Friday, January 29, 2010

Still Praying on Our Island

Please continue to join in prayer over this situation.....
1) Strength for us....we are really struggling
2) For us cis
3) For Naomi as a new family is probably staring at her pics right now?

*There is hope in that we have found out through an immigration lawyer that we traveled to see in New Orleans yesterday, and through some work on our own. There is an additional form we need to fill out. So just praying for everything to go through as soon as possible!


One of the biggest drawbacks to our ministry here is the fact that we live in the middle of what feels like nowhere. We have lived in the country before this, but this is different. I think mainly because the nearest Methodist Church (that is the church that owns the Christian camp we work at) is only 6 miles away, but if we go we double the size of the congregation. So the church we go to is about 45 minutes away.

We love our church. They have a great sunday school, youth programs, contemporary worship, preach the Word, etc. They are welcoming, but- we live a long ways out. Especially for "city" folk who consider driving across town an inconvenience.

That being said....we have lived here 6 years and have yet to find any couple that we truly relate to. People who took the effort (as well as we took that effort too) as well as us to stay in touch and call. Saying that- we did and they had to move soon after we came back from our England trip.

So here we sit on our island. Feeling like the only people who care all live sooo far away! I guess that is why Blogland has felt like a welcome companion. Here I can find people who have adopted, large families, families that love the Lord, and families that home school. I feel more normal among the blog world. I feel like you guys get it. You understand that when we lost our referral of Naomi- that we lost a child. A real human being that had grown into our hearts, our lives, and our minds.

This island is one that is sooo hard to live on. It feels like at times we are the only ones on the planet. Which sometimes is fine because we have a busy life with the ministry and 7 (soon to be 8- praying!!) children to homeschool & raise. There are just so many times- LIKE NOW- that family and close friends would really make a huge difference.

We did have my parents here for a few days, and the young lady who works with us is a blessing as well, but we really crave other families. It is so hard.

Thank you all for praying, and for leaving comments, and your ideas - they are invaluable! We look forward to the day when we can announce our 8th child (hey- someday more than that!), or give you our court date, or our travel dates, and their picture.

Right now just waking up and surviving is pretty hard work.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Agony, but not defeat....

Our hearts cry out....we have cried many rivers worth......we have screamed, shouted, and been angry. There are no words to describe how we feel except PAIN. That does not begin to describe the fact that we have lost 2 precious girls in a year and a half.

The only good part is that our Hannah Grace went to be with the Lord- although that does not take away our pain, we also know she has been healed and is in HIS ARMS.

Our Naomi is not suffering. She doesn't even know how much we have loved her and prayed for her. She is not aware of our deep and agonizing pain. She will soon be referred to another family who will love her deeply, bring her home, and raise this precious gift. BUT we still have lost our baby girl.

You know it seems strange that when hearing that Steven Curtis Chapman lost their little girl I said to myself there is no way I could take that. No way I could imagine losing one of our children. Since then we have lost 2! And although sometimes I feel like I can't breathe, and I feel like my tears could go on forever, and my heart almost feels like it will stop- We will still praise HIM! We still know our God is on the throne! Even when people on this earth are given free will and choose to deny an application for adoption without just reason......that does not mean our God is not real & is not alive. Quite the opposite! It means we have to rely on HIM for every little step, every bit of patience we can muster, every little shallow breath of pain, every little action - eating, making dinner, homeschooling, waking up, brushing your teeth.....ALL of it we depend on God just to get us through the days.

We have consulted with personnel from the Senator's office. We actually consulted with them before the denial even came. We have also contacted an immigration lawyer. We are praying, you all are praying- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! We are all crying out to God on behalf of our family & on behalf of ORPHANS that deserve a family!!!! Because that IS GOD'S WILL!!!!!! We will continue in whatever way seems best for us to do GOD'S WILL!

If there is anyone out there that has ever been denied, knows of someone else who has, or has any ideas for us - please e-mail us or find us on Facebook. We want to hear your ideas (we have already been looking into some of the possibilities already stated- Thank YOU). How long did the appeal take? What was it for? How did they prove their point? Anything! Thank you!!!

