Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Job of Parents

Well.....this post could be hundreds of books long really, but Jason & I have been talking about something lately. Why is it that children should get what they want? I mean I know it is fun to spoil sometimes by giving your kids treats.

When do you think a treat becomes too much? When does it become appeasement? When does it become a fact that they will get it - because they can & you will? Does that make sense?

I think it is a pretty simple line. A treat is something you don't do all the time. A treat is being given a special privilege, and it doesn't have to be HUGE (monetarily or otherwise). You see in my mind a treat is sometimes something you may want - but NOT something you beg for all the time. It is simple like ice cream with toppings for that special dessert. It is that time you spend together making the brownies. It is the extra few minutes past bed time to talk with your child about what is important to them. It is that extra story because the kids LOVE to read with you.

Unfortunately our society has twisted what a treat is around to make it that ALL children NEED EVERYTHING their hearts desire. Like ipods, tv in the room, gaming systems, computers - one for each child of course, cars by the time they get their learning permit, etc. I remember years ago now when Jason & I didn't even have children yet - we overheard a conversation at Burger King. It went like this- Mom to child- sit down please, Child- when do we get to go to WalMart, Mom- in a little bit. Child- I want my video game NOW! Mom- I said you could have it if you behave in Burger King...are you behaving?

I thought I must be out of my mind! Really!!! A video game if you behave in Burger King??? What??? We decided then that - this was not our idea of what you can do to have fun with your children. This is called breaking your own back.

In a recent article by Focus on the Family- they were talking about how we never have to wait for privileges anymore. We get whatever we want- when we want it. If you want to watch your own movie in the car- you can. You all have your own setting on the a c in the car, your own music on your ipod, your own room, your own dresser, your own clothes, your own EVERYTHING! No more sharing. I don't think this is what God has in mind for the Body Of Christ.

Just my own tidbit, but I really loved this blog post today @

Hmmmm.......just some ramblings..............

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love notes from kids :)

Our kids this last week made up a "show" for us. Complete with songs, motions, and great smiles. Our fireplace served as a stage, and it was a Blessing to watch.
There are soo many times as a mommy that I mess up. I yell when I shouldn't, I stress over things that are insignificant, and my list is too long for this blog. There is NOTHING that is sweeter than seeing your children worship and love it! NOTHING. When I consider the circumstances that my beautiful children have been through- I am in AWE of GOD! Each one of our children are a miracle in more than one way!
Then you receive little pictures from your children- little love notes. This is an interpretation of our Family Photo. I think our children have gotten the hint that our family was meant to expand. You will notice that there are 12 people. Yes, that includes that would be 10 children :)- AMEN! I love it. You will also note- ages below the people. Hmmmmmmm......Not quite right, but pretty close....... :) I love the fact that our children see our expanding family...and they dream it with us. They want another sibling.

I hear so many that say- well how would my other children react to another sibling through adoption. I say the same as if your pregnant again. Will they be jealous- you bet. Will you as a family overcome it- ALWAYS! Because our children know that there are over 140 million orphans. They hear us talk about it, preach it, and they GET IT. More than most would even know.
This little note was discreetly given to me by Joshua. One for me & one for dad. This is from a boy that when he came to us - had a pretty tough transition. He had to endure 3 YEARS in "the system". I have no idea the hurt that he endured.....except the fact that we had to watch him endure it. It hurt sooo deep to see it. It was at times....unbearable. It was something no child should have to do. But he has been healed in so many ways and that is even more of a BLESSING than anyone can imagine.
Thank You God for my beautiful blessings that you have entrusted us with. We pray for our future children as with them wherever they are in the world.....whatever is happening.....for the pain, the giving up of the biological family.......We ask for healing in the situations. We trust YOUR PLAN for a world without orphans!

