Monday, October 30, 2017

Our Family Begins - Justin and Andrea's Adoption Story

We love to do what we do as adoption consultants - we really do have a dream job! What could be more fulfilling than to walk alongside a couple from an inquiry about where to start with an adoption all the way to that amazing day when they stand in front of the judge who declares they are now a forever family! There are always ups and downs to the roller coaster ride of adoption (Remember - on roller coasters they make sure you are safely buckled in for the ride), and Justin and Andrea's journey is no exception - starting with the heartbreak of infertility and the deep loss of miscarriage. Isn't it great that God is in the healing and redemption business? We love to see God's fingerprints on families we are consultants for - and we get to have a front row seat when "Joy comes in the morning". From signing on with us to holding their sweet and precious son was just 5 months. Andrea shares their story:

"We always knew we wanted to have children. We always said we would have children whether we were able to conceive them ourselves, through a fertility specialist or through adoption. We tried for nearly 3 years to conceive. During those 3 years, we suffered 2 ectopic pregnancies that resulted in having surgery to remove the fallopian tubes. This ended our chances at conceiving children ourselves. This led us down the path of in vitro fertilization (IVF).  During the process of appointments, we found out my ovaries were aging faster than my chronological age. We did one round of IVF which had low results, but we did retrieve 3 eggs, of which 2 were mature. However, only 1 egg fertilized and the transfer resulted in another miscarriage. We were always open to all the options of starting a family, although we never thought we would experience this and the time it took. We felt frustrated and sad. We struggled with the loses and the direction God led us. So, after we struggled with infertility and miscarriages, we realized adoption must be the path we needed to pursue.

We had no idea where to start with adoption. Just considering it felt overwhelming. We had some friends who had adopted, and we connected with them to look for guidance. Low and behold, they introduced us to Dawn Wright at Christian Adoption Consultants. We knew from our first e-mail with Dawn we were heading in the right direction. She answered every question and always made sure we knew she was there to help support us. Suddenly, this overwhelming, unknown direction we were heading in, seemed a little bit less stressful. We decided to also have Jason complete our profile book rather than try to create it ourselves. We could not have been happier with the way it was finished. He captured us perfectly which again made us feel better about presenting ourselves to potential birth moms. With our Home study and Profile book complete we felt ready to start presenting our book.

On Super Bowl Sunday, we were presented our first situation with a due date in the beginning of March. Originally, we were not going to present our book. However, a follow up e-mail from Dawn, her giving us the resources we needed, discussing and praying about it led us to present. About 2 nerve racking weeks later we received a call back stating that the Birth Mother liked us. We had about another week or so of missed connections with the Birth mom, but on the due date we were signing the paperwork and we were officially matched. 6 days later we received the call that Birth Mom had gone in to labor. We rushed to get airplane tickets, we flew out the next morning and by early afternoon we were walking into the hospital room. We were quite nervous to meet with Birth Mom. However, we again contacted Dawn who gave us great advice for when we met with her. We walked into the room where we were greeted with a hug from her, as well as, we could lay eyes on our new son.
We were fortunate to have a few days to spend with his Birth mom and get to know her and her history. After a couple of weeks, we brought our new bundle of joy home.

During our time of struggle, we knew God was making our marriage stronger and we needed to be patient because our son August was to be in our lives forever. With the help of Dawn, Jason and CAC, we have begun the family we always wanted."

Thank you so much Andrea for sharing your story - we know many will be encouraged to keep going and trusting God for the dreams and desires of their hearts for a family. We'd love to talk with you about your adoption journey and answer any questions you may have. It's what we do!

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