Sunday, April 29, 2012

Will you say YES?

 Awww....look at Michael snuggling with daddy.  Nothing can warm my heart faster than Jason scooping up one of our babes and loving on them.  I love seeing him squeeze, tickle them, kiss them, play tag your it, swing them around in circles, play with them, do absolutely silly things with them.  He loves this little man sooo very much! 
 This is game called spot the Wright children chasing bubbles.  How many can you find?
 He he all comes back to fake teeth.  Who knew that 5 sets of fake teeth for a $1 could provide so much fun and entertainment?  Just so you know she is saying Roar!
 Here is our rock star- rocking it out in the tub.  I really love squeezing his cuteness. 
 What do you do with a preteen who stayed up too late two nights ago with mommy going to a Mandisa concert having fun, laughing, and worshiping together.  Then our family went to Universal (with our year round passes we bought last year for vacation) for the day yesterday.  Today she says she is tired.....and she couldn't rest in her room because.......
These kiddos were in there playing.  This was a open the door quick and snap a picture and they still smile this big!  :) 

A big part of the adoption world, feeding the hungry programs, sponsors for school programs, being foster parents, having another child, sharing the gospel with others, starting a work Bible study, stepping up to lead a group at church, volunteering for a women's shelter, buying food for a local food pantry, donating to any one of the above.......ALL START WITH OUR YES!

Yes is a simple 3 letter word.  It isn't really hard to say.  Or maybe for some it is.  You see your yes is your commitment.  Your choice to do something.  Not just talk about it, think about it, pray about it, but really step out or step up and say it- YES! 

It means so very much to those you are helping.  You see it means that you care enough to DO SOMETHING.  Oh, but it can be scary.  Sometimes so scary we question ourselves, and after we started doing something it can become even scarier.  Did I really want to spend this much time helping with  .......?  Did I really want to bring home (temporarily or forever) this child(ren)?  Did I really want to deal with all the baggage that comes with being a leader?  Did I really want to start giving to this program when my finances seem a bit tight? 

GOD SEEKS OUR YES!!  Because it is how HE knows HE truly has our heart.  It isn't a guess.  When you say yes, and continue to say yes to God.....HE draws closer to you.  Oh it can be scary!  It can be REALLY SCARY because we say things like - what if?  What if I lose my job, what if my child has attachment issues, what if I am rejected by my colleagues, what if I find out I can't do it, and our list goes on and on.  It is a reality that our Yes can bring heart ache and there is a chance that it can turn our lives upside down. 

Count the cost carefully AND what our Yes would mean to those we serve.  Then let your heart be ruled by GOD ALONE!

The Cost of Following Jesus

18 When Jesus saw the crowd around him, he gave orders to cross to the other side of the lake. 19 Then a teacher of the law came to him and said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.”
20 Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”
21 Another disciple said to him, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.”
22 But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”

What does saying YES- mean to you?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Holding up a mirror

 My heart is overflowing.........with all that goes on here.  Miracles - DAILY along with tough stuff too.  And all the goodness in between.  Sometimes I wonder why I was chosen for my children?  Not that I want to give any of them back mind you!!!!!!  But, how did God decide to bring them to me and my hubby?
 I look at our newest miracle and think to myself......the pain and hurt in his story.....the overwhelming grief.  The things he survived in his birth family.  I am AMAZED!  Why was he chosen for our family?  I have no idea?  BUT I LOVE IT!!!!

You know that there are a lot of hard things about adoption.  From the paperwork, to the time it takes, to the money you have to save up, to the setbacks (and if you have done an adoption without any setback- then WOW!), the emotional roller coaster of sending in a profile, dealing with court dates judges and social workers, or meeting the biological family, flying to a new country, or just starting and saying YES to GOD!  Every bit of it is a part of your journey. 
 And that journey doesn't end just because your babe is home.  Sometimes your child has to learn steps to trusting you.  Sometimes it seems as if this will never happen.  Sometimes there are no boundaries set, and you get the privilege of setting them.  Sometimes there are many many many doctors appointments and therapy sessions (physical therapy, attachment therapy, occupational therapy, eating programs, speech therapy).  Sometimes it is just getting used to each other.....and allowing God to let you fall in love with each other. 

