Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's my Birthday :)

Hot Enough??? So we spent 5 1/2 hours at the pool (the camp's pool that is) YEAH! It was great, but this was the temp at 2pm. A little hot outside :)
Ahhh.....sweet baby girl with silly face :0
Jumping Jonathan
look at those long arms and legs
Hair flyin' fun...
Matthew flipping
Joshua flipping
Kids jumping (notice Sarah is not in the pic....yeah in time out....)
Abigail wavin' the way she swam a whole MILE TODAY!!!! Not all at once, but still....she reminds me a lot of myself at her age a total fish. Of course I swam a whole mile too. (I do it on a regular basis though).
Hello my name is Mr are you??
Andrew - handsome man...looks like he is just sitting, but he is sliding..
Elizabeth our crazy girl...
Sarah in her cutie goggles...
Joanna splashing fun! Her new hobby in the pool is to just continually splash with her arms and legs. She doesn't even mind water in her eyes. How cute!
Who could have a bad day looking at this??
Opening presents from my's a duct tape rose....I also got a bracelet, some change, of course fun picture cards from my babes, and other fun bits :)
My hubby knows me- a huge bag of sunflower seeds....mmmm....... eating some right now!
Joanna's cuteness in general is just squeezable :) She totally loves this bouncy seat now. Of course I think she likes to chew on the "toys" most of all.
Reading my cards...

So below is our baby girl splashing....and I have more short clips, but this one took a loooonnnggg time to load....maybe tomorrow??? What more could I ask for my family, the love of the Lord, and loads of family time!!!!! I am very very very very very BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You God for another great year of life with YOU!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Tennessee soon!

So we are going to be in Tennessee (we will be in the Cade's Cove area for a week, as well as be in Nashville for a few days) soon......and well......just thought I would put that out there so that if you want to get together we can possibly plan that. Just e-mail me (e-mail is on the sidebar) and we will see what we can do :) I would love to see as many of you as possible!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

URGENT Adoption Situation!!!!! Are you her family?

Urgent Adoption Situation!!!!!

A beautiful little girl has until Sunday to have her family find her. Her special need is Microtia, which involves the ear. She is 7. She has been thru an in-China disruption.

For information and pictures you can vist:

The agency is offering a reduction in fees for her adoption!! This is looking like it will be her last chance at having a family.

Please pray with me that she finds a home- are you her family??? PLEASE EVERY CHILD DESERVES A FAMILY!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recap on our 13th Anniversary get away

Let me share a little about how AWESOME my husband is :) You see he loves me so much, our children, but most importantly he Loves God!
You see this smile on my face it is because he is loving and nurturing.
This was me zooming in on my handsome guy. I mean....couldn't resist. Want to know why??
Because He Loves learning more about protecting innocent children....from killing, from being left as orphans, from not knowing our Heavenly Father, from slavery.......He wants and loves to protect God's Children!
In addition he talked to the man who runs this plantation and got us a sweet deal on staying here for our anniversary! YEAH!!! This is a once a year thing. We just don't go away- we have 8 beautiful reasons to stay :) So this is rare, and sometimes hard for my mommy's heart, but good for my love on my husband heart!

What were we thinking when we took this pic- Look at how many children we could have if we lived here!!! I mean really. The house was massive!!!! I think we could easily take in a LOT MORE!!! he he he he......

So let me tell you more about this amazing man I have the privilege of calling husband. He gets up at 6am to have devotions before going to work.
He misses his children when he doesn't get to spend much time with them. He reads devotions to them daily.
He talks about the Word of God with them.
He cuddles with our babies, hugs and kisses his children, and takes pride in their accomplishments.
He wants to be home.
He loves supporting me in taking care of them and homeschooling.
He is an excellent chef and loves cooking- bonus for ME and our children.
He does the laundry to help out as well....considering that is an average of over 2 loads a day- He is AMAZING!
He loves me and courts me.
He loves talking to me about what I think, and how we can honor God more.
He prays with me.
He works hard to make sure our family knows God.
He has an amazing voice and plays the keyboard- and I get to help led music with him sometimes at church, and at our camp too.

