you who have had to come up with a profile for your family to do an adoption.....and realized like we did that we didn't have very many pictures at all of us together.  You get it!  And you are now laughing.
 Love the mountains!
 Hello up there! 
 Michael and I hung out down below enjoying the scenery- he started giggling......awwww......he is just so cute!

 In case you didn't know- I LOVE THIS MAN!!!  He amazes me!  And well......just wanted to share!
And is true....if there is a puddle will find it!

OK so you are now asking- what is the Big Announcement?  ***If you were a good blog reader you read the whole post and are waiting to find the answer.......

If you are a "bad" blog reader you totally skipped the one million pictures and scrolled to the bottom.....





This is sooo HUGE!!!  Michael has obviously already become a part of our family.  BUT THAT DAY - when the judge asks you why you want to become their parent?  Do you understand what you are doing taking in this child?  Do you want to be their forever parents?  I mean- let's face it.  ALL children are blessings, but most people don't get to go to court and say it out loud- YES I WANT TO LOVE THEM FOREVER!!!! 

To me as an adoptive parent there are a few moments that you never forget: 
1)  The day you are told about your soon to be child!
2)  The moment you first meet your child!
3)  The moment you are in court- declare forever that this child is yours (well the Lord's, but in your care) and you get that magic piece of paper that declares they are yours.
4)  Then you get that birth certificate that says you are the parents!  As in a birth certificate with YOUR NAMES ON IT! 

These moments are SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!  IF you have never adopted....let me tell you- it is like the first time you found out about Jesus.  Then you actually meet Jesus.  You then read more about Jesus in Scriptures.  Then you get baptized!  You tell others about HIM.  And you realize your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life!  THAT IS HOW IT FEELS!!!

*****Now I have a HUGE favor to ask please.  PLEASE PRAY!!!  It really has nothing to do with the court finalization.  BUT it has to do with Michael's first healing family.  You see we adopted Michael through as find out his story- go here.  I LOVE HIS FIRST HEALING FAMILY!  This has obviously been a very very very very hard year for them.  They are healing, but it is a slow process and a difficult one. 

It hit me like a ton of bricks after I got over stomping my feet that it would still be a few months away......that December 12th will be the one year anniversary of his first adoptive father's death.  I cried.  I mourned.  I did not want to even tell his first healing family because I did not want to hurt them anymore (I did tell them already). 

SO PLEASE PRAY WITH ME!!!!  Please know that they love Michael so very much, and they loved their dad and husband- and this year has well- been horrible.  I want to surround them in prayers! THANK YOU!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cheetos, school, friends, connections, and miracles!

 OK so cheetos....I know I know - I have posted on FB constantly about our little man, but I can't help it.  THIS IS SOOO HUGE! 
 That is why I am posting 5 pictures of him eating cheetos, and will probably again post more! 
 Because I am THAT in awe of God and the work He has done in Michael's life! look no hands ;)
 Are you really taking that many pictures of me mom?  :)  Yes son because I want it to be known the miracles God is doing!  And if it takes a million pictures than that is what I will post :)
 Hello this is cute little me doing "school". 
 I am practicing sitting up with no back to my chair.  I have my "boots" on (AFO to those who use the correct term).  And I am playing because playing is serious business! 
 OK enough....I have to get back to work now ;)
 So last week we had to privilege to have a family come over.  They were working on the adoption of this little guy.  The Malcolm family was connected to this adoption by the same consultant we used for our Joanna and Michael :). 
 We offered for them to use our home while we were gone on vacation knowing that they would have a hard time finding a place to stay during the Republican National Convention here in Tampa area. 
 They actually found a place near to extended family which was great! 
 It was so amazing to personally connect with this beautiful family.  Our girls as you can see in the many pictures had a blast playing together! 
 We found out that they often come down this way- so we are praying we will get to meet up again!  What a huge blessing to have God connections!  I mean how else do you explain things like that?  It is only by God's grace that we get the pleasure of meeting such wonderful families. 
 Yes, it's me again.......showing off my pulling up amazing abilities.  I like using mommy's leg as my jungle gym. 
 (he he he....this totally made me laugh- Joanna taking pictures.  Where does she get that from?)  ;)
 It was great to share our stories with them, and in turn hear more about their story. 
 Looking at birth family pictures- Yes, we do need a bigger frame now!  Working on it.....slowly obviously :)
 Oh dear......Jason may be getting baby fever people- watch out!  he he he he.......go ahead honey hold the baby.  ;)
 There is just something so special about sharing stories of God's gifts in our lives.  Whether it is through adoption or any other special way God works in our lives. 
 The kids were in the pool for the longest time splashing away and having fun, but then the party started coming inside and they laughed and giggled as we were talking.  It was so much fun. 
 You know they said they were surprised that someone would offer up their house to complete strangers.  I laughed and said- well first we don't really have a lot of value in the house itself anyway (not that we don't own some nice things, but there is no "value" it is just stuff), but more importantly......God makes us all family. 
 In Him alone we are family.  The body of Christ is family! 
 There have been so many people- way too many to name that have been so gracious to us that I would not even dream of not offering all we have to anyone else who needs it.  Because it is all for God's Glory. 
 We have experienced others giving us money, place to stay for our adoptions, paying for things for us, giving things to us, offering us their child- LOVE our birth moms and first healing mom, and well when you have seen the grace behind all that it grows in you! 
 You don't think about it as a big deal anymore.  That really is such a blessing that it is hard to describe. 
 Oh and the connections you build in the family of God.  Those are even more amazing. 
 This past week a facebook friend messaged me. 
 She stated how she was so thrilled that myself and 2 other women had gotten involved in their "story" of adoption. 
 There was one lady she knew that had talked to her about adoption. 
 Then another fb friend who we know- all because they invited our family of 10 at the time to stay with them!  For a couple of nights on a family vacation! 
 Because of that connection - they told this other family to become fb friends, and well knowing I post situations of children needing homes all the time! 
 Guess what?
 One of those times became their they are waiting for her to be born!  YEA!!!!!
See........the connections and blessings are just so crazy- so God filled.  Most people don't believe me when I tell them.  That is because it is all about God! 

His love for you and I, the whole family of God, and even those who haven't accepted His love yet is so very crazy you can't even believe it until you see it for yourself first hand. 

I invite you to know that crazy love for you!  I pray you remember that love today if you have already accepted Christ.  I pray that if you don't know about this crazy love that you will ask.  Email me, or go to your pastor, or a Christian friend.  God wants to know you.  To be with you on this journey through life.  I pray you will take that step today.