Whatever it is.....God has shown me that my faith in HIM becomes stronger every time.  Every time I get grumpy because I think of yet another appointment, or set back in behavior, or lack of is like holding a mirror to my face.  A mirror that shows me who I am.  That I am a child of the KING!  The connection is in the relationship itself. 

Adoption completely mirrors our adoption in Christ.  There are many of us that find it extremely hard to trust God.  Maybe we too have had past hurts. 
 There are times we need many hours with Christ just to listen to HIM.  Just like all those appointments there are different wounds caused by neglect on our part or by neglect from someone else to us.  We need all those appointments with Christ to allow for healing.  Building of different muscles (like in all the physical therapy we are doing with Michael) so we can do our Father's work. 

There are times when we take huge steps back in our walk with the Lord.  We turn away from what HE has planned for us because it isn't convenient or it will just be too much change.  So to others and to ourselves it feels like we aren't really getting anywhere. 
 The BEST PART is that God doesn't just say - forget it!  I am done!!  HA you have messed up too much for me!  I won't take you back!! 
 He gently reminds us of HIS UNFAILING LOVE for us.  That HE is constant.  That HE loves us and will heal our wounds. 
 That is hard to look at sometimes.  I don't want to see in me the things that are hard to take.  I want to get rid of them.  The only way is through Christ!  When I allow myself to see that....I remember that with our children it is the same.  The only way they will grow and change is through Christ!  I want to hold that mirror up for them.  I want to point out all their flaws (funny how we like to do this to others, but not ourselves?). 

In the end though I really can't.  I CAN'T!  There now it is out there.  Now you see the true part of adoption- WE CAN'T!  ADOPTION BELONGS TO CHRIST ALONE! 
I pray that today you allow God to look into that mirror with you.  That you would look "in" to see who you are.  It may not be pretty.  It may be horrifying.  It may not look like much.  I don't know.  I can only speak for myself when I say.......allow God to change that.  Allow God in His adoption of you to change YOU. 
The Mirror of Christ can help us move forward.  To heal and be set FREE from things that keep us in bondage.  I pray that I will be changed today through HIM.

***If you are reading this blog and you have no idea what I am talking about or you want to know more about having a relationship with Christ please email me!!  THAT ADOPTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday GG (whoops a little late) and step one of JOY!

 April 6th was my GG (great grandma's) 91st Birthday!!!  WAHOOO!!!!  I tell you - if the Lord doesn't return before then- I pray I can do this well at 91!!! 
 We all sang Happy Birthday to her, and added the part where you sing....and many more until you are 104.  Yeah, she pretty much scolded us and said she would rather be in heaven by that point thank you very much ;).  Don't blame you grandma I know HEAVEN will be wonderful!!!! 
 So we got to go see her, gave her some home made cards, some hugs, love, and pictures of our family.  Because let me tell you this woman prays for our family!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  She is our own personal prayer warrior :).
 Oh and this lovely young lady- my cousin whom I love like a sister- is HOME!!!!  YEA!!!  She texted me a bit ago and said she finally made it.  Can I just tell you how happy this makes me?  I love Heidi sooooo very much.  The funny thing is Joanna treats her like she is a second mommy.  Now if you know anything about our Joanna, how to put this, she usually doesn't just like anyone.  As in she usually screams!  NOT WITH AUNTY HEIDI!!!  She loves her to bits.  I guess it must be because she can senses that she is my sister in my heart.
 This is what it looks like when you squish 13 people in 1/2 a nursing home room :)  he he he.....
 Grandma opening her chocolates from Heidi- yes she has a sweet tooth.  Maybe that is where I get it from? ;)
 So a while ago (yep my blog has not been very busy lately because I have been visiting my "sister" in the hospital pretty much every day) I posted about how to find JOY!  You see JOY will come naturally sometimes, and other times it has to be drug out and placed like a light in the middle of the room so you can remember it is there. 
 The first thing you and I can do because let's face it really I am preaching to myself here.  Is to LOOK FOR IT!!!  Search everywhere you can!!!  WHEN YOU FIND IT!  REMEMBER IT!  Write it down quick.  Take a picture of it!  Make sure you remember why you were happy yesterday, a few months ago, a few years ago. 
 You see this day was very happy.  We got to celebrate GG's life!  Afterwards Heidi and her girls and our crew went to the park to picnic, take a hike, climb some hills, talk, laugh, play together, enjoy the beautiful nature God created.  IT WAS GREAT!!!

