Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Joanna's Adoption Day!!!!!!

 Hello- this is Joanna Faith Wright here!  Telling everyone that yesterday was my adoption day and can I get a witness as to the wonderful miracle of adoption?  It's true!!!  You see mommy and daddy were looking for their next child....and my birth mommy and daddy had to make a hard decision to allow me to be adopted.  And God BROUGHT US TOGETHER!  PRAISE GOD!
 This is me opening up my presents.....
 Look everyone my parents got me a ball......
 Oh wait- this ball does cool tricks....
 And has a little ball too!  Look at me soo smart!!
 OK mommy knew I would love this because I play with these in waiting areas all the time!
 Now I have one of my own and it is my size to carry it around :)
 Oh this is fun... this shape goes here....
 Look everyone likes my toys. 
 Wait a minute wouldn't it just be easier to open it up and put them in - instead? I the only one who thinks this is a great idea?  :)
 Oooooo daddy made me cupcakes with pink and purple swirl frosting!!!  MY FAV!
 Ok let's test them out.....
 Oh yeah, you wish you were eating this now don't you?
 I got new pj's that say Sweet Like Candy!!!!  Yeah, I am doing a happy dance!!!
Yeah, it's ok to stare- I am made in God's Image!!!!!!  :)

To see me last year on my original adoption day when mommy and daddy and all 7 of my sibs went to court to say- YES WE WANT HER FOREVER!!!!  Go here :)

To see my story unfold go here, then....  here,, then here , then......oh yeah here  OR you can just go to the first here....and follow the next few posts ;)

I want to encourage all you mommies and daddies out there.  You story came from a tragic loss.....of another daughter that mommy and daddy were longing for...matched with....and then loss that no one can explain.  No one wants to experience.......but sometimes we do.

BUT GOD!!!!  God planned ME!!!!  He knew I would need a home with my crazy family......and He gently took their broken hearts that were in millions of pieces.......and put them piece by piece back together (you can't "replace" a child, but you can heal from loss).  I know a lot of people experience loss.  BUT I ALSO HAVE SEEN THE HANDS OF GOD!  And I KNOW that HE CAN HEAL!  It may not be what you wanted or thought you needed.....but it is perfect.  Go ahead- trust HIM to HEAL YOU TODAY!!

PRAYING ALL OF YOU HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!!!!  Our crazy family will get to be with our family- which is new for us :)  Moving here - a true blessing!!!!


  1. What a sweet story- and a sweet little girl! You are a blessed mama!!!!

  2. Happy Adoption Day, Joanna!!! Kati was at my house yesterday, and we were talking about how a year ago we drove through Louisiana and met you and your family. It was such a wonderful day!

    Wright Family... so glad I overcame my worry that I would look like a fruitcake and sent you an email about meeting you. Love you guys!!! :) :) :)

  3. A year ago, already? What a gift! And YES I will take one of those delicious cupcakes. Actually I need 11 or 12.......