Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun at the Doctors?? Thank you for your prayers

So today we had an afternoon slot for the doctor's office. When I say afternoon slot...I mean the whole afternoon! That is what happens when you have 9 people who all need a physical so we can move on with our next adoption.
So Jason says....let's take the camera. I said "for the doctor's office?" He says- "yes"....I say "why we didn't do this last time when we had 8". His reply "well last time we didn't have a blog"
So here it is fun blog loving family .... our doctor pics.
So.....our wonderful doctor a Christian which is always nice to be on the same page about life in general. Anyway....being who she is took in other patients that were walk ins because they were pretty sick. So our family was there- 3 hours! heard (read) it correctly- 3 hours of fun in the doctor's office. Thank God I am an experienced mom and had gummy bears, licorice, coloring books, twistables (the twist up coloring pencils- they are great!), and loads of board books, cars, etc. too.
All in all our kids did really well. I mean why shouldn't they- they are wonderful kids!!!!
Jonathan had to get 2 shots though. Poor thing- that is probably why he doesn't have a pic in these - he was crying.

Well, the good news is that we are one step closer to our little one waiting for us!!!! YEAH!

Thank you as well to all who have been praying for us. Our decision has been made, and although I would rather not share it with everyone (confidentiality reasons)- we feel at peace with it. It is definitely not the decision I wanted to make the way we did, but I feel like it is the correct one non the less. We appreciate all those who have helped with prayer. Makes us feel like our decision was wrapped up in everyone's blanket of prayers- THANKS!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Potty Training and more vacation pics for fun....

So here are some pics with all of our children, and 2 of my cousin's children (what does that make them to me or to my children- anyone know??? 3rd cousins??? Just curious). Anyway, in some of the pics below we have up to 14 children in the pool at once. Crazy, but fun!

icy cold refreshment wrapped in plastic! Love it!

Look at all the beautiful children in a row (all but 3). Let's jump in together!!!
OK so the oldest of the crew is giving instructions on this race that is happening.
I get by with a little help from my friends......
So much activity it can make you a little dizzy at times.

Trying to scoot into the pool in a floatie....hmmm....creative.
I just can't get enough of my oldest....she is just so beautiful and caring.....
Cute girls hanging out on the deflated pretzel.
Lunch is served- Poolside.
Aww....daddy love in the pool.....
Jonathan looks just a little too happy with that water gun!
Here's our daddy looking warm, hanging out soaking in the sun.....relaxing.....enjoying.......
Until along came Elizabeth. She just thought he looked to hot, and needed to be cooled.
Well, you know that just looked fun- you know helping daddy cool the whole group got involved.....
That's me and my cousin- talking about ???? but enjoying the day. Have I mentioned I love my cousins, their families, my aunt..... would love to be closer to them.
Classic crazy shot of trying to walk in these huge flippers.....
Oh yeah, cartoon type quality pic.
And don't forget when you are out to get me a pretzel please.....hmmmm......maybe not quite that big!!!!

So Elizabeth is finally potty training....or should I say she is potty trained (not yet at night, but hey who cares about that part right now). With our first child- Abigail....we tried to force her to be potty trained. It never worked. With our other children and after our long crazy time with Abigail....we just decided that when they told us they needed to go- that means they are ready. And if they don't- forget's not worth pulling your hair out for. It has worked. Although not as soon as every parent does work. The best part is if they initiate- there are very very few accidents after the "training" time is done.

So since Elizabeth started our youngest- Jonathan says "potty" and then takes me by the hand to go. Although I would love to believe he is ready....I think it is merely the big hoohaa over Elizabeth that really did it. I think it is just a reflex of he can actually go in the potty- that is what they do at the orphanage- sit them all on potties a few times a day to get them going.

We shall know what happens in a large family if you actually accomplish getting everyone out of diapers don't you.......another child comes along! he he he he which is really true and funny at the same time. In the last 8 years it has actually been pretty rare to only have 1 child in diapers. At most we have had 4 in diapers. So although I would love to feel what it feels like to have no one in the same will be very weird.

