Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Jonathan! (yesterday)

 So yesterday was Jonathan's 4th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is such a handsome miracle!  I remember the first time I saw his picture sent through by Julie at All God's Children International.  We had experienced the loss of our Hannah Grace who went to be with Jesus the week before her Ethiopian adoption (she had special needs that required urgent surgeries).  As we were grieving we handed it over to the Lord and said there are sooo many children that need a home....we are still open- send us the child YOU have in mind........
 And here he is!  Our miracle that we just knew he was ours!!!

 We saw his pictures.....cheeky little boy- and said yep he is ours :)
 The other crazy part- his birthday was a day before our other son's Joshua's birthday.  That confirmed it- you see in our family we have lots of times where it seems like we are eating cake every day.  Seriously we have all of our family's birthdays, anniversary, adoption days- all in 6 months of the year!!!!  (Don't worry if we ever had a child that did not have celebrations in those months we would welcome that too!!)
 Here is Joanna tapping and pointing to all the decorations :)
 I mean look at this smile- what if we wouldn't have said yes, we will go to Ethiopia.  What if we would have missed out??
 On his cheeky smile, on his quiet voice, on his cute way he talks, to his love for anything the other boys love, for his fun personality and the way he looks at you with a smile soo big you think you could be swallowed up in it.  What if??
 So very glad we don't every have to find out!!!! 
 Joanna doesn't want to think about it either!
 I mean who else would request cinnamon rolls for his birthday!!
 Caught you daddy- licking some frosting :)
 Blow out that candle!
Look at that squeezable face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jonathan....we treasure you.  You are a gift from the Lord, and we give thanks and Praise for YOU!!!!!  With lots of love from mommy, daddy, brothers, sisters, and your adoring fans :)  So glad to celebrate your birth!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jonathan!! From one of your adoring fans. ;) I LOVE that he wanted Cinnamon Rolls! What a sweetie!

  2. Wow, 4 ALREADY! Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jonathan! Hope you have lots of fun being 4! :)

  4. He's so happy!! Happy Birthday!

  5. You guys are amazing! Loving your beautiful family as they celebrate.
    God bless you all.

  6. Oh happy, happy birthday handsome boy!!
    Much love!
    The Lease's

  7. Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!! What a sweet little guy!