Friday, October 31, 2014

EXPERIENCE MATTERS- Christian Adoption Consultants DISCOUNT!!

 Who can you trust with your adoption journey?  How do you choose where to turn?
 Someone with at least some experience?  Definite yes because EXPERIENCE MATTERS.
 That is the great part about signing on with us through Christian Adoption Consultants!

When you sign on with us as consultants you are getting a family that has experienced every aspect of adoption several times.  We know how it feels to wait to be matched.  How it feels to pace the floor waiting to hear back if a birth mother has picked you.  We understand the extra cleaning and nesting that happens as you spend those endless hours checking your phone a million times because you know maybe you didn't hear the ring (even though you set the ring tone on the highest setting and the phone has never left your hand).  
 We understand the journey that is tough when you are trying to get work done and yet these dreamy thoughts of your next child pops into your brain and distracts you.  We understand loss- the loss of being able to have biological children.  The loss of a child as we have had a failed adoption (both of ours were international) and the loss of a child that went to be with Jesus before you could hold them in your arms. 
 We also know the sheer joy that comes with the call that you have been chosen for a child!  The call that your child is being born!  The joy that comes when you walk into the room and there they are! The call that the paperwork is signed and your child is legally yours!  The court date of finalization where you get to testify that YES you want this child and they will be forever yours and now carry your last name! 
When you hire a consultant you are hiring someone who will connect you with several agencies and answer your questions along the way.  You are hiring someone who looks forward to every step anticipating they way you will feel because they too have felt those same emotions.  You are saying I am trusting my journey to someone who has the experience.

That is a lot of trust and we don't take that lightly.  We feel confident in sharing in your adoption journey because we have done this 9 times for our own family as well as for the many many families we have been able to walk through this experience with already.

I had one of my clients tell me the other day you are always so happy to answer questions and share your joy over our steps along the way.  It's true this is not a job- It is our passion!

Let us share our passion and extensive knowledge with you on your adoption journey!

Now is the time to start as we have a 10% DISCOUNT now through November 7th!  So let me answer your adoption questions today and help you on your journey to adoption! 
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