Saturday, October 31, 2009


10 months ago.......we met our sweet angel- Jonathan Caleb Wright. This is the first time we saw him. And our lives have been changed forever because of this sweet boy! You see most people would say that - you already have 6 children why have more? Answer- we felt God calling us to have more children. And when I say Calling- I MEAN a deep yearning put in our hearts for another child from God.

So we saved....planned.....applied.....did loads of paperwork....prayed.......saved.....planned.....did more paperwork......prayed some more........and then we got the sheer privilege of seeing this beautiful face!

How has he changed our lives forever- so many ways.....seeing his giggle, his sweet smile, his excitement, his cute shyness around others, his fun voice as he tugs at my hand saying "come on mommy"....and takes me to the toy room to play or get another book to read. I could list 100's of ways this sweet boy has stolen my heart and that was before I even saw him. If I could give every child in the world two things it would be a family and food. After that things blossom....those two things are sooo necessary.

Did our children complain knowing that there would be another child demanding attention, steal their toys, etc. NO- instead THEY BEGGED for another sibling to love!! They couldn't think of anything better!!!!! Neither could I - another child to love, cherish, teach to play, go on hikes with, see them wonder at spider's webs, read Stuart Little too, tuck in at night time, patch his owies up when he needs it, give loads of hugs and kisses too, teach them how to love his family, the Word of God, and others around the World, watch him grow into a man of God.....and so much more!

Can you tell that even though we have 7 children heart is longing for our next child. Right now she is being cared for by the wonderful people at Hannah's Hope. We have met them we know how loving they are.....but I AM HOMESICK!!!!!
Homesick for .......
unpacking at 3am........... (oh yeah- that is my Mountain Dew on the desk in the corner!!! Hey our agency said to bring comfort foods :)
Homesick for being in a land of beautiful people, culture, and Mountains.....
Being a crazy person- having to unpack- (diapers for a little one) before going to bed......
Being this joyful and this the same time!!!!!!
For a plane (maybe not this one exactly) take us to see our sweet girl!!!!

I am HOMESICK because I love Naomi soooooo much it hurts sometimes. As a mother or father there is something sooo hard about having a child that is out there that you can't yet hold. To know that YOU NEED THEM & THEY NEED YOU, but you can't be together right now. Maybe not for a few months from now...........

There is a longing so deep and wide in my heart.............for ALL our children........and can only be filled by them.

Until then......we are playing, reading, schooling, loving, praying, and praising God for our little miracle that we will eventually get to bring home......................(couldn't be soon enough)!


  1. I hear your heart! Praying for you and your momma's pain waiting for your baby girl. It will be hear soon. Hang in there. You have such great kids! I asked the boys this morning if they wanted a little sister and they both said YES... then N said, "Only if she is from Mexico". ;o)

  2. Olivia had that same pillow in her crib! Ahh maybe they had the same bed at HH! I can't wait to see your precious one in your arms.

  3. You are amazing! I just love your blog and your heart. I can't wait to see Naomi in your arms...
    I also unpacked as soon as we got to the hotel. I couldn't even think straight because I was so tired, but I HAD to unpack!

  4. What a beautiful post.
    I am praying Naomi comes home soon!

  5. this is a precious post. you capture the thankfulness, awe and joy and also the yearning and agony of waiting. hoping you get to hold that dear one soon!

  6. Wonderful post, one I think all of us on this journey can relate to so well. If you need any post ideas we would LOVE to know any of your travel tips since this is not your first time around. Plus when we can't travel quite yet, the next best thing is reading about it and preparing =)

  7. I love the recipe for soap! We are making everything we can from scratch. Thanks for posting it.

    Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement. We would love to meet you and your family in person some day.

  8. I'm right there with you. Praying for your sweet girl to come home soon.

    Love in Jesus,

  9. Girl- I ADORE your heart and I TOTALLY know what you are talking about when you say homesick!!! Praying for your beautiful family and cannot wait to see your precious daughter HOME. Love, Amy

  10. Wow you spoke exactly what so many of us are feeling...BTW your sweet Naomi will be home before you know it....children are so precious thats for sure!

  11. =-) This is so sweet. She will be here soon! I will be emailing you soon, this weekend was a busy one. Hope all is well!

  12. Love those photos! It looks like Jonathan was in the crib next to Ashi or tha same one, and we stayed in that same room at the Union. I can't wait until you get to go back and get your little Naomi!

  13. Love it. Exactly how I have felt...hoping to feel that same way again someday :)