Monday, May 21, 2012

UFF DA!!!!

 UFF DA!  It is a Norwegian word I learned from my dad's side of the family!  Growing up we used it A LOT!  As in UFF DA- it's hot out here!  UFF DA- that is one huge mess!  UFF DA- hope it stops snowing soon (remember I grew up in Iowa)!  UFF DA! 
 There used to be this post card on our wall that had definitions of UFF DA- one was.....tying to line dance to polka music :)  He he he he....or eating Lutefisk.  If you know a Norwegian you will get that :)
 Well....being that my dad is 100% Norwegian and my grandparents used to speak bits and pieces of the language back and forth to each other seems fitting. 
 You see this last week has been UFF DA!!!  As in satan has kicked our family in the teeth!  I will not go into details, but let's just say IT STINKS!!!!  IT IS NOT FUN!!  And I totally want to punch satan in his face :)  Makes me feel better thinking about it!
 So how do we do this?  Well, instead of packing it up- we keep going!  We keep fighting!  We keep PRAYING!!!! 
 We find SCRIPTURES to help us!!!  We reread every day, every hour things that we feel the Lord speaking into our hearts. 
 We let satan know we are not about to give in - EVER!!!! 
 We ask the Body of Christ for prayers- which is why if you are my facebook friends you saw my plea for prayers.  As well as ask for wise counsel from your pastors and elders in the church!  Which we have also done.  We gather friends - close friends and we share our struggles with them and we pray and lift each other up- have done this too! 
 GOD IS BIGGER AND GREATER THAN THE WORLD!!!!!  We don't let satan win.  We may repeat Uff da a million times.  We may feel discouraged.  We may want to bury our heads in the sand.  We may want to run away. 
 BUT- then we would miss the HUGE JOYS OF GOD turning our mourning into dancing!!!!  We would miss getting back what the enemy stole from us! 
 ONLY GOD can do that!
 Through every trial and tribulation we have faced as a family- GOD HAS WON! 
 EVERY TIME we have wanted to give into the hard situations- GOD SAID NO- HANG ON I AM GOING TO DO GREAT THINGS HERE! 
 WAIT!  Because although it feels so very hard right now.....I AM GOING TO BRING BLESSINGS!!!!
SO I encourage you to hang in there!!!  HOLD ON!!!  ASK GOD TO HELP YOU- CRY OUT TO HIM!!!! 


Know that satan CAN NOT WIN if GOD IS PRESENT!  He can try it, but it won't happen.  God will be victorious!!!  So give HIM PRAISES and SHOUT VICTORY!!!!!  SING OUT TO HIM!!!!

SOoooo.....asking your ideas for some great scriptures that have helped you through hard times!  THANKS!!! 


  1. LOVE the pictures . . .

    HATE the battle you are in . . .

    BIG HUGS & PRAYERS for each of you!!!

    Laurel :)

  2. Praying for you and your sorry to hear that Satan is attacking. I tend to be a Psalms kind of girl during the hard times, and I have loved Psalms 40, 46, and 63 over the years. (There are lots of others too, but those 3 are coming to mind at the moment.)

  3. Dawn,
    We just had a similar month ...I felt like giving up with one child in particular. We kept praying over her and doing a battle command prayer over we got from a Christian friend and she has been so much better. It's like we have our old child back. PRaying for you all and lifting you up. We love you dearly! I am so jealous of your beaches!

  4. Isaiah 43:1

    43 But now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.