Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pies, Breads, Fudge, Cupcakes, Cookies, Rice Crispie Treats- OH MY!

 and....well there is some cuteness mixed in!!!!!!
 So what in the world is this all about you ask?
 Well- WE ARE DOING A DESSERT FUNDRAISER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
 What better way to bring home our next sweetie/s than to make you some sweeties? 
 So in this post you will see LOTS of great desserts we have made at the Wright Home like this ice cream cake,
 Or this cookie cake......
 how about pineapple cake?
 Or these yummy chewy nut bars?
 Ohh....one of my favorites is meringue- lots of fun shapes to do with these too!
 How about some great cupcakes- any color!!!! 
 Yummy cake (this one is carrot cake)....
 OK for all those cute kids who love dirt - this is PERFECT!  Dirt Cake!!!!!!  YUMMY!!!!
 Cutsie cupcakes for pretty princesses??
 Awwww....she is a princess.......
 No bake cookies, up close of meringues....and my boys helping me make some biscuits too!

 Jason rolling out the dough for our apple pies we made for Thanksgiving. 
 Abigail and Andrew helping make the pretty decorations on top.
 Evidently you need sunglasses when helping in the kitchen?  :)
 OK So what is the deal?  We are selling- Apple pie- 10", made with granny smiths, and the crust is made with a shortbread type dough.  YUMMY!!!  $12
 Or try our Coconut Pie- 10", again made with the shortbread type dough and topped with meringue that is delicious!  $12
 How about Banana Cream Pie- 10", same type shortbread dough - now that is something to eat up in a hurry!!!  $12 
 Cupcakes- sold by the dozen!  ANY COLOR FROSTING YOU WANT!  If you want other sprinkles or toppings let us know :).  Different flavors- chocolate mint, chocolate, funfetti, etc.  $8
 Sugar cookies- obviously in Christmas shapes assorted 24 cookies!!!  YUMMY!!!  We can sugar them or frost them whichever you prefer. $6
 Fudge- chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate, or caramel- $6 for a 8x8 pan- around a pound.  $6
 Oopps another apple pie pic to make you drool- oops no pictures of our PECAN PIE- 10" and only $15!!
 Banana Bread- a loaf for only $6! 
 Peanut butter/chocolate kiss cookies- 24 for $6  a great Christmas treat!
 Chocolate with peanut butter chips cookies- 24 for only $6
 Joanna says take my word for it- the cupcakes are YUMMY!

Fresh Buttermilk Biscuits!!!!!  Dozen $5 or with cheese and bacon added $6
 You can't tell by this picture, but take my word for it.  In the tradition of my mother - these cookies are.... well.....HUGE!!!!  Seriously my mom didn't know how to make small cookies!!!!  They are called chocolate crinkles and if you haven't had them- they are like brownies that melt in your mouth!!!!!  $6 for a dozen. 
 Another snapshot of some cupcakes- for more ideas.....
And how about rice crispie bars- as you can see these are pretty monstrous!!!!!  Dozen for $6 and we can decorate them with some fun Christmas sprinkles as well if you like!!!!

WHEW!!!!!  Sound good to you?  GREAT!!!!!  PUT YOUR ORDER IN TODAY!!!!!!!
Here is how it works- We will be making these wonderful goodies FRESH from our home weekly!  Other pictures that caught your eye- email/facebook me and we can work out a great deal for you on any of the above pictures!!!!!! 

So on the dates of DECEMBER 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 (every Friday)- we will be at our home- so you can come pick them up between 6-9 pm (we live in BRANDON, FL)  
OR for only $5 we will deliver to you between 6:30-9pm anywhere within Brandon, FL area :)

WE WILL NEED YOUR ORDERS by WEDNESDAY of that week!!!!!!  So we can be sure to have all of your goodies ready for you!  Or you can get us advanced orders too and just tell us what Friday you want them ready.

You can pay us by giving us a check, cash, or donate with our pay pal buttonSend us your order by email, facebook, or when you click the paypal donation button and leave it in the comment section.  

THIS IS GREAT FOR Christmas parties, Family Gatherings, Every Day FUN for your office or family, New Year's Parties- OR ANYTIME!!!  Of course all the proceeds go to helping us bring our sweet child/ren home- READ MORE HERE!!!!  We are planning on bringing home a child/ren between the ages of 0-5 with special needs whether that be emotional or physical or all of the above.  We have looked into different special needs such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsey, scoliosis, spina bifida, hydrocephaly, or any other child/ren the Lord calls us to!  This is HIS ADOPTION we are simply EXCITED and THRILLED to be on this journey with HIM!!!

SOOOO if you are NOT LOCAL, but want to help us out- Plenty of other ways to help us!!!

PRAYER is NEEDED!!!  This is NOT something we are doing on our own strength.  This could get really crazy.  This may be absolutely NUTS.  BUT we are trusting HIM to be in control of our finances, of our home, of our family- especially of our new child/ren!

You can give a donation (by paypal on the left hand side of this page or send a check- email me for our address)!  This is a HUGE BLESSING no matter the amount- it is HIS ANYWAY!

You can Buy a What is Good?  T-shirt pictured on the left hand side of the blog.  Just pay by paypal and write a comment as to what sizes/colors you want.  Or email/facebook me your color and size and send me a check- I can get you our address :)

You can Buy Scentsy too!!!!  Oh those wonderful smells of Christmas!  Give it as a gift or keep some for yourself :)  they are wonderful!!!!!

OR You can go to Olive Tree Promise - There are MANY products including Superman was adopted t's in red, pink, and blue, Africa ornaments, monogrammed baby items, music, magazine bead necklaces, artwork, Africa bags, and much more!!!!!

WE THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Because we know our Blog readers are a BLESSING!!!!!  You have left comments of encouragement, emailed us, facebooked us- and helped us in our times of trial.  You have no idea how much of a BLESSING you are!!!!!  We appreciate the prayers, your donations so far, you spreading the word.  We can't wait to show you the new child/ren God brings to our family- BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!


  1. YUM!!! Might just have to figure out a way to HAVE to come north! =)

  2. Oh my gosh! i need those chewy nut bars!! just send me one of everything!

  3. So wish I lived close to you! All of those treats look amazing and your prices are great!