And if you want to read his heart for on the last post. Yep- told you he is amazing :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Adoption- A Husband's Point of View

Dear Brother in Christ,

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about adoption from a dad’s perspective. If you’re like me you have an amazing wife who is a true “blogger”. I have come to understand this term as not only a woman who shares the joys and sorrows of her family on her own blog, but one who spends plenty of time reading about other families too. My wife, Dawn has shared with me that she feels connected and encouraged by reading other women’s (And some men’s) blogs about their families. Through her (And some of my own reading of blogs) I have been uplifted, encouraged, and challenged. The most significant thing I’ve got out of the blogs we read is that we are not alone. There are many families out there who are experiencing the same struggles and joys we are with adoption. I want to encourage you and remind you, Dad, that you are not alone either.

It’s hard though to figure out this whole adoption journey as a man because it seems to be the women in our lives that are the ones who are leading us in it. Or are they? It seems to be female dominated, but I’ve come to understand that just like life in the church, it’s the women who “talk” it out and have a unique way of “sharing” with each other. Men don’t “share” in the same way women do, so where do we go? Who do we talk to? How do we process our thoughts about adoption? That’s what has prompted me to write this. No one has “put me up to it”. It wasn’t even Dawn’s idea (Although I have to give her credit for most of them). I know that there are many dads or future dads out there that must be as terrified as me about adoption, who feel as inadequate as me, who feel like this is just a little bit on the overwhelming side of life. How come our wives seem so easily moved by the pictures of orphaned children and are ready to adopt “right now”? They see the “cute faces” of kids on the computer screen they want to bring into the family and surely cannot be thinking about how on earth their husband is supposed to provide for them. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard Dawn say, “Jason honey, look at this baby, isn’t he adorable”. How is it that they make it sound so simple? Why are they not worried about the implications and ramifications of adoption? They make it sound like a “dream come true”. So romantic. So simple.

God made us men to have the common sense, right? We are called to “put on the brakes” when our wives get so carried away. We are the voice of reason. We’ve got to be sensible about all this and not make rash and crazy decisions in a heartbeat that will affect our lives forever. I believe that the way God made us and intended us to be are definitely these things, but I think in our culture today, to a greater extent, Christian men and fathers have been fed, and bought into a false idea of what a “Real Godly Man” is supposed to be. What does a real Godly man and Spiritual leader look like? Well, when you get past the perception we’ve been given in our “female dominated” churches (Sorry ladies, but it’s true) for years of “gentle Jesus meek and mild”, in addition to the false images of Jesus making him out to be like a “bearded lady” with way too much make-up, you will see an example in Christ of a real man who stood up for truth, stood up for those who were weak, touched the “unclean” leper, spoke out against injustice, got angry at hypocrites, and made a difference in the lives of people. That’s our example of what a real man of God is like. He’s the hero we strive to be like. I believe with my whole heart that God wants His men, men just like you and me, to live a life of passion, strength, adventure, risk-taking, courage and boldness, all for His kingdom and all for His glory.

When Godly men rise up, what does it look like in reality right now? We see marriages that last, we see children with active, loving and protecting fathers, we see companies carrying out business with honesty and integrity, we see families worshiping together, fathers leading devotions at the family dining table, and husbands and wives praying together. You might say, “That’s awesome and I agree, but I just don’t know if I can adopt a child that isn’t my biological child, and I just don’t feel I’ve got what it takes to do this.” I’m not going to pretend I know what it feels like to have a biological child, as Dawn and I don’t have any, but I will tell you what I do know. God has given me a love for my eight adopted children that is so real and passionate, and I know I would lay down my life for any one of them. I think back to just a few months ago when our youngest baby, Joanna, was born. Just like I’ve heard from biological dads out there, when Dawn put Joanna into my arms I was just overcome with unconditional love for her. I couldn’t explain it, I just knew it and it was real.

