Monday, October 12, 2009

PRAYER please!

So here is my wonderful husband who cooks with our children :) Great thing because if I tried to cook with children- not a good combo. I get to crazy with too many people around in the kitchen.....probably to do with the fact that I am not a great cook. I can do the basics and I love doing fudge, cookies, etc., but that is about it. My husband on the other hand can do anything- very well!!!! Helps that hotel catering (5 star restaurant type) and management was his 2 year college degree. :) Yeah for me & the kids!!!!

OK so the prayer- we got word today that our sweet Naomi is in the hospital with pneumonia. This is obviously not good. Now, I know there are wonderful people who care about our sweet baby in ETH, but as a mom......I want to be there for her! I want to hold her and make sure the doctors are doing all they should! It is selfish maybe, but I WANT TO BE THERE!!!! So saying that...I know I can't be there. I know that I have to rely on the doctors and nurses that are there to watch over her and make sure she is ok. The problem is she has other medical issues that may be complicated by this too. So that makes me worry even more! I am a worrier when it comes to my precious gifts.

Of course I won't lie, on top of that my mind gets right back to our Hannah Grace. I know the situation is completely different Hannah had severe medical issues, etc. It is hard though....once you have lost a child to complications before.....your mind just goes back. The fears and doubts just creep in. I can't help but think of what if????? So needless to say I have not been doing great today. I have been thinking so much of Naomi.....please pray for our sweet baby girl. We have been so BLESSED to have others who understand and pray with us and for us. I can't even explain what it does for us mentally & spiritually. Thank You!!!!
So here is Abigail rolling out the dough for the biscuits......
and Elizabeth cutting out the biscuits into heart shapes of course :)
She is so proud of herself........and I love to see that smile
MMMMMM.....homeade biscuits from my girls- nothing better than that! (yep it is on a basket platter from Ethiopia- we love it!)
So Friday when we went to pick up our co-worker, and spent time with Nell Ann & Asher......we found out that Sarah's flight was we did what anyone would do on a miserable rainy, cloudy, nasty to be outside kind of day..........
We all went plane spotting...... of course. Well you would have to know my husband. He has an obsession over planes.....yes I used that word because it is true!
So here are all the kids lined up watching the planes go by. I am thinking ....I would rather not be in the rain watching these planes....but I love my husband, and our kids didn't really seem to mind. We are getting geared up for our plane trip to England later in November. Yep, you got it we are all- 9 of us anyway- going to England in November! Yes, it is a 9 hour trip, and yes we are officially insane. Of course if you follow this blog on a regular basis you know this already!

We are insane- overjoyed and thrilled to be crazy in love with our Savior who has chosen to give us 8 children far anyway.


  1. Your family has not left my thoughts. I am praying for you guys and I hope tomorrow brings good news. Update when you can :)

    I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you, as her mother to have to sit halfway around the world and wait for delayed information on how she's doing. Just remember that her heavenly Father is with her and he is the ultimate healer!

  2. Praying for swift healing! Also prayed that God would give Naomi someone to stick close by her side as a comfort and an advocate in your absence. May your mama-heart be comforted with the peace of God.

  3. Praying for you mommy and baby girl.

  4. Yes ... your dear husband is AMAZING in the kitchen. We'll vouch for that. But, you are one FANTASTIC mama, too ... so no need to worry. We all have our own gifts.

    Praying with you for precious Naomi.

    The biscuits look yummy. Tell the girls, "good job."

    And, the plane watching ... definitely looks like something our crazy family would do.


    mama of 13

  5. I'm praying for you guys, and trusting God with you for His comfort all around.

  6. YAY for a husband that is good in the kitchen AND managing the kids while in Love the cooking pics, so so cute! ;o)
    I am definitely in prayer for your sweet Naomi. One thing I have learned about ET is that if a child has a running nose and cough they consider it pneumonia, so while I know you are worried, and there could be could just not be as bad as they say. Besides God has a plan for her...and for you! Prayers for you all!

  7. I wanted to come by to share with you that I love, love, love your story over on Memorial Monday! We are presently on the road to adoption and i'm already thinking of how i'm going to name a boy "Grace." Ha! It's my favorite word & story. The Lord will have to impart creativity on me for this one.

    We will lift up this precious child of yours to the Lord! Right Now!

    We lift up little Naomi to you. We know you are a healing God because your Word shows us that. Two-thirds of your Sons ministry was healing. All that came to Him were healed! Therefore, we know you are capable and willing. We are also all believers in what took place with Jesus' body on that cross. His blood was for our sin and His body for our healing Lord. We claim that right here, right now! We thank you for removing any or all illnesses from Naomi. You have much for her to do Lord and we know that. We ask that you raise her up from her present state and set those little precious feet back on the ground playing. An while your at it I ask that you remove any & all fear in these parents minds because of Hannah Grace being relocated to her Heavenly Home. We know satan is the author of that kind of fear Lord, not you. We send him fleeing in Your Sons Name, the Name of Jesus! Thank you Lord for loving us, hearing us, and redeeming us! Amen.

    Sweet Blessings,

  8. We will keep Naomi in our prayers. This must be so difficult for you.

    Airplanes are so cool. I'm sure I could sit and watch them for hours.

    homemade biscuits-----yummy! Alex made his first batch of muffins on Sunday. It was from a mix, so all he had to do was add water, stir, and fill the muffin cups. He was so proud of himself. He took them to church to share with his Sunday School class.

  9. We are lifting up your family and precious little Naomi in prayer. This must be so difficult.

  10. Praying for sweet Naomi and the sorry to hear this.

  11. Praying for you. Thinking of you. Really want this girl home with her mighty family!

  12. PRAYING...for Naomi's healing and for your peace as you wait for news!

  13. Praying for Naomi. Praying also for your heart, so close and so far away from her. I know this must be so scary.

  14. Praying for Naomi and your entire beautiful family. May He give you comfort and strength as you wait, deepening your love and trust in Him.
    Lots of hugs and love!

  15. praying for your dear naomi and for you. i'm sure it is so hard to have her so far away. praying for god to give you peace.