So what are you waiting for? Have you thought about adoption???? I pray you have!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun children's books

So this last week.....has been.......well......
Like this...
And just in case you can't see it well enough- like this (and if you are feeling sick, just scroll down quickly- sorry my EMT mentality doesn't really mind this stuff).
Jason & I have been working on this puzzle. Note to self if you want free marriage a puzzle together....observe yourself as you do this puzzle together.....and you will learn a lot! Trust me!!
Apart from EVERYONE except me being sick!!! Fevers, cough, nasty throat, diarrhea, aches, chills, you get the pic....not nice.
This is how they were most of the time!!! Since Thursday!
Putting on a smile, but look at Joshua's face- he didn't really hide it.

Why is it that the younger ones- even with a fever run around the house anyway?
Yep, that whole not watching a lot of movies- this week has gone out the window! Oh well. Eating snacks here. This is sooo not our usual, but right now we are still in a bit of survival mode.

So to top off our wonderful week. We woke up to Jonathan's nasty looking lip one morning. He was trying to climb up to Joshua's bed (they all have bunk beds). Fell off of course and almost bit straight through- nasty. He has really taken it pretty well.

Then on Saturday we tried to go on a short walk outside just for some fresh air and Joshua scrapped his toe up pretty bad (he was wearing crocs- well imitations anyway).

So there you have it a week of sickness.......yuckies.........

So just thought of something to share for fun for those of you who have some younger kids who love to read. I love buying great stories that show God to children in a way they can understand. So we buy a lot of books that they love to read over and over. So here are some recommendations:

Clay Pot Parables: Stumpy Stomps Off, Jimmy's Lost Bug, Bodge Plants a Seed- all by Simon Smith. They are cute stories about some field mice replicating the prodigal son, lost sheep, & the farmer plants seeds in the field. They are easily understood and have a recap of the Biblical story that they correlate too in the back of the book.

Another couple of books we love are: Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to Town & Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to a Party by Emily King. Both stories are about seeing God in everything, and being joyful for what we have. This cute grandma figure loves life, and loves sharing little tidbits of joy with everyone. Of course she can't see worth anything, but that doesn't slow her down. Our kids love the morals in the stories- again really easy to understand, and just fun to read.

On the adoption front....not a lot going on. Waiting to hear back is a slow form of torture really. I don't know if I can wait 6 months just to see if we will be approved??? We may just reapply again....with further documentation & of course another big check. I don't know. We shall see.

On a side note someone mentioned local adoption- yep we can. In fact local agencies (because I have called just to ask) were really stumped that the immigration would not accept our application. So - we don't want to give up on the adoption process that we have spent a lot of time, money, effort, & heart into, but we shall see what God has planned.

In the end- we know that God will bring us a child and it may not be the way we originally wanted, but a child will have a home & that is the real point!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Things about me (and my family)

So a friend decided to post some things about her in a I decided to do the same:

1) I accepted Christ when I was 5 years old.....and boy have I learned A LOT since then!!!

2) I had cancer at age 8- had a total hysterectomy, and am here to tell you about it 28 years later- PRAISE GOD!

3) I am married to an incredible man who I a great leader in our home

4) Just in the last week we have stopped diapers during the day in our home....for the first time in 9 years!!!!!

5) At one time we had 4 children during the day in diapers.

6) Our 7 children are within 8 years of age

7) We don't watch tv (ok maybe super nanny or olympics- but it is very rare). Instead we choose to watch movies or tv series - like Little House of the Prairie - something that we know will be good.

8) Our kids don't watch tv either. Movies that are approved by us like Veggie Tales, few educational movies, etc. They watch an average of 2-3 hours a week maximum.

9) We only have pay as you go phones. Because we live in the middle of no where - you can't get cell reception.

10) I love my Mountain Dew. It has been my favorite soft drink since I was allowed to even have pop (as we called it up north- here it is called coke irregardless of what kind it is) when I as a teen.

11) I graduated college as a Music Teacher. I am a 4 year allstater from Iowa :) I also did many other honor bands during high school.

12) Jason & I met at a Christian camp....and now we are co-directors at a Christian camp :)

13) I LOVE sharing my testimonies :) (Not necessarily living them)

14) I have kept a journal of our lives since Jason & I met! Not until recently I discovered blogging.