But, not long after.........we all knew the very real possibility that Heidi may not be with us much longer?  OYE!!  And this is something that can hit you like a TRUCK!  SMACK!!!! 
Remembering JOY!  It is soo very important.  We are surrounded by bad news all the time.  Whenever we turn on the news, read the paper (which I tend not to do- yep fine with me- call me sheltered...don't care), we hear shouting from our children, our child comes home from school, or a playdate where someone said something mean to them and they are heartbroken, we get bad news from the doctor, we stop receiving love notes from our spouse and communication breaks down, and on and on the list goes!

It seems sooo HUGE- the bad stuff that is.  It seems like a mountain now instead of a mole hill.  That is when we start to feel GRUMPY.  Yes, I am talking about ME here.  I become a GRUMP!  I forget the little things that happened just a few minutes ago because now all of a sudden something comes up.....another RAGE from our child who struggles with RAD (reactive attachment disorder), another 30 toys that I see the kids conveniently forgot to pick up, another chore that I just asked to be done 10 minutes ago already "forgotten", my cousin is in the hospital, I feel unloved by something Jason said and I bite back at him with something unkind, I yell because I get frustrated about something that is out of my hands.  Should I continue the list?  Does it sound familiar?

That is when I NEED MY QUIET TIME with HIM!  With my SAVIOR who sits with me in my puddle of stubbornness and pity.  Then if I listen (as in shut my mouth) and let HIM remind me of all HE HAS DONE for me.   I start to feel it.  A glimmer of HOPE!  A little flame in my heart, a passion that says- my child I love you sooo very much.  I know you are upset right now, but REMEMBER JOY!

Tips- keep a list of JOYS!!!!!  After all if you are like me you keep a list of prayers (otherwise I would totally forget).  So keep a LIST OF JOYS- both BIG and small.  READ IT!!!  Remember them!!!

Keep pictures on the wall of your family or even in your JOY JOURNAL.  Sometimes in the quiet of me listening to God I stroll around the house and look at those pictures....really look.  I can hear them laugh, or a remember a silly thing that happened.  I see the twinkle in their eyes.  I remember who they are to me, and more importantly who they are to GOD. just happens.  My grumps start to fade away.  I become positive and happy about my life.  When those tough things happen...not gonna lie....I forget quite easily.  That is why it is sooo important to go back to my FATHER and ask HIM to remind me again, and again, and again of all the JOY!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Michael's progress and an update on Heidi

 OK so I wanted to give an update on my "sis" Heidi.  She is doing pretty good healing very well.  Yesterday she was up walking around (you know a few minutes at a time).  She is mostly unhooked from things except an IV and she is still on nasal oxygen.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!  It is ALL GOD!!!!  We are continuing to pray as this is obviously a long road, but our GOD is FAITHFUL :).   She is still pretty tired and needs a lot of rest, but we'll take it!  Just seeing her and talking a bit to her yesterday - WAS AMAZING!!!!  :) 
 So ummm...where do I start?  Michael is COMPLETELY AMAZING!!!!!  I can not believe all the progress he is making soo quickly!!!  Well I mean I can - IT IS ALL GOD!!!  I just am blown away- DAILY! 
 So this little picture series is brought to you by mister amazing himself!  Have I told you how much he LOVES balls?  Yep, he is a boy after all ;).  So he was playing with this ball, but then.....then he did the whole pushing up thing on the lap top tables!!!  GO MICHAEL!!  Then he dropped the ball in the side area, and got it back out, and of course played with it.  Dropped it....
 Followed it. 
 Chased it. 
 Look at the JOY in his eyes!!!!!!!  WAHOOO!!!! 

