Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes you feel attacked and wondering why is flying by going really well......until you feel attacked from all sides - in that instant.......UGH!  (want to know more go to my last post- Flat Dawn). 
 Sometimes we know in an instant what the enemy is up to.  We know that we have something big happening that is a renewal of our hearts our our children's hearts and in the mean time we are "suffering".  But remembering well the word of Paul....James 1:2-3 "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance."
 Sometimes I think to myself really?  Come on God do you seriously not think I am persistent enough?  Because I think I am a pretty persistent person!  Come on!!!  But in studying these verses a little more- we see it says CONSIDER IT JOY!  Now for real that seems like God is taking it a bit far!!!!  Definitely farther than I want to take it.  Just being real! 
 Ahhh.......and yet I know that I know that I know......God can be trusted!  I know it!  But when the enemies arrows are I fall down.  Good thing that is closer to where I need to be huh?  Down on my knees crying out to God!  Now earlier today.....after picking myself back up and trying to brush off from the BLOW our family had the other day (let's just leave it at this- lying, stealing, more lying, yelling, blaming, I messed up more than once, accusing, back talking, and well you catch the drift).  I was thinking ok God.....get it.  Need to work more, do more, and - WAIT!  Remember I can't?  
 Man how quickly we forget.  Well today's blow was extra hard!  Last night I received a life changing plea from a friend for prayer for a specific situation.  Then today hit- and it HIT HARD......and this if for the life of a child.  A child that was formed by our Maker....not mine, but a friends.  I was more than GUTTED!  Absolutely pushed me over that edge!!!! 

What did I do about it?  I ran to my room locked the door, fell on my face, and cried out to God!  Pleaded with HIM, BEGGED HIM, and said I know I can't- so I am surrendering because let's face it- it's all I got right now. 
 I asked for prayer on FB and I got it- LOVE MY FRIENDS who may or may not have ever met me, but yet they are 100% willing to pray for me.  Let me tell you- your prayers were answered in a way I can not even describe!!!!  It was NOTHING short of an absolute miracle and a working of the Holy Spirit that ONLY GOD can do. 
 Now is everything all better now?  Ummmm...NO there is a lot of work to be done!  There are some huge needs!  BUT GOD IS AT WORK!!!  WAHOOOO!!!!!  I SURRENDERED and GOD WORKS!!!!  It isn't fun to feel at a total feel helpless.  When I went back to yesterday's post I was reminded of the HUGE difference between helpless and hopeless.  They are really nothing alike.  PRAISE GOD!!!!
 I have seen hope in the craziness of my life!  I have seen what I thought would be impossible- become POSSIBLE!!!!! 
 It reminds me of our Elizabeth's story in the Bible and in real life.  In the Bible Elizabeth laughed at God saying there is NO WAY I am having a baby....I am way too old!  You are crazy God. 

And yet- God was already at work and had a plan!  Elizabeth gave birth to a son that prepared the way for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! 

Our Elizabeth (by the way we had our "night out" with her and went to none other than Busch Gardens last week) well her and her siblings came to us through foster care.  In the beginning it was a normal case lots of back and forth, etc.  After 3 years, more than a 100 ups and downs, cancelled court dates, people who really hated us (not the birth family) who sought to make our lives a misery, getting ripped a part by the judge in court, and well lots of other really not so fun stuff.  3 LONG YEARS.......and our children were finally given permanency- PRAISE GOD!  We seriously felt like it would never happen. 
 I mean there was a lot of crazy stuff that happened in there.  BUT 3 years later God BLESSED US WITH 3 BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!!! 
 I am not going into details about all the things that have happened because some are confidential, and some are just hard to even begin to explain, but know this- GOD HAS SPOKEN!  When God speaks.....we need to listen.  No matter what happens then....we know we have done HIS WILL!!!! of my friends you were praying for- was the same ones that got matched.  Now this was unusual in the fact that they were not "expecting" a child.  As in they were not saying - hey we are preparing for an adoption right now, but the list and it is long of factors in this "match" are too long for myself and this family to know that it was not by accident.  It was not a oh well kind of situation. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see this post!  It is more than important. 
The Hill's Adoption  
 This is a life of a child.  A special child that was chosen to be theirs.  Without hesitation I can say the battle has already started in a big way.  Which only means that this is something that is more than AMAZING!!!!  Because when we say- ONLY GOD could have arranged this- it is more than true!  

Please if you can share this and pass it on I would really appreciate it.  :)   

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flat Dawn......