15) If there were items in my home that I would grab in a fire- besides husband, children, & pets- it would be- pictures, letters from Jason when we were dating, adoption gifts, and our trinkets from Ethiopia.

16) I love to sing & so does our entire family! Jason plays keyboard too- by ear (makes me a tiny bit jealous).

17) I LOVE to teach my children- even on those hard days :)

18) I LOVE ADOPTION- the kind that God does & the earthly adoptions as well. There is NOTHING to me more wonderful than having a child (of any age) accept Christ into their hearts. There is also something so wonderful about seeing a child COME HOME to a family- FOREVER!

19) I am a penny pincher- MOST of them time. Jason- is not. :)

20) I LOVE tickling, singing to, tucking in, talking with, playing with- MY CHILDREN!!!!!!

OK. That was fun. Hopefully you have learned something new about me.....may try that again.

Although I have been crying daily (which is very rare for me until recently).....I know that God is starting to heal our hearts.....and we pray that there will be a door opened to us to adopt another child.

Thank you Lord for my best friend in the World- Jason. Thank you Lord that he is willing to stand by his family, help us heal, and head up this crazy home. Whatever happens....I am always thankful for your gift to me God of my wonderful husband & children :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is how I feel right now....

This little man can make upsetness (I know that isn't a real word, but I like it anyway)......look cute
REALLY this is how I feel. I feel like it stinks that we thought we knew who our 8th child was going to be and now we don't know! IT STINKS to feel like everyday you are waiting on people to decide whether or not you can even have an 8th child......which I might add is really silly because if I could get pregnant right now- no one would question that.

It stinks living with 2 losses within the last 2 years! It stinks that I am making it through the days, but really MISS that part of me that is not home with us right now!!!!!

So I am being honest in that - IT STINKS!!!! It especially stinks that most people have no clue how it feels for us, and have no idea that we are still hurting. So we put on a face and call it good because there is no point in arguing about it.

Really all I want to do is just run away from it all (with my beautiful family of course). Really all I want to do- is pretend this whole thing is not happening. Really all I want is to bring home our child!

I am insanely jealous of those on the "waiting list", of those saying they have received their FDL's, and those who are going to pick up their children. I am not angry- I am truly HAPPY FOR THEM!!! But I am jealous because that should have already been us! It's not & it isn't fair. I know- don't say it- life isn't fair. I KNOW THIS FULL WELL!!!!

So there you have pity party for myself.

In the mean time there are praises........maybe my next blog will list some. Sorry for the poor attitude, but honesty is the best policy :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My TRUE Valentine!

OK so many of you may see this and say- yeah yeah....I'll skip it, but I encourage you to read this - putting your name in the blanks. In fact I challenge you to reread it several times. Let the ONE TRUE VALENTINE embrace your heart.

You know I remember a time when someone at a camp I went to referred to Christ as his sweetheart. I thought it was the strangest thought I have ever heard of. As I have grown in my faith walk....I have truly found that even in my darkest hour......God truly is my sweetheart. My healer, the ONE who gives me encouragement when I truly felt there wasn't anything left.......So be prepared for Christ to touch your heart through this precious scripture :)

God’s Love Letter To YOU!

Psalm 139:1-16
O Lord, you have searched __________ and you know __________ .
You know when __________ sits and when __________ rises;
You perceive __________ thoughts from afar
You discern __________ going out and __________ lying down;
you are familiar with all __________ ways.
Before a word is on __________ tongue
you know it completely, O Lord.
You hem __________ in–behind and before;
You have laid your hand upon __________ .
Such knowledge is too wonderful for __________ ,
too lofty for __________ to attain.
Where can __________ go from your Spirit?
Where can __________ flee from your presence?
If __________ goes up to the heavens, you are there;
if __________ makes her bed in the depths, You are there;
If __________ rise on the wings of the dawn,
if __________ settles on the far side of the sea,
even there Your hand will guide __________ ,
Your right hand will hold __________ fast.
If ___________ says, “Surely the darkness will hide __________
and the light become night around __________ ,”
even the darkness will not be dark to You;
For You created __________ inmost being;
You knit __________ together in her mother’s womb.
__________ praises You because __________
is fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful, __________ knows that full well.
__________ frame was not hidden from you
when __________ was made in the secret place.
When __________ was woven together in the depths of the earth,
Your eyes saw __________ unformed body.
All the days ordained for __________
were written in Your book
before one of them came to be.