So some other really amazing things he has done in the last couple of weeks-
He cried at therapy when I left the room!!
He stacked blocks!!!
He is starting to eat his baby food (3rd foods- usually with baby cereal in it or broken up baby puffs that dissolve)- without the fuss, actually closes his mouth, eagerly takes the food, a lot less tongue out, starting to close his lips more, and even licks his lips!!!!  OH WOW!!!!!!!  Oh and he hasn't even spit up food for at least a week.  Well.....except when I tried to give him a bit of cheese on it's own :)  he he he- that is to be expected still. 
He brought a ball to his mouth and licked it.  As in trying to explore what it is!!!!!! 
AND he has been dropping the ball in the  "ball toy" at therapy!!!! 
 OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!  HE totally melts me in a huge puddle!!!  I love scooping this little man up and squeezing him!!!! 
(I know if you are a therapist- this nice looking "W" sit isn't great....and yest we are working on it)  BUT MAN OH MAN!!!  Can I get a HUGE PRAISE JESUS? 


Oh did I happen to mention he is now using a sippy cup- yes it is the soft topped ones that are more like a bottle, but he is using the handles and doing really well!!!!!!  Don't you just want to squeeze him?  I DO!!!  ALL THE TIME!!!!  Trust me.....he gets lots of squeezes, kisses, and love :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


WHEW!!! Got to see Heidi Dixson before her surgery this morning and 12 hours later saw her all hooked up to machines. PRAISE GOD!!! HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME HE IS GOOD!!!! She is doing well......resting.....and PRAYING HEALING OVER HER! Thank you to everyone who has thought about and prayed for our family today!!!! Now onto the recovery!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This blog has been quiet because I have been making trips in the evenings to go see my cousin and best friend (besides my hubby) Heidi Dixson!  This amazing woman of God is having open heart surgery tomorrow morning @ 6:30AM!!!  It is a God thing that they found the blockages...will tell you more later. 

Please pray for family as well!  Her hubby Mark and 2 daughters Makenna and Jessa, her mom Jane, and brother Ryan and Caroline and their 6 kiddos too, and Jackson (who was married to Heather before her passing).  It is really really hard because we lost Paul (Heidi's dad- my uncle) about 3 years ago....and Heather (Heidi's older sister) a year and a bit ago too - both from Heart Attacks. 

I also have another very dear friend that really needs to feel God's presence with her!!!  VERY HARD DAY!!!  In way more ways than I can even imagine. 


Believing with all my heart that God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!  ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!  That HE alone heals and brings about in us what HE desires. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

What if we were real?

 So whew.....I am not even sure where to begin.  This post has taken a while to get done.  Title of this post- LOVE MANDISA!!!  And this is on her latest album (not sure why we still refer to it as an album?) and I LOVE IT!
 So I am going to try to be as real as I can....while showing you my REAL house and real pictures of our - everyday life.  FOR REAL!  I typically post all the time and don't really journal in my book anymore, but this is what I wrote....April 7th......

WOW!  What a year this has been.  Typically I write what is on my heart on the blog, but there are things I felt like writing here too.  So here the last year we have moved from a beautiful home, life, and ministry that we loved because we felt called to me being strictly a stay at home mom, to be near family, and to have friends, and go to a church that is teaching The Word- that looks more like our family does.  We have found all of the above, but not without some fights.  We have changed our whole lives!  Jason has learned a whole new job.  He has had to learn to work for someone new.  He has to drive in traffic now for about a 1/2 hr each way.  He has a sit down job.  He is in a Christian environment!
 BUT!  All of the changes are hard.  We moved- to a nasty rental and lost $1,000's...moved to another rental and lost $1,000's because Jason found a job- Praise God!  The last rental- tooooooo expensive, but not a lot of choice since our tax refund still hadn't come to put a down payment on our home.  Oh and the last rental 1,100 sq feet for 10 people for 4 months!  NO YARD, but had a community use pool.  FINALLY PRAISE JESUS!!!  WE got our tax refund, found our current home that is 2,100 sq ft, has a yard, and a pool, in a great neighborhood!!!!  WAHOOO!!!!!  (not the greatest realtor- sadly enough, but hey we are here!)
 Found friends!!!!  Through foster care/adoption momma's group :)!!  Jason found friends through a ministry at our church- Iron Men!!!!  And we started going to Life Group!!!!  Praise God for all of these things that we really needed for such a long time!!!  Now we have our own life group that is for foster care/adoptive families and we really enjoy that too!!!  I can not even begin to describe the amazing feeling of having REAL FRIENDS in person!!!!!  Ones that get it!!! Ones that love us, love our kiddos, and are wonderful Christ Followers :). 

