Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Story of Love, Sacrifice, and New Beginnings......

 Once upon a time......there was a family that longed for children.  Their hearts were so big, and they prayed and waited a long time. 
 God granted them their longings in their hearts and gave them a gift called- a child.  Then beyond all uphill battles they now knew were ahead.  They prayed again.....Lord please we long for another child. 
 And just like before they knew that God is a God that longs to bring children into families.  But this time there was much hurt along the path.  When it would have been so easy to give up.  Curl up in a corner and never see the light of day again. And although the huge knife in the heart feelings not once but twice......
 God still knew that He had a child for them.  And that waiting would be sooo VERY HARD!!!!  That life would not be easy.  But He set in motion a growing phase in this family...that would be hard, tough, and very very very uneasy.  This family would all cry together, pray together, and in the end they knew that they would heal together- with God's Help!
 Then God decided there was a beautiful child that needed them....and two families would combine.  In a great process.  A hard process.  A process of loss, and gain.  A process of bonding.  A process of deep love.  A process of Great Faith.
 This was the case for this special family.  
 A reminder once again that God is Faithful.  That He loves us even when we don't want to feel it.  Even when we feel like all hope has escaped us.
 You see God doesn't just specialize in small miracles.  He specializes in GREAT BIG MIND BLOWING MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 He doesn't just want to give us the desires of our hearts- that were placed there by HIM, but wants to give us something so special that even we couldn't comprehend it!
 This is HIS STORY!  Not ours.  This is His LOVE for us- that is deeper than we first perceived, Greater than we will ever know in a million life times, stronger than anything man can make, and larger than the universe.  This is a God of Love, of favor towards the hurting. 
 This is the God that has set another wonderful gift into motion.  Was it easy to get here- NO WAY!  Was it easy to go through the heart aches- NO WAY!  Was it easy to see the longing.......and be so lost as to, but in the end we believe that our God is a God who LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT!  We know that God loves so very much, and gets to sit back now and watch this miracle called adoption unfold for my beloved family.
 This is a God who created a family that is stumbling under the awesomeness of this beautiful privilege we call parenthood. 
Now if you were to ask them.......was it worth it?  I would say the pain was not fun, the leaning on God in ways you never thought possible- no fun and yet- the learning of a lifetime, the less of self and more about HIM- WORTH EVERY SECOND........and this beautiful child.......PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what are you waiting for?  There are 163 million children that need families.  Some of them are just around the corner from where you live......some live thousands of miles away.  Some don't have any birth families that are alive, some have birth families that need healing.  ALL OF THESE CHILDREN DESERVE LOVE!

Will it be simple- NOPE.  Will it be easy- Not A Chance!  Will it be worth it- well why don't you ask my cousin Heidi- she would tell you yes- a million times over!!!!!!!  (And so would I)

I have a HUGE PRAISE to share- not only have Heidi & Mark been Blessed with a new daughter...
But- I have childhood close friends of the family- Jeff & Heather welcomed their new son Jameson to their family through adoption!!!  CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray with us for- Tracie & John Loux as they wait- well you know not that patiently for their new son through adoption to be born.  We can't wait to meet you Mattie!!

As ALWAYS is the case there is loss when gain happens in adoptions- Please PRAY with me for all the birth families.  This is very hard and brave decision.  Pray that God will hold them up and heal their hearts.  And for them to know that they are my heroes!!!!!  They have given so sacrificially, thinking NOT about themselves, but others- a child!!!  Thank you for joining me in prayer.....


  1. What an amazing story of obedience, and love.

    163 million... breaks my heart.

  2. I thought it was 147 million..... I can believe the number grew in the midst of all those around us that are adopting. Im praying that God will bless us once again.... in his timing. Loving having little G home. thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers. Its taking time..... but I have the rest of my life.

  3. What an adorable baby, congratulations to the new parents. They didn't give up. God is good.