Tuesday, October 11, 2016

An Adoption Dream Come True: Heather & Matt's Story

An Adoption Dream Come True: Heather & Matt's story.
October 11, 2016

We have been blessed working as adoption consultants over the past four years, witnessing more than 60 children coming into their forever families through the amazing miracle we call "Adoption". We'd like to share the story of one family who recently brought home their baby girl. Matt and Heather had signed on with local agencies before hearing about Christian Adoption Consultants and had waited 10 months with only being presented to expectant moms twice.They heard about CAC through several social media posts.They signed on with us and in 6 weeks were matched with their baby, and 6 weeks later was born and in their arms! This is a great example of CAC's "multi agency approach", where our families have a broader range of options for a potential match.

You will love this story as Heather shares in her own words their adoption journey. Heather's story telling is fun, and sprinkled with humorous and real moments that you will totally get if you are on the adoption road:

"Once upon a time, a dream was born in my "mama heart". I wanted my daughter "C" to have a sister. After successfully adopting a boy, girl and another little boy, my heart was set. I was even so obsessed that I made "Girl Only" profile books and full out said in our letter that "C" wanted a sister to play dress up and wear makeup with. And having adopted three kids already, I was hearing a lot of negative vibes from agencies that it was going to take a long time for a fourth. Ugh. We were 37 and had already been on this journey for nine years. It had almost sucked the entire life out of me but we were determined to move forward!

We had waited 10 months with two local agencies and our profile book had been shown twice. TWICE. This is not good. Enter social media. All these posts about Christian Adoption Consultants kept popping up on my Instagram and we knew friends that had used them…whatever, I thought, I’ll just call them and see how much it is. Well after about 15 minutes on the phone with Dawn, I was in. Check written, done. We were IN. We signed on with about six of CAC's recommended agencies and I worked like a crazy woman to get all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Because mama doesn’t play around! 

Okay, I was positive that no one, repeat NO ONE, was going to want us. I mean, who wants to choose a family with three other kids? Dawn kept telling me that she works with larger families all the time and I made her tell me the stats. I wanted all the information. Spill your beans woman. How many kids? How many placements? How many this year? I am sure she thought I was totally clinical. 

We had presented to three or four situations within four weeks (which by the way should encourage anyone who is out there waiting thinking they will get shown once a year…heck. no.) and kept hearing "No". Ugh. This is when you are clearly going to lose your mind. I mean, adoption is so HARD. The wait. The black hole of nothingness. The staring at the phone convinced it isn’t working. It just isn’t working, call Apple immediately and set up appointment to get it fixed! Well low and behold, we decided to present to one totally crazy situation in Florida (crazy because we live in Ohio, it had a hundred moving parts, I had to whip up a gender neutral book, it involved foster care and another child, and several potential birth fathers, and oh my gosh this is messy no way would it ever work out…) and BAM, It happened!

We got the call that we had been selected (of course it was a gender unknown and why in the world did we present because, duh, we wanted a girl so what is going on here?…) and I almost died. No, I did die. I fell over and started yelling my face off into the phone. That poor woman. Probably just put the phone down and let me hoot and holler. That was a Thursday, just six weeks after I had written our check and spoken to Dawn!

Fast forward to Monday. The expectant mom wants to talk to us. Oh my word I am dying. She knew the gender at this point and wanted to tell us herself. Just get out the boy clothes because of course it’s a boy and it will be fine and I love boys and I already have a girl so it’s totally cool. I swear to goodness, Monday was my birthday and I received the greatest gift EVER. She was having a little girl. And she was due in 6 weeks. I think I screamed for my daughter to get down here immediately because she was going to have a sister. No idea. I may have said nothing, I am not sure. I think I blacked out. 

We flew down to meet our precious birth mom two weeks later and made plans for baby girl’s arrival. Then came July. I will never forget the call I got when our expectant mom was in labor. I booked a plane trip leaving in four hours and Matt packed the van and our three children and got on the interstate within two hours.  I made it about an hour after "A" was born and walked into the hospital room in a total daze. It was 1:00am and I was wide eyed, nervous, sweaty, and in shock. Our birth mom told her mom to "Hand Heather her baby” and I just sobbed. SOBBED. I sobbed because I was in awe. I sobbed because our birth mom was so amazing. I sobbed because she was here. I sobbed because the nine year journey to build our family was over. We made it. Thank you Jesus!

Without Dawn at Christian Adoption Consultants, without our agency in Florida, without all the prayers and all the hope and all the waiting…it never would have happened. But it did. And "A" is here. She is ours…and my Sweet "C" finally has her baby sister!"

Heather's story raises some valid questions: Are you a "Big Family"? Have you been waiting with an agency for too long without being presented? Do you wonder if adoption will ever happen? We would love to talk with you today about Christian Adoption Consultants' services and the many stories, like Matt & Heather's where children have come home in a matter of months, not years. And services where we are on YOUR team, helping, guiding and supporting you through your entire adoption journey.

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