When you feel like there is nothing you can do to pick yourself have to allow God to do it. My friends there are no words to describe the outpouring of love that we have felt from you The Family Of God online & alive! Your words may not seem like much, but you will NEVER know how much they mean to us, and how much we truly appreciate EVERYTHING! When all you can do is pray- that is when God can step in the most! THANK YOU!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Our hearts have truly broken today. We finally heard from USCIS, and they have denied our application. We just don't understand this heartless decision. We are now not going to be able to bring Naomi home.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prayers and small updates

Just thought I would throw in some fun pics because I haven't posted many pics lately, and I know you love to see the this is a chalkboard drawing from one of the kids- I just love it because kids' drawings are ALWAYS cute :)
This was from our flight home from England. I don't know why I can't seem to keep my eyes open?? You can tell Jonathan is being a real ham! Love it, and of course Sarah is enjoying a sucker from her snack bag :)
The boys!!! Love them :)
Abigail and Elizabeth. You can tell Elizabeth has got that crazy lively grin, and our little baby- 10 year old!!! Still can't wrap my brain around it. I know I know get over it she is 10, but she is my baby!!!
Random pic from while we were in England. Abigail is the best big sister ever!!!!

So today's reading is from Job. I have to be honest - I read the rest of the story today. I couldn't help it. I need happy endings! Something hit me though as I was reading the droning on of everyone about Job's situation. Those friends who droned on at him......then God spoke to him and that was it. Job really listened!!!! Can I listen like that? Do I? I want to...but have to confess I don't. I find myself being more of the friends who drone on and on.

What would have happened if instead of giving lectures the friends would have gotten on their knees next to Job and pleaded with God on Job's behalf?

When skipping to the end you also get to the last few verses where God restores Job's wealth and gives him 10 new children! I love the more children :) Although, it also hit me that he still lost his other children. I am sure he was grateful to God for more children, but still mourned the children he had lost. Glad that it does end positively, but a reminder that it was not what Job expected.

So......we did get a sort of update about immigration. They are processing our case and we will hopefully have an answer by the end of next week! Although it feels like forever, patience is what is required at this point.

Here are some updates from our agency and others who have been to Hannah's Hope (the place where our baby is living right now):

She has a great personality, she is very playful. She is very interactive with her special mothers.

She has such a great personality and is so loving!! She just adores the other babies. :)

She is so, so sweet. She was shy of us strangers, and cried a little when I talked to her, but calmed right down when her SM picked her up. (I sat on the couch next to her, and she was fine as long as I just looked at her until I talked to her and touched her sweet little foot) She has her photo album you sent her in her crib, and she loves the other babies. She was kissing the one of them!!

PRAYING that we get news soon, and that it will be a GREAT REJOICING!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We will love her No matter what!

I think part of the hardest thing about adoption is- there WILL BE the unexpected. Plain and simple. Something will not go according to your neat plans. A piece of paperwork will take longer, or the classes will take longer or be harder, or people will not react the way they should- either family, church, or other friends, or their health won't be what you expected, or the birth mom will change their mind, or the country you are adopting from changes all the rules, or - and this list could go on for HOURS believe me!!!!!

A year and a half ago.....we fell in love with and left into the arms of Jesus our Hannah Grace. People- yeah well not to our faces all the time, but said we were crazy. She had severe scoliosis & spina bifida. But folks she was beautiful!!!! She was perfect in God's eyes & ours. We loved her with all our hearts. When we said yes to her- we had to say no matter what- we love her!!!!

The same was true with our Naomi. When we were given her medical information- we said yes! Not based on the fact that she may be ok or may not be, but that we would promise to love her NO MATTER WHAT! Then our sweet baby was HEALED!!!!! WOW!!!! That was a Huge Blessing. Now we are still waiting on immigration......and it really feels like torture!!!!! Still we have to CHOOSE to say No Matter What!!!!

Even if something goes completely wrong will we still say- YES LORD! You know that is the real thing- REAL LOVE! This is what was in our reading today from Job 1-4. This part of scripture blows my mind. I mean here is Job going about his day....and a servant comes in and says- hey your children who run your company- they were at work and a crazy gunman came in and shot them all. Then some of your other trusted friends and workers were on a plane for a big business meeting- and it went down in a ball of fire. Then all of your investments that have been doing so well- yep you guessed it the bottom fell out of the market and you have NOTHING! By the way EVERYTHING in your life has been ruined!!! In fact you now look down and see that you have huge open sores from some really rare disease- and you are in soo much agony you can barely breathe. Now will you choose to curse God or not?

