Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to me and other summer stuff!

 I had my 42nd Birthday!  Here was my birthday gear!
 Chocolates, bracelets, glow in the dark balloons, cards, and fun confetti guns!
 Michael loved the confetti!
 Played games later in the day. 
 Had Angel food cake - my favorite! 
 Dave & Sharon Schar came for a visit!  They were the directors of Camp Wesley Woods where I had went as a camper, worked, and then the place where Jason and I met!  They were great mentors and encouragers of our faith and we loved our visit! 
 This summer we have played plenty of card games and board games.  I love his smile!
 Gone to Busch Gardens, Sea World, Aquatica, and Adventure Island. 
 Within the last week or so Jason has tackled laying new floor!!  Last Thanksgiving our floor had to be drilled through to fix the leaking pipe.  UGH!!!  So we paid to have our pipes rerouted anyway since insurance wouldn't fix that and are now getting around to redoing the flooring. 

We got the lovely letter that they would drop our coverage now as well- yeah for us :(.  Heaven forbid you would use your insurance!!!!

He has finished our main area.  We have a open kitchen, dining, living room area.  Yesterday he did the girls bedroom except their closet, and today he is working on our bedroom.  Of course there is always a snag because our patio doors were leaking a bit. 
 Michael- that looks great on you! 
 Joanna modeling some of her new "back to school" tax free purchases. 
 Jason and I on our recent date night to the beach! 
 He is so very handsome! 
 Oh and this is from our work day last Saturday.  Our church helps fix up some schools in the area redoing landscaping, painting, and supporting through community connections, giving shoes away, backpacks with school supplies, etc. 
One of my favorite pictures of me.  I was starting to laugh at something Jason said and actually caught it on camera. 

Hope your summers have been wonderful!