Now.....know that God Loves YOU! REALLY & TRULY. There is no one else - EVER that can love you the way God does. No one that will never let you down. I pray all of you reading this truly knows God in this REAL way.

If you don't please e-mail me if you want to know, or send me a message on facebook. God is THE MOST IMPORTANT Love of your life. If there is only one thing that you ever find important on our blog- let it be this- GOD LOVES YOU & can give you the gift of salvation. A way to live with HIM in freedom from this harsh world.

PS- We have used the above scripture putting each one of our children's name on it for a Valentine's card for them. I pray they truly come to know how much it really means.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Schedule

Play time in our little play toy room....
Abigail doing reading....her BIBLE (that's my baby!).....
Joshua doing leapster games............
Sarah doing Leap Pad books....................
Matthew doing writing time................

I have had lots of people ask me- How do you do it? My answer is always - lots of Prayer & GOD!

But seriously I am a list and schedule person....I have to be!
So this is a typical (he he he) day at the Wright home....

6am- wake up- Jason & I do our devotions & prayer time

6:30ish wake up the kids- do baths, hair, dressed & sometimes even I get to take a shower :)

7:30 Breakfast

8 Devotions led by daddy & praise & worship time too (with daddy on the keyboard)

8:30 quick brush teeth & start school
**School of course is a little crazy with 7 children...and not all of them really doing lots of school time. We do have a 1/2- 1 hr break where we play or most days GET OUTSIDE!!! I believe exercise helps the brain development and without we would not function! We do some group studies with everyone, and some individual, and some 2 by 2. Save that maybe for another post :)

12 kids help get lunch on the table after lunch or at the end mommy reads a book that is a continuing story. At least most of the time. Lately we have been reading about different missionaries - short stories. Which the kids and I are loving.

1 little kids (both Elizabeth & Jonathan take a nap now)
Older kids- Abigail, Andrew, Joshua, Matthew, & Sarah do a quiet time rotation.
Every 1/2 hr they switch. They do QUIET play time in the toy room, leapster games (which are highly monitored and only include a puzzle game, math game, & spelling game), leap pad - which is a reading tool with games on math, etc. as well (and they have a great series on how to help kids read with phonics which we love), writing, & reading.
***This is my limited time to work- which I can do A LOT with no interruptions. I of course have to work evenings sometimes, and days when we are not doing school as well.

3:30 little kids get up & big kids pick up their stuff too
Then on to some play time for everyone. This is where I get a lot of one on one time as well as in the mornings. Reading with them, playing with them, hanging out :) Sometimes we go outside for more outdoor time too- I love the quote kids are great in wide open spaces!

5- pick up toys time, the other kids sometimes watch a video or sometimes we do other things while we wait for dinner too.

5:30ish dinner time

7ish bed time for all except Abigail & Andrew (our rule is when you turn 8 you get to stay up until 8) The day ends with daddy reading to all the kids together and more prayer time.
The older 2 play a game, read, play with a few toys quietly, play with us, etc. Again this is a perfect time to spend with the older 2 alone as well.

So there you have it our schedule....kind of.... he he he. Now although this is we all know in the real world. It doesn't always happen, but we try our best because hey- schedules help security issues, and temperaments as well.

***We are still praying over our paperwork, immigration, and a timely answer. Some days I cry for hours, and some days I am numb, other days I am both......I would love to say I am doing fine, but that would be a lie. I know our GOD is BIGGER than all of this, but my heart still aches. All we can & should do is PRAISE HIM IN THIS STORM! So that is what we need to do. Thanking the Lord that we have a home, food on the table, and a beautiful family. My arms ache to hold our next child, but I know that child is not mine anyway- he/she/they are God's!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not much

I wanted to share with you about what happened.....
Not Much! We went, and we talked to a man through the glass window. We gave him our new evidence, and a file to reopen our case with that new evidence. He basically said we have too many children and not enough income (NOT TRUE!! If he would have actually read the whole thing).