You think..........are you serious. No one could do that. Can they? Would they? Can I? Would I? Job's response was one of positiveness & pain. Positive that God was still the giver of all, and pain that he was ever born. A HUGE MIX, but still He would NOT CURSE GOD! That my friends was a choice. A choice to say No Matter What!

Will we be able to endure the loss of yet another daughter? My heart does not want to- who would? My heart says I know My God brought her to our family! My heart says NO GOD PLEASE!!!! BUT- in the end we have to remember God's sovereignty and our obedience to a LOVE that is so huge we can not even fathom it!

You see we love our Naomi with every ounce of our being. For those of you have children you understand. You don't tell God well we are pregnant or we are adopting, but we will only love our child that you have given us if they are born with nothing "wrong" with them. Or we love them, but you know when they start to drive me nuts because they are 2 or 3 or 5 or 15 and they are really good at it....that's it! Or we will only love our child if.......

That would be crazy. No one would say that who knows and understands the love of Christ! Because Christ said that - No matter what- when you are defiant, turn from me, hate me, tell others lies about me, break every rule I have given you, cheat me, scorn me, forget to come to me, don't read about my love for you, don't set aside any time to be with me....That is the exact moment in time that Christ Died For You!

Dear God- let our hearts be open. Let us realize the true love you have for us. May we stand firm and say no matter what. No matter how hard, how unbearable this world seems, how much we are in pain. May we say- Lord it is yours and we love you! Naomi you are loved with a Love that only God could give us for you. No matter what we will Love YOU!!!!!

PS As you have guessed no word yet. 3 weeks since we have given immigration everything they have asked for and still......nothing yet. But tomorrow is a new day, and we have a Hope Eternal!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deeper Worship!

I am going to be honest and let it out a bit. I have been struggling- A LOT! Not because I have lost hope- quite the opposite. I have gained hope, but it also been shaken. It is a noticeable difference for someone like me who likes to have everything ready. I am a list person and I like to organize and have it all in order. Recently- NOT so much. I am a glass half full kind of person, but not as much lately. It's more than just tears....more than the bursts of frustration....more than that- depression. The first time I really experienced this was when we didn't get Andrew for 7 weeks when he was first born....we didn't know if he would ever come to us, and we were supposed to take him home from the hospital. The feeling was horrible, and frustrated my whole world.

I also remember a time when we learned after we had already started having visits with Abigail. We found out there was a possible biological dad. The other foster parents asked us if we still wanted to keep having visits with her or stop until we knew for sure. We said if we don't keep up the visits and he isn't the biological dad we will miss all those moments. She won't recognize us, and we will kick ourselves forever. If he is the dad and we have visits we will hurt, but let's be honest it won't be any worse. It will be just as hard. That is how I feel now. Do I keep loving deeply this baby girl with all my heart knowing there is this thing hanging out there? YES!

When we got the message and thought our immigration app had been rejected- I tore off all our walls the pics of Naomi that were up. I felt like I had been hit by a truck! Like my beating heart was ripped out and stomped on! Like my breath had been taken away and wouldn't return!

SO! Last night I took a lot more than my normal time to be with Jesus. I pulled out the pics of Naomi- stared at them, cried my eyes out. Then I put on some music in my IPOD- like "All Things Are Possible" I played it over and over and over. I thought of all of you who were- on my side- on God's side. I thought of the fact that MY GOD HEALED our Naomi! How much we did Praise Jesus dances over this wonderful miracle! I remember our fears of her being in the hospital with pneumonia- and her healing AGAIN! I remember the fact that when we first called and said we would be willing to accept her from the waiting list, and were told that there were others that may want her that were further in the process. I remember getting the call saying- YOU'RE IT! I remember that September 11th when we were officially MATCHED with our sweet girl! I remember the JOY that rushed through my veins....unsure of health at the time, but knowing God had directed us to her!

I started really knowing that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I remember thinking of so many verses others had given us. I started reading through them all. I remembered deep in my soul that I have NOTHING to fear. I remembered the fact that I was born to LOVE with everything I have. Jesus did not hold back, and neither should I. For the first time in a LONG time I remembered that I was LOVED, Naomi was LOVED, and that our child has all the hope in the world.

I guess I felt like I was no longer going to be shaken by this world, or threatened because I know we are doing what God called us to do! We will continue! Some DEAR families have been checking on our little Naomi for us....and I can't say enough- THANK YOU!!!!!!! So we have word on her and a few pics- which are plastered once again ALL OVER OUR HOME!!!!!! This is on, and we are going to do what is God's Will, and not be deterred by ANYTHING!