 We have switched rolls with me staying at home with the kids every day!  Homeschooling has become more consistent (a lot better for me and the kiddos).  Being alone all day.....has its challenges though- before we worked together a lot!!  I and Jason really miss that part!!!  I now have learned how to cook more.  Just don't expect anything fancy or exciting!!!  Trying to learn to menu plan.  Trying to learn new things.  Trying to keep that balance between school, play, fun, etc.  in the home. 
 Oh and don't forget the couponing fun I am into now!!!  Which takes some time, but really great too!
 Then God brought us this little guy!  OH MY HEART!!!  His story......still hurts my heart.  Thinking of his first healing mommy and family!  The heart ache.....still brings tears to my eyes, because I would give anything to make her pain go away!!!  BUT GOD!!!  I have to trust God knows best and not me....seems pretty obvious!  Bringing him home.....having to get medical stuff done- which dealing with insurances, and all that stuff is enough to give anyone a headache.  PRAISE GOD for his first healing mommy who is AMAZING and really helped with a lot of that.

***(NOW we can celebrate because he is on the insurance....has seen the specialist- Pedicatric Infectious Disease Doctor, went to therapies today for feeding/speech, physical....have another apt Mon  for occupational therapy.  And he has an ear apt in a weekish too!!!  OH and did I mention we got his meds- delivered to our door even!!!!!  Man there are some benefits to living in town!!!!)  PRAISE GOD FOR ALL OF THIS- this of course was NOT in my journal because it just happened.*** 

Our little cutie who is HIV positive, has a whole host of needs including Cebral Palsey, and possible this and that too.  We couldn't love him anymore!!!  He has opened a whole new scene in our home of a deeper compassion, love, and laughter!
 Then....oh boy here our marriage.  Oh dear an area that has suffered.  You can't just keep going through all of this and have no consequences or set backs.  Don't get me wrong- WE ARE COMPLETELY DEDICATED!!!  WE WILL BE FINE!!!  BUT, just like anything that gets put on the back burner while you move several times, find a new job, learn a new job, buy a home, change your rolls, deal with traffic, start a new ministry, meet new people, add to the family, adjust to special needs, get sick so many times we have lost track!!!!  UGH!!!  (we are usually sick maybe once or twice a year max). 
 Praise God through Jason's Spiritual Leadership and lots of prayer and plenty of the Holy Spirit's leading we are getting back on track!
 I am now taking more care with vitamins and allergy medicines.  :)  So do the Blessings outweigh the Icks?  YES!!!!  YES AMEN- BECAUSE OF GOD!!!!

We miss the camp, staff, our home, the huge amount of land we had, flexibility with our job, campers, Jason's cooking, mowing that massive lawn :).  There will always be a part of our hearts in Uskichitto Retreat Center!!!  WE LOVED THE MINISTRY THERE!!!  LOVED!!!!  So it is natural that it is a loss to us.  A hard loss.......
 This last 21 days we have been fasting as a church.  Fasting from media (at times), and tv, limiting sugars, and other things too.  Not gonna lie- we "cheated" so we could go see October Baby- BUT IT WAS GREAT!!!  We have been able to come to a crossroads if you will.  Some things need to take over again.  We need some more changes in our hearts.  In our lives.  In our marriage.  In our relationships with our children.  Our eyes are opening up- PRAISE GOD! 

Did I mention in the beginning our child who struggles with RAD was doing great with everything, but oye....lately not so much (reactive attachment disorder).  UGH!!!  We need to continue to give our family tools and time we all need to succeed.  To be intentional.

Our pastor said- the fast will not make you "good enough".  We are already accepted by Christ!  BUT it will push other things aside to make room for MORE JESUS!!!  An entry for the Holy Spirit to do more in our lives!!!  We have fasted before, but not with our church, and not with our kids (they did different fasts on different days rotating from tv time, to desserts, etc.).

As a church wide fast it is definitely more powerful to know we are not in this alone either!
 This last year has been tough!!!!

We are entering a time of more healing- therapies for Michael, times for mommy and daddy, times for our kiddos, new things on the horizon. 

I am Thanking God for HIS FAITHFULNESS!!  for HIS LOVE for me!  For US!  That in loss he always gives too......although it is sometimes hard to see at times.

