Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Treasure Box

 So it started off with my precious treasure box that I got quit a while ago.  I have filled it with the only treasure in this world that will not fade- scriptures.  Scriptures that I wanted to study, memorize, read over and over to encourage me.  

Then it hit me- why not encourage our children with the same thing!  So for Christmas this past year I decided to make a treasure box for each of them.

I created lists of past memories- some movies we have loved watching over the years, where we have gone on vacations, talents for each child that I see, truths from scripture about God and who they are, and scriptures with their names in them.  

I would say this is one of my favorite ideas God has given me.  I want to keep adding through the years on different holidays, birthdays, or random days.  When it comes to encouraging our children it is the best feeling.  To share with them the Good News!  To point them back to God maybe on their worst days when they feel alone.

This world can be harsh, there are seasons that sometimes feel like they go on forever, but the truth is that God is working- even when we don't see it.  So start today.  Notecards and a pen are all you need to start.  I pray you are encouraged! 

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