So....we will continue in HIS WILL and do what needs to be done. Which right now is to get on, and be on our knees in HIS WORSHIP! There is nothing like this kind of battle that makes you realize- THIS IS VALUABLE- so VALUABLE that we have to fight for it. The great news is that GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!!!!!!! I encourage those who are discouraged for any reason to - let others know so they can pray for you, and get on your knees, face down, or standing with arms stretched to God- and just PRAISE!!!!!! There is nothing more valuable than remembering WHOSE YOU ARE!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Just some fun random pics from our time in England with family...........
Any time spent with family- is sooo valuable. We completely know this especially because we live soo far away from ANY family (our closest family lives 14 hours away). That is a heart ache of our ministry which just happens to be not close to family.
So today's scripture was more on the story of Joseph............WOW- this story blows my mind every time I read it. We did a more in depth study in November at a weekend camp with Jr/Sr high over a year ago. When I really started looking at all the details......made me think (AGAIN) that anything that our family has been through seemed so small in comparison.
And yet.....through it all Joseph remained faithful, kept doing his best....through EVERYTHING! Like being hated by his family (well you know siblings), being sold, being told by his boss' wife if you don't sleep with me- I will make your life miserable, being thrown in prison, being forgotten after he (because of God) interpreted some dreams of fellow prisoners correctly...........
After all of that- God made him the 2nd in command! I mean imagine that! I would be absolutely STUNNED!!!
In fact I would be shaking in my boots! If the highest in command said interpret my dreams- you know the ones no one else can interpret. Oh- by the way no pressure, but if you mess up, off with your head.
I would love to think that in that moment I would be brave. That I would have that kind of COURAGE! That I would listen very carefully to what God was telling me to say and say it.
But, I don't know if I could. Especially right now. Right now my faith seems to be shaken a bit. Not literally. I know my faith is true. I know I serve the MOST HIGH. I know all that, but I also know that right now......thousands of miles away there is a beautiful little girl....who is waiting. You know as adoptive parents we always talk about our wait, but I can imagine hers as being very tough too!
So when it comes to being that brave. I don't know. I would like to think of myself that way. I usually am. I don't really have problems saying it like it is. But now....I flounder a little.
I thank God for all that I have. I PRAISE HIM! I shout out in joy because I know that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS He is with me.

I also, wish I knew if our Naomi will end up being ours? Will my dreams come true? Will I get to be the mommy of 8? Will immigration let us know Monday, or will we (Naomi & us) have to endure this painful wait longer?

We have been told that our application has gone to the supervisor? No idea what that means. Still praying & waiting like Joseph. I pray that whatever needs to be done that we will have the courage like he did to listen carefully to God to interpret HIS plans for our family. Thank you all for your prayers for us!

Just going to throw this out there. Knowing that most of you have it on your own blogs already, but PLEASE help those in Haiti! Pray for them & donate anything you can. I know all of our hearts are broken over this horrific situation. So we know God's heart is broken for them. Let's gather as Christians and bring them hope in Christ!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My almost triplets

Triplets .....well almost. This was taken during our "Triplets Week". Between November 27 (Matthew's Birthday)-December 5 (Andrew's Birthday) all 3 boys are the same age. It is fun and we take pics every year. Are they the cutest or what?
True brotherly love. Joshua's birthday is in the summer almost exactly 1/2 way between the other 2. So they are 6 months apart. It is almost like having triplets for real. I will tell you that they love, play, & fight like triplets.......but they are so wonderful :) My babes.

Abigail had 4 teeth pulled today. Poor babe. She is doing pretty well all things considered. Daddy went with her this morning. It was done pretty quickly, and they were home. She has been pretty laid back and just resting. Lots of mashed potatoes, oreo cookie blast from Sonic, peaches, etc. Lots of extra love too :)

Nothing in the mail box, or in our inbox from we continue to be on our knees in prayer...........I have to be real honest - I am becoming jealous. Now, normally I am not a real jealous person. Lately, seeing others travel, and getting their FDL's so they can travel, etc. It breaks my heart. Naomi should be coming home! My heart breaks for her- that she doesn't have her family yet. That she is still left waiting while all of her friends go home. It's not that I am angry or sad- I am HAPPY for those families. I am happy that God is setting those children in families. But Everything within me just wants our approval! I just have this burning desire to buy tickets to Ethiopia and bring my babe home- NOW!!!! So instead....we wait. Praising God for all we have......trying to not loose our marbles.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Radical Living & more England pics

OK so never finished our England here are some more. This was at the Tower Bridge in London. Which many mistakenly call the London Bridge. You can actually go on a tour (we haven't ever done it) and go up in the walk above. I think there are even rooms for banquets etc. up there?
Ahh......whose crazy family is this???
The part of the bridge that is covered they are looks a bit strange...

