Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeding Children Everywhere

 Awww....these two are just adorable and I can't just pass on this picture :)
 OK a week ago Saturday we did an event at our church packing 250,000 meals
 for those in Haiti.
 We did a FEEDING CHILDREN EVERYWHERE event before at Jason's workplace. 
 Yes, that is Andrew's famous face- lucky me huh?  But don't you like the smiley face cup? 
 When we told our kids we were going to be doing this again- THEY CHEERED!!! 
 Even the youngest can get involved!  They color the boxes that are shipped!  Which I love because well...who doesn't think that adding some personal coloring and notes of love to the people who are receiving the food aren't wonderful?  :)
 This is the mayor of Prince Port au Prince who came to share a huge thank you and how important this was for his country....his home....the people he loves. 
 Later through translation- he shared again some testimony during the church service. 
 We filled our side parking lot full of tables ready to pack and had several shifts on both Saturday and Sunday. 
 Joanna- our little person in charge is cracking that whip- saying - what are you taking pictures for mommy- get back to work!
 Measuring, scooping, weighing, double checking, sealing the bags full of food, but more importantly full of prayers and love!!!!
 Jonathan :)
 Look at the family of God working together!  LOVE THIS!!!! 

 1.2 BILLION are starving....not hungry, not haven't eaten a meal today, but STARVING!!!!!!!!!!
There is no hope without- YOU!!!!!!!  We ALL have to get involved!!!!  Not some, not those of us that are "better off"- EVERYONE!  What can you do?  There are literally too many organizations to count that do sooo much good throughout our world- pick one and do something!!!! 

***Feeding Children Everywhere will do packing events anywhere :)  churches, schools, offices, wherever!  So if you are interested in finding out more- Go Here :)

Lately we were talking about the fable in our history lessons.....you know the one about the dog who had a bone in his mouth.  As he crossed the bridge he looked into the water and thought he saw a dog with a bigger bone.  Jealous and worried that there was a dog with something better he jumped in the water.....and lost the bone he had.  He returned with nothing. 

Sometimes when I think of what I want and what I need- I need to remember this story!  Luke 12:15 says...."Then he said to the crowd.  Don't be greedy!  Owning a lot of things won't make your life safe."  This is soo very true!  What we own doesn't make us safe, having it all won't make us safe, but giving it all away to our Savior will make us safe.  Our precious jewels will not be stolen or ruined, but instead in our crown in heaven.

Do I have too much.......sometimes, when I cling to them.  When I get jealous or boastful.  When I remember that this is NOT MY HOME then I am putting God first and me last and remembering where my treasure lies.  Praise God I am not perfect but my LANDLORD is!!!!!  :)


  1. 'Measuring, scooping, weighing, double checking, sealing the bags full of food, but more importantly full of prayers and love!!!!'
    This kind of trite comment annoys me. I worked as a nurse in Sudan for Doctors without borders and I promise you not ONE mother would say, if you offered her a choice, of saying a prayer for her or giving her and her starving children food which could save their lives, would say a prayer. If prayer stopped world hunger-why do we still have it. We need ACTION (like you are taking) not just prayer. Prayer is great, prayer can create miracles but prayer does not feed a starving child.
    Sorry that is just a bugbear of mine after seeing all I have in Sudan.

  2. Dear I love sydney......

    I would say that the comment was made to say that NOT ONLY was our church doing this out of wanting to ACT, but also out of COMPASSION. Not only out of a need, but out of our LOVE for the people who would receive it, and our love for the LORD!

    This comment was in no way saying that just talking about it would help. IT DOES'NT! BUT just tossing people food and water and hoping they will be ok....also does not help!!!!

    YOU KNOW! You have seen first hand what many do not see!

    You will notice on my blog that I don't just sit on the sideline and hope things will happen. We are active- IN PRAYER and IN ACTIONS to help our hurting world. I try not to "list" things because it is NOT ABOUT ME! It is about serving, loving, and caring for those I may never meet in person. BUT nonetheless PRAYING FOR THEM!!!!!

    Knowing that I don't have billions of dollars because believe me there would be a lot less hunger if I did!!! Praying for those who have more resources to step forward. Praying for those who received the food, praying for those giving it to them, praying for those who didn't get anything yet, praying for the mother who is watching her child die....praying for more people to step forward!!!!! Praying for my heart to be broken and to do MORE!!!

    This is NOT AN ARGUMENT in ANY WAY!!! Just a clarification. I am THANKFUL for you!!!! For those that SERVE!!! I pray everyone of my children will learn to serve! I pray our family may serve as much as possible to those in need around us!