Thursday, January 7, 2016


 One thing that takes root in our lives and then reeks havoc everywhere is anger.  It sneaks into corners and like a cobweb can be hidden to us for months or even years.  Unfortunately at some point we run smack in the middle of that cobweb and are confronted with it. 
 (Yes this is from December in Florida). 

We try to escape the cobweb of anger, but the more we try get loose from the cobweb the more it wraps around us.  There are even remains of anger long after we thought we had given it to God.  I lingers there stuck to our shirt.  Once we have gotten it all out of our hair, off our clothes, and we think we have gotten away from it- BAM there it is again another cobweb. 
 The problem is that it keeps popping up.  Here is a definition of anger that I really like and it hits very close to home. 

Anger- is the process of trying to control something we can't control!  

UFFDA (as my Norweign heritage says). 
I want to control my children's behaviors, I want them to obey every rule, I want my husband to do what I want him to - now please, I want to receive healing immediately, I want the weather to cooperate, I want to feel rested in the midst of busy chaos, I want others to recognize my hard work, I want......

 I want control! 
 Now whether you love Star Wars or not (I may think you are wrong), but you have the right to your opinion.  My children are going to mess up or find their own way, my husband is going to say something or do something offensive.  That close friend may say something on FB you just can't believe they would say.  There will be conflict at work and the project you spent hours on no one notices.  There will be endless days when no one says thank you for anything you do. 

One thing I love about Star Wars is that there is a dark side.  No I don't like the dark side, but it shows that those who believe in the force also know this to be true.  The heros fight the dark side.  But when we allow anger and hate to overcome us in other words the need to control everything we cross over to the dark side.  We lose the ability to even tell that we are on the wrong side! 

Annikin was a sweet innocent boy who gave freely to help others.  He trained for years, but in the end he wanted to control the fact that he knew his wife would die in child birth.  So he decides to "try out the dark side" so he can save his wife from death.  He wanted to control the situation. 

Who could blame him?  However.... this lead him to become the villan instead of the hero. 
Star Wars Anakin's Evolution

I want to seek God to break free from the cycle of anger- the need to control the situations around me.  It is hard.  I am going to have to lay it down at God's feet every day!  To trust Him fully with everything.  I am going to have to spend time in the word, in prayer, and walking in the Spirit to ward off that feeling of needing control. 

Who else is with me? 

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