So what about the “implications” part of adoption? I am not going to lie to you - adoption has its fair share of trials. Our youngest son, Jonathan, was eighteen months old when we met him in Ethiopia. Before we traveled to see him, my wife and I had fallen in love with him through pictures, but when we went to see him for the first time he wasn’t too thrilled to get to know us, so it wasn’t easy at all. I remembered though that God had called me to love him, and real love is an action, not a feeling, and so with baby steps he warmed to us, and in a very short time he loved on us like he’d been born into our family. Six of our kids came to us through the foster care system, and that too was very challenging, but I’ve got news for you - whether you adopt or have children by birth, they are bound to give you trials, behavioral issues and plaster the walls with crayons, or maybe even a permanent marker!

There are some specific issues that can arise because a child is adopted, and you have to get educated, but in my opinion there is also way too much out there that we get “bogged down” with regarding certain issues, and we can easily forget that we serve a God who restores, redeems and heals. It will take hard work, but often we overlook the miraculous and supernatural healing that God can do.

Sometimes the trials of adoption come from the outside. Many families we know through “blog land” have relatives who have shunned them or said some really hurtful things to them. Some have had members of their community or even their church make their prejudices loud and clear (And they’re the ones willing to say it to your face). It can be really tough, but isn’t life tough at the best of times? Is being a Christian in the first place easy? Is being different because that’s what Christ calls us to be easy to do? If we want the easy life, then we should just stay home and do nothing, but Jesus calls us onto the narrow path, “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:14). Adoption, and parenting in general, is tough, but so worth it.

How should we know if adopting is what we’re supposed to do? It’s not easy to take a leap of faith and step out into the unknown world of adoption, but remember I said before that God calls Christian men to be risk-takers with courage and boldness all for His kingdom and for His glory? Adoption is where it’s happening guys. For real. Nothing else in this world seems so crazy, wild and adventurous than to bring a child that’s “not yours” into your family, whether it’s child number one or child number eight! It’s an awesome adventure filled with a lot of blessings and many rewards. The Bible says that “Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord”, and “Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them” (Psalm 127:3-5). If we believe God’s Word, then we know that having children is a life of blessing and purpose.

We’re also called as men of honor to protect women and children. We’ve all heard and seen the scripture reference in James haven’t we. You know, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27). Maybe we’ve read it so many times it just rolls over us like “water off a duck’s back”, but however hard we try and pretend it’s not there or doesn’t apply to us, we simply cannot deny that God has talked to all of us men deep in our hearts that this is the right thing to do, and that He’s calling “me”, yes “me” to action for the orphan.

So, I’m guessing that if your wife has already mentioned adoption to you then God has already been working in your life to prepare the way for a child to come into your family through adoption, whether you think it’s sensible or not, or whether you feel equipped or not for this task. Take this as the biggest compliment God can ever give a man - it means He trusts you to love a child that is close to His heart! God sees you as a hero - and you’ll be a hero to your wife and your kids. Real every day heroes is what this world needs. Will you be one of them?

Your Brother in Christ,


Me and my eight blessings

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pics of Sea World and fun pool time

Doesn't need an explanation- except how could one baby be sooo cute?
Boys wrestling :)
Girls hanging out....sticking their heads under the cool water

Awww...cute new suit Joanna
Feeding time at Sea World.
Our kids take up the whole ride :) he he he he, and Andrew wasn't even on it.

Look not only do I have my mommy & daddy wrapped around my finger, but my big brother Andrew too.
I will try to post some more fun stuff about our Anniversary getaway soon....but for now cute pics of our babes will have to do. All I can say is I am married to the best man in the world, and I happen to have the cutest children....what more is there?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dawn - Happy Anniversary


On this day, 13 years ago, we made our vows to each other and to God that we would be together as one for the rest of our lives. I am so glad we met, so glad we got married, and so blessed to have you as my BEST FRIEND. God has continued to pour out His blessings on us both over the years, most significantly with the precious gifts of our children. We have experienced much joy, and many heartaches, especially over the last 2 years with losing Hannah Grace, and Naomi Caroline. I'm glad God gave us each other to encourage, support, pray for, and hold in times of darkness, and laugh with in times of joy (I'll never forget rolling on the floor in laughter the night our Joanna Faith was born).
My sweetheart - There are few people who are as blessed as me and our children to have such a Godly wife and mother. Thank you for all you do for me, I love you today more than ever.