Thank you God for growth!  And we can't wait to see what that looks like.....this next year!!!  :)
 Did I mention.....we have gained weight too??  :(  SAD FACE!!!!!!  At least I can blame part of that on the move, and part of that on our paper pregnancy right???  ;)
This post is NOT about feeling sorry for myself or our family- we are JOYFUL in what the Lord has done!!  It is a post about our reality.  That through the "tough stuff" there is JOY!!!  That we were in a place of mourning, but that has changed to dancing!!!  That any family changes can be tough, and that several changes happening all together are even more tough.  That this is REAL for us!  WE are NOT just people on your computer screen, but real people!  BUT we LOVE THE LORD and rely on HIM! 

I pray that you are all going to have a fantastic weekend!  That you are all full of HOPE FROM HIM!!  That you see that life can be challenging, but fun too.  It is all mixed together in a BLESSED chaos :).

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Easter fun stories......

 So these pictures are totally in the opposite order....why?  Well you know me.  I am not really normal or typical :).  HA!  It's totally more fun that way!!!!
 So here are all the cousins together before we had to leave for our Easter service (which was at 4pm). 
 So I have some really cute stories one of them involves this little man in the above picture.  Known by his nickname Beak.  Not sure really where that came from???  It really has nothing to do with the story except that he is the one that the story is about.
 So Jonathan had decided to hide something under his pillow.  A food item.  No he doesn't have the food issues like some children do.  He just decided to do it.  So after having a conversation with him about it explaining why we don't hide food under our pillow.  He started crying.....
 Harder and really more emotional.  So I asked him - Jonathan....why are you still crying?
 He answered that he was really upset because Jesus died. 
 So we reviewed that this is EASTER!!!!!  And on EASTER MORNING we CELEBRATE that not only did Jesus die for our sins, BUT THAT HE IS ALIVE!!!! 
 After clearing this up he was happy and ready to get on with EASTER SUNDAY!!!!!  If only we could all understand Easter like this!!!!  Love the mind of a child :).
 So on Easter we went to my Aunt Jane's and had lunch - with all the fixings and then did an egg hunt in her yard.  The kids love being silly.  The great part about this hunt is that NO ONE GETS HURT!  There is no pushing, shoving, screaming, or crying because our kiddos are great at helping each other!!!
 I am pretty sure MOST of us could learn from them!!!!  Seriously!!!
 And they had a great time together playing :).
 So my second Easter story has to do with Michael.  You know we celebrate EVERYTHING he does because we know that it is all a miracle which is why it is always special. 
 So on the way home from church I had to squeeze my "big bottom" between the twins car seats because on the way home from church Joanna gets grumpy.  As in screaming for mommy grumpy.  So to solve this I have to sit where Abigail usually sits. 
 This causes issues because Abigail's skinny bum is no where near the size of mine.  ;)
 Oh and on a side note Joanna calls her Abila. is really cute!
 So as I am sitting in this tiny space not  really meant for me.....I was playing with the cuties on both sides of me. 
 After all they are very very very cute!!!  Michael was given a shiny egg to play with.  He had it in his hands and throwing it around his car seat. 
 Well at some point he decided that it would be more fun to simply swing his arm over my lap and drop it. 
 So I kiddingly picked it up and put it in his lap saying, "Michael what are you doing?  You are such a silly cute boy."  Of course with lots of giggles along with that. 
 So what does he do?
 Yep, you guessed it.  He drops it back in my lap.  And this time he laughs hysterically! baby boy played a game with me.  It was one of the highlights of the day!  Michael we celebrate that you are growing, and doing things we never knew were possible.  Easter is ALL ABOUT THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!  WE continue to believe that GOD has sooo much more in store for you.  That OUR GOD will continue to PROVE THE IMPOSSIBLE - POSSIBLE WITH AND THROUGH YOU!!!!  Join us in continuing prayers for his divine healing!!!! 
 So we had a great EASTER! 
 Not really because of the candy- because really spending time with family was sooo much more fun and exciting than that! 
 Because of HIS STORY!  The fact that this family has been forever altered and changed by it!  The fact that God came down and then ROSE AGAIN!  To be our SAVIOR!  OUR LIVING SAVIOR!
 And as you look at these adorable, cute, irresistible, charming, fun, filled with laughter faces......
You can't help but think of all the miracles HE HAS DONE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PRAISE GOD!