This is a new building built more recently. For the offices and I am sure space to rent out too- for the new mayor of London. I guess they decided they needed a mayor. Never had one until recent years. Cool building.
This is the gurkin (not sure on spelling) building. Another fun shape!

My children waiting sooo patiently at Subway for something to eat....I know you never hear things like mommy I'm hungry, I'm bored, when is the food coming? he he he - actually they were pretty good!!!
This is outside the Tower of London. Which is where the kings and queens used to live. Where many of Henry's wives were beheaded.......
Traitor's Gate- Where they used to bring in traitors from the river into the towers to be beheaded.
One of the gates that come down in case of emergency- It weighed something absolutely silly that no one could lift...I think the iron gate that comes down would take like 40 people to lift?
This is one of the Beefeaters. That is the name of the guards at the Tower of London. A strange name that was given a long time ago. Those who are beefeaters live at the Tower of London- inside. Sounds fun to me! This one is giving a tour......

Inside the Tower of London. Some of the homes of the Beefeaters. This particular corner inside actually used to be a prison area. They used to do some of the beheadings in this very square. Yep, when they were saying that as part of the tour I'm thinking to myself........going to have to explain some of that history now to the kids because I know they are going to ask......

There is a lot more to the Tower of London, but a lot of the places you can't take pics. Like of all the Crown Jewels- the sceptres, crowns, royal dishes, etc. they use during ceremonies. Which by the way contain the largest diamond ever- that was divided and placed into a crown & sceptre. There was also a huge new display of King Henry the 8th's armor & other knight type stuff. The kids loved it! Hey, kept them excited.

So I have been reading Crazy Love. Got it as an early Christmas gift to myself, and well, just haven't gotten finished has been....too much lately. So in the last several days I have been sneaking in my normal time to be with God!!!! I am reading the Bible in a Year with some blog friends and truly that has been a huge blessing.

Back to the book- Chapter 8 has this title- profile of the obsessed....Obsessed: To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic. I am thinking to myself at this point- right now I am obsessed......with myself....with my stress about not receiving our approval from immigration yet........and it has taken over a lot of my thoughts.

That is not what this chapter is about- it is about filling our lives with an obsession for CHRIST! About being so obvious of our love for HIM that we stick out! This particular paragraph on page 133 says- People who are obsessed with Jesus aren't consumed with their personal safety and comfort above all else. Obsessed people care more about God's kingdom coming to this earth than their own lives being shielded from pain or distress.

Sometimes my husband says...I don't know if we are such a good "bulletin board" for adoption. I know instantly what he is saying. It always seems as though our lives are filled with craziness. With heart ache, pain, etc. But our family is also filled to overflowing with JOY as well. I pray that others see our obsession over being parents to those who are in need- will see our passion for God through that.

I have to say I am obsessed with heaven. I would rather go home to Jesus than anything! I know we have a lot of work left to do, and will serve no matter how deep the hurt or stress, but I pray that God's Will be done in our lives as we live here on Earth.

As I am sure you have word yet....Praying! Nothing like spending more time on your knees!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog award.....

Mama in Uganda, nominated me for a blog award. How fun is that! So, here it goes.


The award states you use only one word to answer the following questions. Then, pass this along to six other bloggers you enjoy and let them know.

