Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy Sweet 16th Abigail!!!! (from November 8th)

 Happy Sweet 16th to our beautiful Abigail Marie Wright!  The sweetheart that made us parents.  Our sweet with a touch of sass young lady who makes us so proud every day. 
 There are a million words to describe our young lady here are 16 phrases:
 caring, positive, 
 sweet, beautiful young lady,
 compassionate,a heart for the Lord,
 genuine, artistic
 sweet, considerate,
 creative, pure,
 charming, determined
 thoughtful, & fun!  That is quite a list, but if you have ever met our Abigail you would know she is quite an amazing young lady.  We surprised her by ordering a cake made by our worship pastor.  He did a fantastic job and she loved it. 

What Abigail looked forward to the most for her 16th birthday was both sets of grandparents being here!  That is a rare thing since Jason's parents are from England and mine live in Missouri.  It was a special treat and she was so excited! 
 We also got to have my aunt Jane spend the special day with us as well.  It was so much fun with our family gathered round the table. 
 Sometimes I have to put myself in the pictures so we remember that I am actually there too. 
 My mom and I look so much alike! 
 Jason and I wanted to bless Abigail on her 16th Birthday.  Not just something we say, but something we have thought about.  In our hearts we know Abigail is really a young adult living in our home.  She may not be ready to be on her own just yet, but in most ways she is ready to be her own person.  So we wrote a special Blessing from us to her. 
 We are so thrilled that the Lord blessed us with her. 
 Miss these people every day!  Love them all so very much.  It was a great time having them all here! 
 For Abigail's birthday we talked about having some friends over, but as you can imagine in a home with 8 siblings privacy to have fun girl talk is well.....very limited.  So I asked Abigail if she wanted to go out with her friends to a concert instead.  There were several in the area, but she chose Toby Mac, Brit Nicole, & Colton Dixson!  GREAT concert! 

We got to meet and greet as well :)!!!!
 Nirva Ready who sings with Toby Mac (has done for a long time) was able to hook us up with meet and greet tickets which was great!  Thank you Nirva!!!!  She sings in our church as well and she and her husband are working on another record coming soon too!  This is from their last CD.
 Concert pictures never seem to be that great, but we had so much fun!
The best memory we all agreed was getting to see the "grandma" in front of us dance all night long!  She is our hero and all the young ladies and myself said we so want to be her when we grow up.  She loved and danced unafraid and in true worship.  I wish I could have taken a video because seriously we all want to be her!  (Lighting wouldn't allow it.)

Abigail we love you and look forward to seeing the great things the Lord will continue to do in your life!  LOVE YOU!!!!