Tuesday, November 28, 2017

120 Children Home: Celebrating 5 years as adoption consultants - Part 3

As a husband-and-wife professional team we get to spend lots of time sharing in our vocational passion of adoption consulting. We both bring different gifts to the table, and we work in different capacities, but we love talking about "our" families together. We get to celebrate the milestones, the good news, the heartbreaks, together. We believe we bring something unique and special to the Christian Adoption Consultants team - a group of equally special, gifted and talented adoption professionals who collectively have served hundreds of families over the years.

We shared in Part 1 and Part 2 of our post about our journey to become adoption consultants, and the Top 10 reasons we love our job. We'd like to conclude our 3 part post sharing some facts and stats of our 5 years as adoption consultants with CAC. So here we go:

the total numbers
43 boys + 77 girls = 120 children home!

special needs program – physical needs or older child/sibling adoptions
21 children

our first family match
A special needs baby boy

returning CAC families
we’ve had 1 family match and bring home 3 girls within 4 years. Also, 21 families have adopted a second time, including sibling adoptions

big families adopting

1 family currently with 15 children, as well as a family with 13.

total families we’ve consulted for
131 families

wait times for our families
5 ½ months average – some families this included homestudy completion time!

local and across the country
We have consulted for families from 25 states, including several local families in Florida where we live. We have met 20 of our families in person!

adoption in the family
one of our families adopting made it the 3rd generation of their family to adopt!

The numbers are cool to see – a neat way to look back over the past 5 years and recall the families we’ve served, but our reward is truly received when we know how we’ve impacted families so deeply. So, we wanted to share a few closing remarks in the way of some quotes from our families about how they’ve been encouraged and touched by us and how we do what we do:

“If someone were to ask me how to begin the adoption process, I would tell them without hesitation to call or email Jason and Dawn. I understand that the financial part of adopting can seem intimidating and that one may think the cost of a consultant is not necessary, but I would encourage anyone to start with CAC because the help and encouragement and wisdom that comes from experience is worth every penny. Starting with Jason and Dawn means you have an advocate to guide you through each step, and there is a huge comfort in having them a quick phone call or email away when questions or urgent situations come up. Their respect and love for everyone involved in the adoption process is reflected in how they serve others and guide adoptive parents on their journey.”
-Brian & Julie, Georgia

“Life changing experience for us. We always refer others to CAC first because Dawn & Jason prayed for us and with us during the entire process.”
-Ryan & Mendy, Iowa

“You are amazing - we Thank God for you every day.”
-Paul & Suzi, Florida

"Our adoption journey was one we could have never anticipated. Six and a half years waiting (five of those in international adoption) and several failed adoptions. The road was long with many twists and turns. But ultimately this very road led us to our beautiful daughter. We are so thankful for all the love, prayers, and encouragement that Dawn gave to us during our time working with CAC. She is truly amazing and was always just a text away! She always encouraged us that God was in control and He knew exactly who our baby was. Thank you, Dawn for your part in our journey to our daughter! The wait was so very worth it!!!!"
-Justis & Bobbi, North Carolina

“Working with Dawn and Jason with CAC gave us the confidence to accept a situation with an excellent small agency across the country. We are so grateful that we could quickly check the agency out though CAC's network. This led to our two littlest members of our crew.”
- Dan & Summer, Illinois

“This is MY Mommy” are the words my oldest son used this morning when introducing me to his friends at preschool. The magnitude of those words still hits me at my core. Our road to start a family was not easy and was full of hills and valleys. We signed on with Dawn at CAC in April 2014 and were holding our son in our arms in July of that same year. Dawn is not only a wealth of adoption knowledge, but she is a prayer warrior. Her faith and strength are contagious, and I look back now and it all makes sense. The hills, the valleys, the tears, it is because I was always meant to be HIS Mommy. Dawn and CAC are part of our story and I cannot imagine our adoption path without them. Their words of trust, strength and faith are what I love most about them.”
- Allison & Bryan, Iowa
“Thank you so much for all of your love and support thus far on our adoption journey. It's a very long road. At times it's discouraging. At times we wonder, "Is God in this?" And then we think of all of you. We remember all of the love, generosity, prayers, and encouragement we've received from you. We think back on all the ways that God has shown us his faithfulness and kindness through you. So thank you. We love you all and are so thankful to have you walking with us on this journey.”
-David & Sarah, Pennsylvania

“We are so thankful for you and all that you’ve done, and continue to do, to help us along our adoption journey. You’re such a blessing to us!”
-Todd & Jen, Maryland

To chat with us about adoption, contact us anytime:
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Monday, November 20, 2017

120 Children Home: Celebrating 5 years as adoption consultants - Part 2

In Part 1 of our post we shared the story of how we came to work for Christian Adoption Consultants five years ago. As adoptive parents of 9 children, and working professionally as adoption consultants, our lives revolve around adoption – it is something we live and breathe all the time. It is truly our joy and privilege to serve families going on their adoption journey. We wanted to share our:

TOP 10


Having adopted 9 children ourselves, we understand how our families feel as they pace the floor, kneel beside the bed to pray over the next steps, and bring their children home.


