Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catching up.....(CAC discount going on)

 Ok well since my world has been turned upside down the last couple of weeks with being in the hospital with Michael as well as being gone to Train the Trainer class in Dallas for teaching Empowered To Connect class.....I didn't post about our fun outing! 

We went to the movies with our kiddos!!!  ALL 9 KIDS less than $50 can't beat that!  We got to see both Despicable Me 2 AND Monsters University :). 
 We didn't tell the kids anything except- you will want to take a nap because tonight will be late, but very very fun!  They all did.....except you know the 2 babes.  What is up with that?  But they all did well and we had a blast!  There were some sprinkles happening, and we spent some quality cram in the back of the suburban together.  (We took both vehicles).  Hey nothing like family closeness right? 
 Crazy fun with a million beads from the 4th of July parade....wow- I am sooo behind on things.  Yikes! 
 Ummm.......not sure what Jason is doing, but does it seem strange that this is normal?? 
 Classic case of the kids grabbing the camera- my diva girls :). 
 Ok Joanna loves water- as in I have never seen a child love drinking water like she does.  She is pretty cute though.....
 I had to put this on here as proof- proof of what you may ask?  Proof that I have actually used some recipes from Pinterest!  This was some caramelized yumminess- with saltine crackers and chocolate chips on top- Don't remember the recipe now because my brain has been on over drive for too long, but it's on our cooking board. 
 This was Michael after we came back from the first hospital we went to (don't get me started!).  Pretty angelic picture, but I hate the fact that he must have been in sooo much pain at this time!!  :(  Keep praying because he is still not himself.  Therapy didn't go very well today, and he woke up in the night a few times, and poor sweetie has lost quite a bit of weight as well - probaby5-6 lbs!  :(  So it will be a while to get back to normal. 
 So daddy has decided it is fun to open up his own Cold Stone shop in our home ;).  He gets out the goodies......
 and does mixins :).  YEA!!!!!  Needless to say the kids all think this is the best idea ever!!!! 
Don't know if you can see either one, but we gave him some marshmallows to play with.....they got moist and stuck to his finger.  I don't think he was happy with this. 

So I have a LOT of things I want to blog about, but I am trying to sort them all out in my head ;).  Hopefully I can get back in my groove.....Hey, crazy roller coaster rides is something you would think we are just used to. 
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