Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adoption/Foster Care Movies

 Lovely right?  he he he.....well he knows how to have fun!  So I think this is the last of our vacation pictures- whew. 
 While you enjoy our crazy family vacation....again......I wanted to share some movies about foster care and adoption!  I thought it would be fun to share as we have enjoyed plenty of movies that have adoption themes in them. 
 So let's start with some of the kid movies that are fun! 
Meet The Robinsons- a fun time travel cartoon movie.  The little boy grows up in an orphanage.  It has a lot of themes that you can discuss afterwards....rejection, orphanage living, never giving up which becomes his motto, and of course adoption.

Despicable Me- now let's just say this crazy villain who adopts the girls is well- a cartoon and funny!  There is just something about his heart melting over the girls that is truly lovable.  Of course our kids were quick to point out the "mean lady" who runs the orphanage.  As well as the fact that Mr. Gru obviously did NOT pass a homestudy or even have one done ;)  Do you think my kids know the adoption process??  he he he
 Some cute movies that our younger kiddos love- not cartoon.

Johnny- is a Pure Flix movie.  It also addresses deep grief as the family has lost a son due to a tragic death.  The adoption of this child in foster care who is dying is truly an inspiring film!  Really recommend this movie. 
**Oh and it is on Netflix

Anne of Green Gables is just an awesome movie!  Our kiddos love it!  The stereotypes, the fitting in, the tough start, everything just really is a great way to help process things with your children.  :)
 The First of May is an adorable movie about a family that is doing foster care.  The mother is adopted herself.  It is also a great connection movie with younger children and grandma type figure.  He runs away when he finds out the couple fostering him is pregnant because he figures he will be unwanted.  He runs away with a grandma figure he meets.  Done very tastefully and really about how to belong to a family. 

Chestnut is also a great movie for younger kids.  The family adopts 2 girls (that are siblings) from a modern day orphanage.  They end up sneaking in a dog- which the new adoptive father is highly allergic to.  Cute and really has some great themes to deal with as well.
 Polyanna is an old classic!  Our children love it!!! 
Heidi is another timeless classic and the ideas of rejection, healing, and being forever together are really clear. 
 Just Where I Belong is another cute story about foster care.  Again includes a random person who needs healing as well as the girl.  Together they find that healing in an unusual relationship. 
Don't forget Little House On The Prairie!!!!!  LOTS of adoptions/foster care going on there!!!!  Our kids love the open hearts of everyone to really take in whoever needs a home!  Yes - we own all 10 seasons!!!!  LOVE THEM ALL :)
 The following may or may not be for younger kids.  I think our policy is we always watch things first!  That way there are no surprises ;).
 The new Love Comes Softly series:  Loves Abiding Joy, Loves Unending Legacy.....both have adoptions, but I think there is one more too....No bad language in these :). 
 The Lost And Found Family (**on netflix as well) is a GREAT movie!  No foul language, but there is mentions of drugs and abuse.  This is specific to foster care as well.  In the movie a lady left nothing creates a legacy to pass on to many many many children in the foster care system. 
 Safe Harbor- is a true story right here in Florida :).  A couple who plans on sailing the world together in retirement....end up taking in foster placements of older boys.  They continue this ministry today.  Some rough actions involved, and one of the boys tries to burn down the boat as well as take his life.  You don't see it happening, but you are lead to know about it.  A birth mother shows up intoxicated as well. 
 The Best Christmas Ever- is about children who are not in foster care, but should be.  They know what the "rough" life is about.  The great part is they truly end up getting what Christmas is about.  I do believe there are some not nice words, but no cursing. 
 Pictures of Hollis Woods- this is about foster care as well.  There is a family that truly loves her, but she rejects them after a tragedy strikes.  When she ends up living with a lady who is developing Alzheimer's she finds she really wants a family. 
 Saving Sarah Cain- uptown girl meets her sister's children at their mother's funeral.  In the will she becomes the legal guardian of all 5, but that proves to be quite the struggle.  Sarah and her sister grew up in foster care and that is talked about.  She is really on a road to discovery with what happens.  She has to face up to who she is and who she was meant to be. 
 October Baby another Pure Flix movie.  This movie is tough because she is not told she is adopted until adulthood.  Not only is she adopted, but she is the result of a failed abortion, of which she was a twin.  Although the whole idea of not being told is just sooo foreign to me in all respects.  I think you have to remember where the inspiration is from....a time when people usually didn't say anything to anyone. 

