Sunday, October 17, 2010

What have we been up to?

 Well, besides hanging out at my cousin's home, and enjoying the fun of having 2 beautiful babies......
 We have also gone swimming at my aunt's house.....
 gone to Bush Gardens....a couple of times.....which from here is less than 1/2 away. 
 Since we have platinum passes that are good for 2 years for any Bush park........
 We are also going to Sea World tomorrow. cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We have also gone to visit GG (my grandma)......
 and to church..........
 played with new born kitties at my cousins...........
 had lots of fun...relaxing....playing.....reading......
 and enjoying time together - which is the whole purpose of a vacation.  Whether it is in a tent, at home, or whatever. 
 Taking time to remember what we work for.   Why we want to tell the world how awesome having children Blessed we are. 
 Reminding ourselves why God created us as a family. 
 Thanking God for every moment we get to be together.  Rejoicing in what HE has done for us. 
 Thankful for each other.....especially boogying babies on a carousel! 
 Little bit of cuteness for your viewing pleasure.  Hello sweetie....
 Hello - the camera is over here Joanna.
 Oh hello! 
Yeah, I am adorable.  I have to be did you see all the cute pics of my brothers and sisters up above?  I have to be cute to get attention around here.  He he he he........

Hope you are all having a fantastic day!!!!


  1. Sounds like everyone is having a great time!! Cute pics!

  2. Awesome pictures!! I am so glad that you are having a BLAST! I can't wait to hear about Sea World... I LOVE it there!
    I can't believe how BIG Joanna is getting... adorable!!!

  3. That little Joanna is gorgeous! Keep the pics coming! ;)

  4. Sounds wonderful! I need a vacation right about now!!!

  5. LOVE it! What great pics! :) Looks like veryone is having so much fun! :)

  6. Looks like tons of fun!! You are so blessed!

  7. adorable is right :) i enjoyed stopping by your blog today :)

  8. We love busch gardens and sea world! I bet you all are having a blast! Enjoy your time together!

  9. Bathes in the sink are THE BEST. :)

  10. Joanna's chubby little cheeks are still the most kissable cheeks on the planet, aren't they?