Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah Joy Wright!

Happy Birthday Sarah Joy Wright- 6 years old today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry Shortcake & her friend Blueberry Muffin (bring back memories anyone?), and the ambulance next to it because Sarah keeps saying she wants to be an EMT. Just like mommy (I volunteered when I was teaching).
How cute?
For Sarah it is important STILL to remind her that we will always love her NO MATTER WHAT! If you have ever had attachment issues- you know what I mean :) WE DO!!!!!! Forever baby girl LOVE YOU!
Here is her cake- upside down pineapple cake - by her request. Tasted oh so yummy!!! Haven't had it in a loooonnnnnggg time.
See that huge smile on her face!

Could you resist this smile???
EXCITEMENT!!!! A day just for her! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
This again is Joanna's excitement at the dinner table....
She can literally sleep in ANY position! WOW!

We had a great day with our beautiful Princess JOY!!! That is really who she is.....sometimes it doesn't always show, but we know that is who God created her to be. We pray it over her life all the time. She has a free spirit, and it is sweet.....

Today she sang her "made up the words and music" songs to me. I LOVED IT! It reminded me that all the hard things we have endured with her- God has started to heal. It blesses and amazes my soul! She is one of our children that smiles 99% of the time. Her eyes show me LIFE! They show me her heart- it is bright and beaming. God has chosen her for something AMAZING & I can't wait to see it unfold! She also has a very determined side ( her mommy maybe a bit too much??).

So my Birthday wish for Sarah would just be for continued healing for her heart that has suffered sooooo much in her short life. That God would clearly guider her to be the young lady she should be. Pray with us for this sweet soul that God has chosen to Bless us with.

**This is a teaser for a book I am reading which just reminds me more and more of my calling as a parent and how important it is!


  1. happy birthday sarah joy!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah!!! We LOVE you!!!

    Laurel & the gang :)

  3. Happy birthday to Sarah---Love that beautiful smile--she will have to teach it to her little sister when she finally wakes up!! LOL

  4. Aw, happy birthday beautiful girl!!

  5. Birthdays are such fun! We celebrate our daughter's on Saturday.

  6. She is a beautiful little girl!! Happy Birthday Sarah! I am craving Upside Down Pineapple cake right now... :)

  7. One more wish for a happy birthday to this beautiful girl!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Sarah! Your a beautiful young lady with the best smile!

  9. So many wonderful celebrations! Happy birthday beautiful Sarah!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beautiful Sarah Joy!!