One thing is for sure, either our government wants to portray that we are an unhappy country, or our office is just very hopeless and sad. NOT ONE PERSON smiled or even had ANY HAPPY type gesture the whole time we were there! NOT ONE! Can you imagine that kind of hopelessness. I mean do they do that so others won't want to be a citizen in our great country? (I know there are many deficiencies in our government this is NOT a political post, but I still believe it is the best country.- MY OPINION.)

I really have no idea why they all looked and acted so hopeless. I remember living in Iowa next to a town called Fairfield. There is nothing wrong with the town, but there is a cult there called Maharishi. They have taken over the town, created new schools, and believe that money and yourself is the way to find everlasting peace. It is so sad. Often when we would visit this town to go shopping (it was one of 2 towns that were about 20 miles away- our nearest shopping at our last camp). I remember seeing other people walking around the store with a "hollow look". I can't describe it any better than that, but it made me realize that without the HOPE OF CHRIST- there is NOTHING.

I would say this particular office we visited yesterday needs our prayers not just for our paperwork to be approved, but for the TRUE HOPE OF CHRIST! Join me in praying for them to know CHRIST! To know that there IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE JOYFUL!

I know some of you may think I am a little nuts. It's all good I am used to that. I sincerely think though that there is some serious lack of HOPE in that office. They may have training on how to look serious, but there is a difference between serious and deeply sad and lost.

I do want to share with you all that as we were sitting in the red and blue chairs in the waiting area of which there had to be around 70 or so.....I was thinking and shared with Jason that there are AT LEAST that many people praying for us RIGHT NOW! That there were probably more, and I was imagining in my mind all of your wonderful faces surrounding us like angels. Filling the room and praying over us and the paperwork. In fact there were so many of you in my mind that you filled the entire 3rd floor, and building. Thank you - because WE NEED ANGELS as we deal with this situation that is not flesh and blood! THANK YOU!!!!!

Although we are hoping for some really great news could be a very long time??? UP to 6 months........Lord give us hope, patience, and strength to get through with the wonderful support of our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Monday, February 8, 2010

More Prayer Needed :)

A quick update on our adoption.

Jason & I are going to New Orleans tomorrow (12:30 central time) to speak with immigration. After studying more documents than anyone should ever have to, and spreading out literally hundreds of pieces of paper in our bedroom.......we pray that we have found a way to still do an adoption.

We ask for wisdom, guidance, and a release from any fears that may try to creep into our meeting. It is a possibility that we would have to speak to the same person who has denied our application- which could get emotional. As much as we are emotional- we need to keep the presence of mind & heart with this meeting.

We also pray for a miracle! This would be specifically that when we ask them to reconsider the motion to deny that they would do so quickly! We are planning to reapply to immigration anyway for our FDL in case they do not want to reconsider (which unfortunately they don't have to do). Is that confusing enough?

We completely have felt that our blog world family has been so supportive and loving and a HUGE PRAYER WARRIOR FAMILY- that we could never have made it through without your love and complete support! THANK YOU!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

AGCI Houston FUN!!!

So what do you get .....
When you mix......
Great weather......
6 families.....
Who have all adopted.......
at least one child from Ethiopia (AGCI).....
19 children total in attendance.....
loads of bikes, go carts, rip stick, and razors.....
and some food too ...... get LOADS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some daring behavior....
A lot of chaos!
more cuteness!!!

double cuteness.....

More smiles...............

(look mom no hands) crazy adults!!!!
Great big sisters......
A very full table of fun loving children....

Some fun conversation....

In this very tough time.....this is exactly what we needed. Some encouragement. Some family fun time with others who get it. Those who have walked the crazy road of adoption.

IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you to all who were able to come and join in on the crazy times!!!! It was a blast & we can't wait to do it again!!!