While most people must see so many negative Facebook posts these days, we are dreaming with our present and past families looking at their beautiful children grow up.


We get to pray for expectant mothers and watch as they bravely choose and work with adoptive families. The losses in adoption are as real as the beauty, and through prayer we become a part of how God is working in all their lives.


The two of us enjoy working with the other consultants at CAC, who are equally amazing adoption professionals who love the Lord and work so hard together for our families. 


All our 9 kids are adopted, and we openly talk about adoption at home. When a family matches or brings a baby home our kids get to join in on the joy, and they cheer for our families.


It is rewarding to bring a family’s story to life for expectant families to read. We take pride in creating top quality profiles that make all the difference. 


Our own story and the stories of our families are shared often to encourage those who may be thinking about adoption. They are a testament to God’s provision and faithfulness.


Each day we create profile, spend time with families on the phone, communicate with adoption agencies, and every conversation is always fresh and new.


We have been married for 20 years, and we truly enjoy working together as a couple: brainstorming, planning, visioning and dreaming, and praying together with our families. We both bring unique gifts and abilities to serve our families.


What a privilege and honor it is to be part of something so wonderful, amazing, and so much bigger than ourselves. It has, and continues to be our great pleasure to serve our families! Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you!

As always, we’d love to talk with you about adoption. Call or email anytime:
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Check out Part 3 of our post here.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

120 Children Home: Celebrating 5 years as adoption consultants - Part 1

What an amazing and blessed journey this has been for us as a couple over these past five years! Words cannot describe the awesome joy and privilege that it is to encourage and walk alongside so many families in their adoption journey. We get to wake up each morning in the knowledge that we will see God’s hand at work in bringing children into their forever family. 

“Adoption is something I often dreamed about but never thought it would happen. Using CAC made the process a lot less overwhelming and scary. Dawn & Jason "held" our hands the whole time. They were great and extremely patient. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for them and our son's birth mother. With their help, my husband and I found what we were missing, and our family is now complete.” 
- Mike & Crystal, Georgia
It all began for us with a failed international adoption. We had already fostered and adopted six children and brought home our son through international adoption from Ethiopia. When the failed adoption happened, we were so very sad and didn’t know where to turn. After praying and seeking what else the Lord may have for us we found a blog about another large family who adopted their 10th child through domestic infant adoption!  When we read they had used Christian Adoption Consultants we instantly called and spoke to our consultant. 

She talked to us all about the process and how Christian Adoption Consultants works. We were excited, and within a few days we signed on with CAC. Within a week we had flown to Pennsylvania and our daughter was in our arms and legally ours! Such a miraculous blessing to us.

Within a couple of years when Christian Adoption Consultants opened a brand-new program for Special Needs Children we called our consultant again and said yes to another child. Within a few months our youngest son came home. Experiencing first-hand God orchestrating our son joining our family was truly amazing.   

During the process of our two domestic adoptions we shared about CAC with literally hundreds of people, which led to dozens of clients signing on with Christian Adoption Consultants. Those families knew that we’d had an excellent experience with CAC, and we wanted everyone to know who they were and what they could do to help families adopt. Finally, less than a year after bringing our youngest son home we started working for Christian Adoption Consultants as a husband and wife team. We were so excited that we were able to fulfill a passion of adoption in our job that we both share. Every time we have a new family sign on with us we get butterflies as we dream with them about God’s plan for their family. We pray with and for them and watch as God unfolds their story. 

It is a privilege for us to be able to serve our families together and we couldn’t ask for a better job!  Thank you so much Malcolm & Amy Young, CAC’s founders and directors, for allowing us to follow God’s calling on our lives.

Stay tuned for our follow up post: “120 Children Home: Celebrating 5 years as adoption consultants - Part 2 and Part 3, where we will share our Top 10 joys of working as adoption consultants, as well as some cool facts and stats about our work and our amazing families!

“This wonderful couple helped direct us to the babies God knew needed us as much as we needed them! There is so much loss on all sides in adoption, but God can redeem it! Dawn and Jason prayed with us, longed with us, and reminded us God had already written our story. All we had to do was wait on His timing! If you have questions about whether adoption is right for your family call them! They can pray with you over the phone and wait with you until you know!”
- Will & Holly, Illinois

As always, we’d love to talk with you about adoption. Call or email anytime:
Dawn: (813) 360-7368