The best part of the movie is the theme of forgiveness......for the birth mom.  Forgiveness for the adoptive parents.  The forgiveness of the secret.  I think that is so powerful to see!
 One of our favorites is Martian Child.  In this movie a husband whose wife has died decides to follow through with their dream of adoption.  He adopts a very different little boy through fostering.  There are some very powerful scenes in this movie that the quotes are just amazing!  (**There is a mention of zen in this movie which is brief, and there is some romance in this movie too). 
 The newest film is not out yet on dvd, but when it is we will be getting it.  It is called The Odd Life Of Timothy Green.  A very different story.  If you don't like real life stories that are peculiar this is not for you, but the meanings behind those curiosities are incredible! 

I loved the whole idea once you were told what such and such meant.  I don't want to give too much away with any of these movies, but we love them all! 
 So there you have it.  My list of foster/adoption movies.  Do you have any that you like???  Leave them in the comments!!!  I love to find new movies that are good. 
 I think sometimes the best part about adoption and foster movies is that it opens up discussion.  The movie does not have to be perfect to have some amazing conversations. 
 In other news.......Michael is working on walking in therapy now!!!  WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is learning to weight shift and move each leg forward seperately :)  Ummmm.....can you say ONE PROUD MOMMA?  :)
 He will be starting Occupational Therapy as well now.  Why now?  Well, when we first started therapy 6 months ago we didn't know how much would be too much for him.  It is hard to focus for long periods of time.  They also didn't know about scheduling him in at the time, and out of all his scores he scored highest in that area. 
 So now that we know an hour and a half is fine.  He will now go twice a week for an hour and a half.  :)  YEA!  That means more skill building time.  I love going with him to learn what we can help him do here at home!  The therapists are amazing, loving, and so very sweet.  They love seeing him thrive and learn :). 
 I can not wait to see where God is going to lead this little guy! 
 Ok......so enjoy a few last pictures.......
 of our beautiful vacation.....
 I miss vacation......but we are settled in our school routine and we do enjoy our weekends together :)!

***Oh and hopefully we will be sharing some news about what God is doing in our church soon too :)


  1. Love your list... one of ours is "Sound of Music".

  2. Two of my favorites, but not for younger children: I am Sam and The Blind Side

  3. I would second The Blind Side. :) Thanks for such a great and extensive list!

  4. Dandelion Dust is not for kids. Some domestic violence scenes. But it is a great portrayal of birth moms love and adoptive parents love.


  5. From the mom's point of view--very touching.
    This is from Feature Films for Families:

    Seasons of the Heart
    When Jed and Martha Richards agree to raise a young orphan boy named Daniel, Jed is delighted. But Martha, still grieving for her two little girls who died on the trek west, finds herself swept away each day in a thousand wistful memories. She can’t help comparing her daughters to this awkward boy who annoys her at every turn — and needs her so desperately. A beautiful story of family, and learning to love again.

  6. I'm a child of early 90s and think back to all my favorite movies: Follow That Bird (Sesame Street), Free Willy, Angels in the Outfield and what do you know - they ALL have foster/adoptive themes! Angels in the Outfield is great for elementary-aged and Free Willy has some rough spots (child engaging in graffiti, child runs away from foster home, etc.) but the overall message of finding a place in a family definitely comes through. Free Willy 2 sees the adoption of the child's biological sibling, too!