Monday, November 14, 2011

Scentsy for sale, cute hair, no more braces, baby room, and lots more!

 OH MY!!  Mommy has gone crazy with a post that has sooo much stuff!!!  Kind of like my face!
But it will be great!!!!  So here is part of it.....we are now selling something that really will make everything smell better!!!!
 SCENTSY CANDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are soo sweet they even would make my stinky diapers smell GREAT  :)  he he he he...... (link on the side of the page coming soon- when daddy gets to it...he he he)
 Now on to some fun hair styles mommy has been trying lately.....
 Can you say BEAUTIFUL?
 And check out Elizabeth's hair......
 Hey, for a first try that is pretty good :)
 I love all the beads....and they keep telling me I can't grab them?
 Oh and I even sat for a few minutes to let mommy do this to my hair.....
 I know I am just naturally cute!  :)
 And this is Elizabeth's hair after mommy took out the twists against the head.  It was adorable little coils :)
 What's up everyone!
 This picture doesn't do it justice.....
 So you'll have to take my word for it- it was cute!!!!  Of course she is my older sister so I may be a bit biased?
 And mommy got in a crazy mood a couple of weekends ago (yeah she is behind on blogging!) and moved the "toy room" to this closet downstairs.
 Along with this unit  in the hallway.....
 Makes it a bit tight, but hey, it made room in the "toy room" because you just never know when another child will be coming?  Hmmm....I am going to talk to mommy about this- what exactly does this mean?
 Oh and my toys are in the living room so I can get to them easier :)
 TADA!!!!!!  This is now my crib.  Although mommy keeps talking about this "new addition" to the family.  But I can tell you I am still queen of this castle!  :)
Oh and 2 days after her 12th birthday- Abigail got her braces off!  WOW- talk about GORGEOUS!!!!!  Yeah, I can say I follow in my big sister's footsteps :)

There has been a lot going on in our home!  All this talk about another baby, braces, toy room swap, scentsy candles, homestudy stuff, oh and mommy has been doing another "job" for Mother Goose to get some extra cash for this "new addition" too.  Crazy, but you know our family is crazy!


  1. OK Sistah! Nice job on the hair. The possibilities are endless....and the cubbies, got them too. Can you say indispensable? I am excited for and with your family. You never know but God sure does.

  2. Hi Dawn
    I thought at first you might be selling Joanna ~ I was going to say I'd buy her ;) ~ LOL
    Your girls are all so beautiful & I imagine you have so much fun doing their hairs ~ I love doing hair (I was the eldest of 5 girls so we had fun doing each other's hairs ~ well except when we decided to do haircuts ~ not always the nicest results).
    Have a wonderful day