 So some great friends from up North in Iowa sent us something in the mail.  Their daughter Samantha had a school project.  She was supposed to send her "Flat Samantha" on a trip.  So Flat Samantha has been to 2 other destinations before coming to our crazy home.  We took Flat Samantha to Busch Gardens with us - on our fun trip with the Bender family. 
 So because I think it is important to be very goes.  I have been feeling a bit like Flat Dawn the last couple of days.  I posted yesterday on FB EPIC FAIL! 
 Sometimes in the midst of trials that happen in our home, struggles, bad behaviors from our children and ourselves!  Things that happen because you thought something was a good idea, but wasn't.  Your child is yet again lying, stealing, and cheating.  You have banged your head against the wall at least 50 times today because your children could really care less what you say.  They act as if you are not there! 
 So you get up to do it all over again........Praying, begging, seeking His Word..........
 And well......sometimes you get the same results.  :(  OYE!  It is FRUSTRATING! 
 So even though today I got up, had a positive attitude, had prayed, spent time in the Word........
 Still......felt flat! 
 Actually I felt more like this!  In the mouth of the lion!  SERIOUSLY!!!!!! 
 Not only that, but the lion was bounding away with me!  I was off course still!!!!  It felt like it didn't matter at all what I did......   I really hate those kinds of days, weeks, or months, sometimes years. 
 So I continue to tell myself.....remind myself........that God has saved me from the lion!  The lion is still roaming, but he can't touch me!  Even if he tries- God still protects me!  I have to dig deep and rely on that!  I have to keep repeating- I know God Loves Me even when ___________.  I know God will keep protecting me from satan's strikes against me.  I know I have to arm myself with the Word, with prayer, with help from my wonderful hubby, with encouragement that so many gave me. 
If life leaves you feeling flat- join the club!!!  It happens.  It is REAL.  It doesn't mean that you are actually flat.  It just means we have to rely on God to pick us back up and inflate us with HIS LOVE.  We can't depend on ourselves.  I can't inflate myself back to normal.  I HAVE TO FULLY RELY ON GOD! 

As in....I can't make my children obey.  I can't make my pain go away.  I can't undo my mistakes.  I can't go back and replay.  I can't get my children to change their hearts.  I can't!!!!!!  ONLY GOD CAN!!!! 

This is why Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen"

I HAVE HOPE!  Even in my failure of getting things right because God is the very definition of HOPE!  His Word, His Promises, His Provision is the evidence of things we can't see.  Praise God I serve a God that is alive and well! He moves,lives, breathes, loves, encourages, protects, and wants the best for us! 

Whew......cause I can't!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silly Wright Family

 OK So first off LOOK AT MICHAEL!!!!! I know you are thinking....ummmm.....what?  So I will explain.  Michael had very very little "core strength" to sit up at all!  He always had the rounded back you see in the picture below.  In fact unless you made him- he never sat up with his legs out.
 Until I have caught him recently doing the W sit (yes I know it's bad sorry to offend those who are physical therapists, we do encourage and change him to side sitting when possible)- and then GOING TO THIS ON HIS OWN!!!!!  What does that mean- that means he is gaining strength!  He is trying sitting up with his legs out in front of him on his own!!  This is huge!!!  We do have him sit in a "bath seat" on the floor to - force him to sit this way and help build up those muscles, but to see him doing this......ok- you know me- I was a puddle of mush.......  I just love it so much- seeing him do so much!  I can't help myself!!
 Joanna....ummmm.....those shoes may be a bit big?  Aren't those daddy's new shoes?  ;) 
Her response "Yes, I cute" 
What do you say to that?  Yes sweetie you are cute! 
 Now this is really random......Jason cuts the boys hair and Joshua wanted a mohawk with 3 stripes.......her you go son.  ;)
 Hilarious, and yet his is sooo handsome!!!  How do they grow up too fast? 
Just in case the above wasn't enough to convince you that we may be a little bit on the silly side.......this is a picture of the boys- outside going swimming!  OK no in Florida it isn't cold.  Well to most of the world anyway.  BUT it was only in the low 70's!  They have been begging and begging to get into the pool. 

So while momma was away.....daddy gave in......and this was the result! 

Will try to upload a video of them jumping in, but my technical skills are very limited..... :) 

Hope your day is BLESSED- I KNOW MINE IS!  :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Introducing Brian & Julie and their Newest Family Member

 Hello everyone!  This is the latest sweet addition to an amazing CAC Family!  Julie and Brian started working with Christian Adoption Consultants on November 28th.  They signed on with our special needs program and were just waiting for God to show them their new son. 
So yesterday they got to meet him......and judging from the picture their breath was stolen away!

We have been honored to work with Brian and Julie and are sooo thrilled for them!  Can not wait to see more pictures from the Homecoming because this little guy has 5 sisters at home to meet!  

Congratulations Brian & Julie!  We celebrate with you and are praying as you come home today.  May God Bless your family richly with your newest treasure!  

Friday, January 25, 2013

“I Have Come That They May Have Life”: You Can Make A Difference!

Jesus said: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;   I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."    

-John 10:10

The Wrights walking for life

Jesus is passionate about our souls 

There are many simple ways that we can make a huge difference in our world.  Simple ways we can affect change by BEING the Church, not just DOING Church, but it involves us GETTING involved in what is close to God’s heart.  We only have to read the context of the verse above to know how much God wants to love, nurture and care for us, and lead us in a close personal relationship with him. In John 10 in the Bible we see that Jesus is passionate about our souls.  If He is so passionate about our souls shouldn’t we be passionate about each other too?  Aren’t we called as the Body of Christ to reach out and love a broken and hurting world?

