Friday, June 10, 2011

Few starting couponing tips, and life's roller coaster rides

 So Busch Gardens has a new ride called Cheetah Hunt!  It is sooooo FUN!!!!  We went on it last Saturday :)
 This is the Cheetah's that are close by and getting to see them run is AMAZING!!!  They are soo very fast!
 Here are a few pics of the ride which shoots you off 3 different times, goes upside down- but it is a roll so it is less intense, and makes you leap with the tracks a fun family ride!!!  Our kiddos LOVED IT!  And since we still have our platinum passes until the end of the month we got to go early to ride it :)
 So for all of you waiting my "couponing tips"  I just want you to know- I AM JUST STARTING, but to give you all some encouragement to step out if you think this can help your are some things I have experienced and been told.
1)  Don't give time you don't have- start slowly :)
2)  Does it save- ABSOLUTELY, but be careful and know your prices.  ***Little tip.  I did a breakdown of all the things we typically buy on any given month from shampoo, to chicken, to diapers, to veggies, etc.  So I have a cheat sheet on how much I typically pay for most items we use.  That way I know pretty much how much I am saving.  Here is the thing- YOU DON'T have to be EXTREME COUPONER!!!!!!  I have saved over $200 since I first started & I only take around 2-4 hrs a week!!
3)  One tip someone left was about going more vegan and yes that does help, but my hubby would NOT be happy.  There are plenty of tricks though about making your meats go farther with rice, adding ground turkey, or other things- and if you have a hubby like mine you can still please him and still save :)
4)  HOME MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously shop for items that aren't pre packaged.  Yes I know you are saying that most coupon items are for pre packaged I get it, but there are some that really are just on regular items too! 
5)  Here is how I have saved most of my money-
Buy One Get One Items that are reasonably priced that have store coupons and or manufacturer coupons or BOTH!!!!!!!!!  Yes you can use them both at the same time!!!!!  Some of the items I have gotten.................
lunch meats, hot dogs, rice, toothpaste, deodorant, dressings, toilet paper, shampoos/conditioners, hygiene items of all kinds, potato chips- yep I know what can I say sometimes we don't always eat organic, but I do make sure to have plenty of veggies and fruits too!!!!  Buy One Get One Items
6)  Check out some reliable coupon sources - that is where I am blessed because True Couponing is specific to the Tampa area and they tell you ahead of time - what all the great buys in the area are....what newspaper they were in.....and all the future sales.....all in one easy click :)  There are other sites too like crazy coupon lady and Southern Savers that do this too.
7)  ALWAYS buy generic when there are no deals....and STOCK UP when there is a good deal.  True couponing says to do this for around 12 weeks because that is the average "cycle" to the coupons come out again for that product.  But DON'T try to get every bargain because you will stress yourself out!!!
8)  Get organized...some use binders, I just have a file box, whatever works for  you.  Then I take the coupons I will use and put them in a plastic baggie. 
 9)  ONLY GET THINGS YOU WILL USE.  This is NOT hard for larger families.  And no I haven't stockpiled for 3 months - our home is too small right now, and we don't have that much extra in the budget but in the long haul there are severe savings if you do this.  So do it gradually.
 10)  I have started off getting 4 Sunday papers- well worth the savings. 
More tips to come when I have taken the class on the 20th :)

Well this roller coaster ride has been hard on my health recently.....had to go back to the doctor yesterday - again!  Got some more meds....and praying this finally gets rid of my congestion and nasty cough that is lingering for over 2 weeks now.......whew.  But I got to share about adoption while at the doctor's office and that was GREAT!!!

In fun news:  Joanna is now walking more than crawling!!!!  Now get ready, get set, GO!

With this roller coaster we are riding part of the that we are living in a townhome with a yard 10' x 30', and a square footage of 1,100 square feet!  So Kelli guessed right :)  Great Guesses!!!!!

So the cooking....yeah, the thing that caught me off guard.  I don't think I have done bad with it.  I do have a weekly menu- not for each night just the general week so if I have more time or less time I do whatever meal accordingly.  The advantage is we have a grill here and that has been amazing help!!!!  I do only basic meals, but they have all been on time and ready to roll for when Jason gets home.  The other thing that helps is that Jason is very encouraging and not critical- not that I thought he would be, but that has really been wonderful!!  Of course I have the best hubby on the planet just in case you didn't know :) 

The other great part to our roller coaster- FRIDAYS ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!  We actually get to enjoy weekends with family- a more set schedule does have perks.  Pray you are all having great weekend!!!!!


  1. I guessed right. Woohoo!

    Going to have to give couponing a try.

  2. Wow, what a roller coaster!

    A friend today got their return after jumping through the hoops, it's nice to hear it will happen :).

    Seriously hope you feel better, the stress can take a toll as well (felt it for the first time this week). Praying for you sweet friend!

  3. I started couponing last year but didnt keep up when little G came home. Our tues am moms group had a lady speak this week and I am going to start again. Like you said, slow and steady. I cook from scratch mostly so its frustrating weeding through to get "deals". Have a great weekend.(our first home in S Fl was 988 sq ft. with 3 children!)