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your hair? shoulder
3. Your mother?fun
4. Your father?quiet
5. Your favorite food? pizza
6. Your dream last night? Naomi
7. Your favorite drink? Mt Dew
8. Your dream/goal? GOD
9. What room are you in? family
10. Your hobby?children
11. Your fear? losing
12. Where do you want to be in six years? hmmmm
13. Where were you last night? bed
14. Something that you aren’t? quiet
15. Muffins? Blueberry
16. Wish list item? Naomi
17. Where did you grow up? Iowa
18. Last thing you did? eat
19. What are you wearing? jeans
20. Your TV? there
21. Your pets? 5
22. Friends? few
23. Your life? Wonderful
24. Your mood? enjoying
25. Missing someone? Naomi
26. Vehicle? 15 passenger
27. Something you’re not wearing? jacket
28. Your favorite store? Walmart
29. Your favorite color? green
30. When was the last time you laughed? earlier
31. Last time you cried? today
32. Your best friend? husband
33. One place that I could go over and over? mountains
34. One person who emails you regularly? agci
35. Favorite place to eat? Roadhouse

I will let you lucky people who get to do this next know in a comment..... :)

No news today......maybe tomorrow. The eternal optimist! Hey, when you have an eternal HOPE you should always expect miracles :) Did I mention we have been without water for several hours now? Yeah, well thank you plumbers who just showed up...praying they can fix it tonight? Hey, reminds you to be thankful that we have safe drinking water!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things I love about my children......

I love the fact that Jonathan calls me a princess........
I love the fact that our children love to dance......
I love the fact that they love for us to sing to them, tickle them, read to them as we tuck them in....
I love the fact that we get to do silly simple things...and our kids LOVE hot chocolate & a movie :).......
I love the fact that we get to pray over them, and they love to pray for us.......
I love the fact that Joshua still calls for mommy when daddy is tickling him......
I love the fact that they LOVE CHURCH family.........
I love the fact that they can quote movies after seeing them once (which is why we are VERY careful about what they watch)......
I love the fact that they are great at cleaning up.......
I love the fact that MOST of the time they are sooo helpful, and even understand when we are having a hard day..........
I love the fact that Andrew loves to mimic me..........
I love the fact that Abigail will stand up for daddy every time...........
I love the fact that Elizabeth smiles- no matter what...........
I love Matthew's crazy sense of cracks me up...........
I love the fact that we have the privilege of caring for 7 AMAZING MIRACLES- soon to be 8!!!!

Do you ever wonder why God choose you for your children- biological or adopted? Do you ever wonder- why do I deserve this? How can I be worthy? Because I don't know about you, but I KNOW I AM NOT!!!!

Right now in this difficult time......I remember that although all of our adoption journeys have been ridiculously hard.....that God knows my pain. He is right here with us. He is still loving us. He is still on our side. I also know that if it is placed before us then we can take it. As in...It may not be fun, but we can handle it. Why? Because God is HOLDING US! When all of you WONDERFUL PRAYER WARRIORS have been praying for us- this has been my picture. My family being held by God in HIS ALMIGHTY HANDS- INCLUDING OUR NAOMI!!!

Maybe, just maybe tomorrow we will get great news. Maybe not, but whatever the outcome- WE WILL STILL wake up, love our children, and praise the Lord because that is what we were made to do. So join with me :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Andrew James Wright- Adoption Day Celebration

So this was our handsome man that came to live with us in January of 2002- now our 8 year old Andrew James Wright!!! We adopted him 7 years ago......(yesterday).
It was a good thing this little man was cute- because after we brought him home from the other foster family he was living with......he had SEVERE colic!!! I mean like crying up to 12 hours of the day/night- of course they all run together when you have a crier like that!!! There were times when Jason would walk in our I would walk in and we did the - I need to SWITCH NOW look on our faces because it was that hard to deal with. There was a lot of rocking going on!!!! A lot of try this- it may work, or read this, or switch his formula to this......- YEAH- NOTHING WORKED!!! Until he magically stopped at 4 months- why?? No idea, but whew.....we were VERY HAPPY!!!
Of course this happy picture came when he was already 7 weeks see his birth mom has a depression disorder and she was "placed" with her grandmother after coming out of the hospital....which meant he was across the state, and although we were supposed to pick him up from the hospital. Well, let's just say a new social worker decided that - she could solve the world's problems and would have him home with his biological mom.....within weeks. No sarcasm there...he he he......

Don't get me wrong we love his birth mom. She really is a great person....who had a hard history herself......and we deeply appreciate all that she has done and forever will!!! It is literally a case that she can not take care of her children...simply put. We still keep contact with her, and she loves getting updates about the children and seeing all of their pics (Andrew, Abigail, & Matthew have the same birth mom).