“For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
 My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.”

The Church can passionately care

There isn’t a lot more that is broken and hurting than lives affected by abortion.  That’s why the church is rising up to support choices for life, rising up to say “Enough is enough”,  and rising up to the challenge of being in ministry for life in communities all across America.  Through life-affirming local ministries the church can passionately care for women and men faced with unplanned and crisis pregnancies.

These centers need our support and encouragement – they NEED our involvement!  One way we can take action, and is a great way to get the whole family involved from the youngest to the oldest is to participate in a “Walk For Life”. (Just like the hundreds of thousands marching in Washington DC today).  Many pregnancy crisis centers hold a walk annually to raise support and awareness in their communities.  This past Spring our whole family joined many people from different churches in our home town on the “Walk For Life” for our local pregnancy center -  LifeCare of Brandon (Tampa, FL area).  What a blessing to support life publicly and in unity as the Body of Christ.

Our family walking with other brothers and sisters in Christ for LIFE!

Roll up your sleeves and get involved

There are many other opportunities to volunteer and donate items to these amazing ministries year-round, such as counseling, administration, volunteer nurses, “Baby Boutique” items, volunteering for special fund-raising events, mentoring young men and women, leading Bible studies, and so on.  Get to know your local center, roll up your sleeves and get involved – your efforts will literally be saving lives!


“…Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching the people to love,
but to use any violence to get what they want.
That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”
- Mother Teresa

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wright family Meets the Bender Family!

 So a blog reader from Missouri emailed me and said that her family would be in the area.  They were going to go to Busch Gardens.  Ummmmmm.........YES- sooooo would you like to meet up with us? 
 Yes Please! 
 So we met up and it is always kind of her hubby Sheldon said- are you sure this is a real family? 
 Oh yes- we are real.....maybe a bit too real??? 
 And the whole day was a BLESSING! 
 Look at their daughters!!!  Awwwww............soo CUTE!!!! 
 Joanna even approved!  Now that is a big deal! 
 Loved seeing our kiddos interact with each other :) 
 Hmmmmm......can you say matchmaking?? 
 You never know? 
 Sarah always loves to hold children :).  
 Denise was a great mommy and all four of us parents got to talk about our lives with our kiddos. 
 We got to share the great parts of adoption!!!! 
 And the not so great parts- the tougher parts that can rip your heart out. 
 They too have dealt with the foster care system, and have done domestic adoptions too. 
 We both have experienced things we never thought we would. 
 Yet, we both totally agreed that this was what we are meant to be doing! 
 You see when adoptive families get together.....
 support each other......
 share with each other.......
 there is something very powerful that happens! 
 God whispers- you see.  There are others out there.  They have heard my children crying out.  They have answered me with a YES LORD! 
 They have put away selfish desires and said- Lord we will!  We will be a family for a child who is in need of one. 
 We totally agreed that there will be people that go to heaven bounding up to the pearly gates. 
 Then there will be us......worn out.  I mean exhausted.  With little energy left from this life. 
 PRAISE GOD!!!!!! 
 That is what we want! 
 We want to use all our energies, all our efforts, all our money, all of US! 
 Spend it so that we don't have anymore.
 Because that is what we KNOW God has called us to do with our lives!!! 
 Another great point that Denise brought up is that so many people say- well I just don't feel called to adopt or foster children. 
 It is a very true statement that THERE ARE CHILDREN WAITING- over 163 million to be exact!!!! 
 It isn't really about being called - it is about a need.  I don't remember Jesus saying.....IF I call you.  I believe the words are- I have called you. 
 It isn't an easy calling. 
 It might be scarier than this "creepy thing from Busch Gardens....  ;)  BUT IT IS THE BEST THING!!! 
 (* side note:  I have to tell the story behind this picture.  You see Jonathan is a pretty quiet boy.  So while we were there he found a small white stone.  He came running up to me and said, "mommy I pulled a tooth".  I totally bought it hook, line, and sinker.  Or should I say stinker!  Hilarious!  That is the first time he has taken the initiative to try to trick me.  Totally made this mommy's heart laugh with joy from a little boy that was brought to us from Ethiopia, to our home.  LOVE THIS BOY :)
 So here is the deal! 
 When I say.......I would love to meet up with you - if/when you come to Florida for vacation, road trip, to adopt a child/ren. 
 I TOTALLY MEAN IT!!!  I mean look at all the sweetness.....
 That happens
 When families play together, encourage each other.....
 and love each other........
Thank you Denise and Sheldon and your beautiful children!!!!!!  WE have your picture up on our fridge and your family close to our hearts!!!!  You are welcome anytime to come visit us, and we truly love you all!!!!