Monday, March 22, 2010

Things about the Wrights & family planning

1) We live and work at Uskichitto Retreat Center. Our home is a few hundred yards from one of the cabins.

2) We have 4 sets of bunk beds. Our king size bed has a log frame.

3) We normally shop at Sam’s & Walmart. Easy pretty much you can get everything at these 2 places.

4) Our home has 5 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms. It is wonderful, and we are very thankful :)

5) We have the camp’s playset literally within clear view of our living area window.

6) Uskichitto Retreat Center has around 100 acres- and is surrounded in loads of trees- oak, pine, &

7) Our kids love to climb trees. I have to tell them that while other campers/retreats are here they can’t do that because we can’t have them doing it too.

8) I LOVE SWEET things!!!! Candies, cookies, rice crispie bars, no bake cookies....mmmmmm

9) We have 3 computers in our home. 1 belongs to the camp. The other 2 are side by side in our dining area.

10) We have 1 indoor dog- small terrier mix, 1 indoor cat, 2 gerbils, and one outdoor dog- flat coat retriever. All of them were rescued pets (except the gerbils).

You know those books with lovely pictures of homes in them......we used to dream of a beautiful log home. I have to admit if something came up for housing someday in the future that involved a log home.......I would not pass it up. The closest I have come is one time we rented a log home while on a vacation.

When we used to think of our future home we thought of how in the world could we save the money for a log home? How could we plan it & get all the information etc. ?

Now when I think of planning for our future home.....I think of things many bedrooms does it have, and how many children can I fit in it! Seriously. There have been plenty of times we will drive by a large home and I will make the usual comment of- oh I love that house because I could have many more children if we lived there.

You see - I don't really care about how big it really is, but really I know there are guidelines for homestudies etc. So I would have to have something big enough to hold more children. So you see my family planning is simple. Have as many as your house can hold......(for homestudy sake) and then when one start doing another adoption :)

I find it sad sometimes to think that there are soo many people who are the opposite. Don't get me wrong. I know there are many who don't want a large family- I am not opposed, but I pray that every family- ENJOYS the children they have. Whether it is one or several.

Just for us....our family planning ideas have changed from a nice log cabin on a great piece of property to how many children can we raise up for the Lord? How many will God bring us? When will they come? What will their story be? How is God going to use all these miracles? I can't wait to find out!!! LOVE our changes in family planning.......


  1. It is so good to know that there is someone who thinks just like I do...I am laughing right now because you posted the same thoughts that run through my head all day long. I can't wait to tell my husband tonight when he gets home. I now have a twin who thinks just like I do:) It is a great way to think and live!!!

    Praying for more family planning for both of our families:)

  2. Love this! I have a 3 bedroom home...and to me, that means we can have 4 children. Most people wouldn't see it that way. :)


  3. I think we think alike again!

    After our first left the house we adopted 2. Now we are loosing two more older one--I wonder what that means!

    Praying for a full house again!

  4. Amen sister ... you always encourage me to keep on trucking on and set my sights on the things of the LORD ... I love how HE is building my family ... sent out homestudy in to the state for a brother sibling set ... waiting to see what the LORD says ... ssssshhhhh it is a secret ... hee hee

  5. I feel the same way!!! We used to dream of having a basement to finish to have a huge TV and a coffee bar and a pool table... now we dream of a 5 bedroom house so we can adopt more kids!!! We have a 3 bedroom townhouse right now and I know we are blessed, but I dream of a bigger place so we can have more kids come to be with us, to raise, to love, to release as warriors for Christ!! Our lease runs out in July, and even now I scan the papers looking for my 5 bedroom house!!

  6. I love your thoughts on family planning. When Nick and I first got married, I said that I wanted a BIG family with at least 5 or 6 kids. After Alex and Niyah, people kept telling me, "Oh, you got your boy and girl, you should be happy now (and done)." And I foolishly believed them. Then Nater came along (surprise) and I got my tubes tied. I didn't regret it until just recently. When Nater turned 3, I realized that he was no longer a baby, and I was longing for another baby.
    If I had it to do over, I would have left well enough alone and leave my family size up to God.

    My thoughts now.... in a few years I would love to adopt and maybe that was God's will all along.

  7. I love big families! If only I could be a stay at home mom... I can't wait to see how many children the Lord will bless us with:)

  8. Love it! We have always found room for "1 more kid". :)

    With 3 kids, we lived in a 2 bedroom duplex.

    When we had 6 children, we lived in a 4 bedroom duplex; then we moved to a 4 bedroom farmhouse and invited several exchange students to live with us for the summer.

    When we had 7 kids, we lived in a 3 bedroom, 1400 sq. ft. house.

    When we had 10 kids we lived in an 1800 sq. ft. farmhouse built in 1916 (and hardly remodeled at all).

    We had 12 kids (including 8 teenagers) living in a 5 bedroom house. Right now we are living with 6 of our children (incl. 2 teens) in a 1000 sq. ft. "cabin", and often have multiple Big Kids visiting for the weekends.

    In between those places, we did actually own a couple of nice big homes, which we thoroughly enjoyed ... but then the Lord moved us.

    Yep ... always room for 1 more.


    Laurel :)

  9. Your post made me think of Extreme Home Makeover! Maybe Ty P. would come build you a log house with....10 rooms...20? Just send photos of your cute kids. How could they say no?!

  10. Amen! Children are such blessings. For the first time I started thinking that we may have to move hold all the blessings God has in store!

  11. yeah for big families!!! and husbands who agree! Course I don't know a number but we're gonna try for all routes. FC, international adopt, domestic adopt (thru waiting FC list), and may even throw in a bio kid in the mix unless we get to caught up in the adoptions haha!!

    hey, you should post some pics of those critters too!

  12. I LOVE big families! As 1 of 5 kids...I definatley look forward to a table full of mouths to feed! How many is still the question!

  13. Ohh how this post resounds with my soul. I agree in so many ways. I love that my dreams now center around not what I want, but what it will do for my children and future children if God so wishes. Love your family!

  14. This really made me laugh! My husband will watch those house hunting shows on TV, and we're saying, "look at that house! That would be GREAT for when the kids aren't toddlers, and we'd definitely have room for MORE kids!"

  15. Yup.. I know the feeling exactly. We moved into a three bedroom townhouse with two kids, a cat and a dream to adopt. We did get to adopt domestically and then I found out I was pregnant. We just moved into a larger rental so that we can work on another homestudy after Solomon arrives in June... Can't wait to see what God has in store for us and who He adds to our family!

  16. i used to think the same thing about kids and family planning. then i adopted my son. and i've been verbally and physically assaulted every day since. we have two kids now and there is no way i'd have more. i feel overwhelmed with the two. and, in some ways, i'm looking forward to them growing and moving out. i love kids. i thought i wanted 10 of them. maybe when my kids are older i'll want more. i don't know. having a child with severe special needs changes everything - your dreams and everythign you thought you knew about the world.

    while i give major props to those who do have large families and adopt over and over...i also understand that people have limits (financially, physically, emotionally, etc). some people are only capable of caring for one kid, some it's 12. for us, it's two.

    i'm so happy you are thrilled about having more kids and adopting. that's amazing! just trying to play devil's advocate here. and offer a different perspective. :)