So anyway, we had to wait 7 MISERABLE WEEKS!!!! OVER CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR'S to get our little gem....until mom moved back to our area. Can you believe this social worker that he had....called and said. "The biological mom is moving back, and so the case is transferring back to your county (in Iowa). So he will be placed with you want me to bring him to you tomorrow or did you want to drive here (a 5-6 hour drive) to pick him up???"

(Sometimes I still think- REALLY ??? Are you joking me??? - of course I didn't say those things). I said something like- we will be leaving in about 15 minutes and call you when we are closer. Hung up the phone, got Abigail up from her nap, grabbed all the little boy things we had shoved in a closet in the basement- because we were soooo depressed looking at them!!!!! Probably grabbed a Mountain Dew and our cell phone, and out the door we went!!!

Abigail was of course Totally Excited when she saw his stuff being pulled out- she said we go get my brother?- YES sweetie- we are going to get your brother!!!! She squealed with delight!!!! Who could blame her?? She couldn't sleep the entire way. When we walked in the room- she walked right over and smiled....and - the big sister in her- instantly knew this was her baby brother.

As we traveled to our hotel for the night.....Abigail sang to him- Jesus Loves Me over and over....and I couldn't stop crying for joy. She showed him some books, and talked with him. I remember his first bath & bottle, and daddy did the first diaper change (this is when we all realized- boy's squirt!!!).

And now......this handsome man looks like........
This!!!! You see those stubborn eyes.....yep, gets that from me! Little man!
He loves reading, cars, army men, etc. He says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up to help others! (I think my mommy heart is proud and scared!!)
But who could resist this????? NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!
(Yes, those are Christmas decorations.....we still need some cheer in our home while we wait)
Happy Adoption Day - 7 years ago Andrew James Wright! We love you sooo much. We were soooo depressed without you.....yearning for you......and so glad you came to live with us- FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Still no word yet, and as you can is hard to wait......there is always tomorrow....and we continue to try to cling to hope. Thank you for your loving prayers. Please keep them coming because we are running out of energy, but know we have to. That is a perk of having 7 other children- there is no time to sit and do nothing.......

Monday, January 4, 2010


Ok so there is hope at the end of the tunnel...........

We have recieved an e-mail from us cis and they have said that they were just wanting to make sure we didn't pass court without approval from them.......indicating now that we haven't been denied...and we haven't been approved....

This is CRAZY!!! So there is HOPE!!!! WE are going to CLING TO THAT and know that we are THRILLED just to be in the inbetween right now. WE are HAPPY to just think that we can still be approved, and knowing that we have such an awesome prayer team along with us for this crazy roller coaster called adoption!

You know there are times in everyone's lives when you feel like something can happen....and we are praying that is the case. We know in our hearts that we were meant to have Naomi as our child. We know without a shadow of a doubt that we completely can support her - financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually! We know that we have 8 children because God has called them into our lives and us into theirs. God does not make mistakes......and we are sooo glad for every ounce of energy used to seek HIM in all we do. WE are EXCITED that there is ALWAYS HOPE!!!!!!!!

Will be back in the blog world soon.......have to catch up on everything going on in your lives that we have missed......can't wait, but for now........we are PRAYING & CLINGING TO HOPE!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thankful........and still praying

Thank you for all of your prayers.......there is NOTHING GREATER than knowing that we are being covered in God's Love by others who serve God with us. It really has helped- and I am not just saying that. It is the strength that we feel because we know that all of you have come on our journey with us. This may only be a blog....not even a great one, but it is a connection that Christians can come together and lift each other up. To laugh, cry, and pray together. That is THE BODY OF CHRIST- and for that we THANK YOU!

We have gone to visit my cousin and her family for a while- we just needed a break. We are still praying for a miracle or that we misunderstood or that the denial letter will not be written.....most importantly we are praying for our Naomi......who no matter what will have to be without a mommy & daddy longer. We will do whatever we can for you sweetheart. Rest assured there will be nothing we would not do for you!!!!!

I just wanted you all to know we are alive, and safe, and numb, crying, hurt, trying not to get hopes up, and yet, they already are that something will happen and we would be able to pick our Naomi up soon and bring her home where she belongs. Our journey will continue no matter what because we have ETERNAL HOPE! We serve a RISEN LORD!!!! Our journey doesn't end when we face tough times, but rather when we are with our Lord FOREVER!!! So until my God decides I get to be with HIM FOREVER....we will still be here on Earth serving HIM in whatever way HE wants us to.