Still praying about a situation.........waiting for both Jason & I's hear to be settled one way or another. Thank you for all of you already praying!!! We appreciate it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to do a vacation more affordably- Sea World Pics

So Sea World in Orlando- is loads of fun....this is a show that is done with rescued animals like dogs, cats, mice, birds, a pig, a skunk, too cute & the kids love it!!
This is my favorite part- the smiles! Who could resist this? NOT ME!
Here are some cute penguins...
This look of - hey look at that! Is so fun.
Kraken ride- Yes that is Jason on the last row, and Abigail is right next to him.
Splashing into fun- (I thought you could all use some cheese)
This is what the kids are looking at in the following pic

Can't see it very well, but if you are waiting for people going on Atlantis- the water ride pictured above....there is a little shop of course, but next to the shop is this fun aquarium that has aquariums along the wall, under your feet, and over your head- Lots of fun!!!
I just couldn't get enough of this creature- I believe it is a dragon fish, but it just floated and looked so pretty. How could people think that happened by chance? I stand in awe of God's beauty! Daily!

Almost felt sorry for the other girl sitting in the middle of most of our kids. I am snapping pics and she is like- I don't know you!
Elizabeth...and mommy - with my eyes closed (I have issues sometimes when it comes to pics and keeping my eyes open??)
Matthew & Abigail.......
A mommy & baby dolphin...the kids loved that!!!
Manatee- whenever I see them I think of the song from Veggie Tales (those moms out there that know it you will sing it in your head just like I do) Babara Manatee, manatee, you are the one for me, one for me, sent from up above, up are the one I love, one I love............(Chances are if you can sing this song you have young children, or just like being a child!)
Not sure what happened to this pic, it cut off some? But you get the cute look from our little man!
Go Joshua- this was the hotel we stayed at in Orlando- great pools!!!!!
Look- a baby sea lion with mommy- cute!!!! Anyone thinking of their future children like I am this can be very sentimental in a weird sort of way.
Loved this new aquarium area this year! It is behind the new flying coaster put in called "Manta". Which by the way - is a great ride!!!!! It tips you forward and then off you go, and gives the sensation of flying!!!! So this place has this tube of fish, and you can crawl up inside and watch the is the result of letting your kids play in this area.............

Did you do a quick count like I did? Yep, just remembered our oldest is on the ride with one of us adults- which would explain why there are only 6 kids. Kind of funny how I count even in pictures taken...hmmmm
Ride called Ocean Commotion- the kids loved it!
The famous Shamu ride- of which we took up 4 pics Abigail?? What is that about?
Our 3 older boys.....Awww.........
Dolphin and whale show- look at them all....amazing & fun to watch!
Stingrays- to pet....feel slimmy on top, but underneath they suck on your fun!
So there we are studying them....having fun, and the kids love asking questions about them as well.....Loads of great memories.....

In addition to the last e-mail with tips that are very much money saving. We also try to stay with family (which we are lucky some happen to live in Florida) or rent a house. Have you ever done that? It is great. We have a lot of great experiences with that!
Bonuses with this- you can buy cheap breakfast things, and keep drinks cold, and have loads of space!!! Which is important with our crew. You can also have meals without eating out all the time- saves soooo much money!!!

We love theme parks- we buy season passes so we can feel like we can go more than one day....and the kids don't get as cranky if we leave before meltdowns happens! This year we bought a platinum pass- at Sea World San Antonio (not too bad in price), and are able to use it for 2 whole years, at ANY Busch theme park get discounts on food, you don't pay for preferred parking, and you get discounts on other stuff you buy as well. So for us it was a great deal.

This is how we can afford these things- we are by no means rich in money anyway. Spiritually we are Blessed and OVERflowing!!!!! Praise God!

On a side note......please pray as we have a major decision to make.......can't really give anything away unfortunately. Just know that we could use your prayers. Thanks!!!!