Monday, November 22, 2010

Joanna Faith Wright's Adoption Day! Loads of pics!!!!!

 Wake up Joanna TODAY is your Adoption Day!!!!!!!!  As you can see she was thinking she should be Sleeping Beauty instead of Princess Joanna today :)

 She was much happier by the time we made it to the lawyer's office a couple of hours later.....
 Here are some of the others waiting for the lawyer so we could walk a few blocks to the court house. 

 It's a miracle- they are all looking and have smiles!!!!  Awwww- are they not the cutest ever???  Love all of my babes!!!!!!
 Joanna telling Daddy she loves him and can't wait for the judge to get this thing rolling :)
 A little silliness going on....                                              Look at our oldest 4- so adorable!

 Sarah (the young lady who works for us) and the girls waiting with smiles!!!!!
 Looking out the windows waiting....

 More silliness because that is how we roll.......

 Hanging out with hugs :)
 It's OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Joanna Faith Wright is ours FOREVER!!!!!  Well actually she has always been God's, but we get to be her family here on Earth anyway!!!!!!!!  :)
 The judge kept the children captivated telling them all about his exotic fish in his office chambers....

 Abigail  - how do you feel about adopting Joanna???  :)
 Hey, daddyo now you are stuck with me forever isn't that the best?
 YES it is!!!!!
 Mommy excitedly holding the adoption decree!!!!  Joanna trying to grab it :)  I think she wants to proofread it you know just to make sure it is all properly done.
 Mommy, Daddy, and our baby girl together OFFICIALLY FAMILY!!!!!!
 Eating at Chili's to CELEBRATE!!!!!!!  Where in a couple of minutes we met up with Kati & Vicky too!!!!! 
 Joanna actually letting Sarah hold her.  If you have been around Joanna recently you would know she has had a severe case of stranger danger.  Which is great in that she is totally bonded to us :), but no fun for other people that really love her....that would listen to her cry anytime they came close :(  She just had to make sure that no one would take her from her wonderful family :)
 Joanna- you are sooo much cuter than the baby on the box!!!  Here is your present what do you think?  Of course you were there when we bought it.....and after the torture of not getting to play with it until today :) 
 Ok how many pieces does this thing have?? this a present for the big kids or for Joanna???
 Ok time for a little cupcake complete with swirled pink and white icing, princesses wrappers, and crowns on toothpicks......
 Hmmm....this tastes ok...
 Let me see.....if daddy did a good job or not?
 Yeah, this is pretty good.
 Here is my table of guests......
 Back to me.....I could really get used to this stuff....
 I love the feel of it.
 See how the frosting just squishes between your fingers.....
 Check me out...
 Oh YEAH! 

 Now it is really fun to make this mess and mommy isn't even stopping me!
 Oooppppsss here comes mommy saying that I need a bath or something.....(don't worry I am only almost 8 months and really only ate about one mouthful....but boy did I have fun squishing it in my fingers!!!!)
 I think I am just fine, but I like bath time in the sink anyway.... for all my adoring fans check out the cute baby chub on my legs!!!  I am yummier than cupcakes :)
 I finally get to play with my new toy.
 Oh you push this and it makes music, and the balls start popping out...
 I need a closer inspection.

 Awww...look at me I am getting sleepy and I found a cuddle buddy!!!
These are my new friends who traveled over 7 hours out of their way to be with us today- just for my special day!!!!!  Thank you sooo made my mommy & daddy sooo happy just knowing you would do that for us!  Special love to Vicky & Kati!!!!!!!  Can't wait to see you next month :)

So in case you couldn't tell my Adoption Day was AWESOME!!!!  I mean what more could you want?  I have my FAMILY, LOTS OF LOVE, SPECIAL FRIENDS, GREAT FOOD, PINK PRINCESS CUPCAKES, & A NEW TOY- LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!  Hope your day was as fun as mine :)  By the way tomorrow I turn 8 months....and soon my mommy will get around to telling you all my new skills!


  1. Hooray! Congrats! What a beautiful Day!

  2. 1st congratulations!! Woo Hoo, she is so so cute!!

    2nd you are the cutest youngest mom in the world!

    3rd we have that toy- it is so funny!! Everyone loves it BUT I think it needs new batteries now and BTW I don't know where the balls are!

    4th that pics of the kids is screaming christmas card!!

    5th all the pics are adorable!!

    6th God Bless your beautiful family!!

    7th ignore the terrible typing and lack of capital letters!

    ((hugs to you ))

  3. Beautiful family! Happy adoption day pretty girl!

  4. Congratulations Wright family! I've had the privilege of witnessing the adoptions of my niece and 3 nephews and it truly is a miracle! I'm thrilled for you all! And I enjoyed the pictures. You have such a beautiful and adorable family!

  5. Hooray for Adoption Day!! So special! and I'm with Jean...I was thinking myself you look to be about 20. :)
    so glad the Lord provided special friends to celebrate with you!

  6. Yea!!! So fun to see Vicky & Kati with you! So cool that it worked out for them to come today.

    Congrats on the newest "official" addition to the family.

    Love you LOTS!

    :) :) :)

  7. and I have been reading but having issues with my computer has been acting up and I have been having trouble leaving comments! Seems it is working tonight!! :) :)

  8. Congratulations!!!! Your family is so beautiful!!!

  9. YAY!!!! Congratulations!!! What an awesome day!!!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of all the kids sitting together in a row with big smiles! It doesn't get better than that!!!

    Big Hugs on your special day!

  10. Congrats.. They are all soooo precious and cute and sweet and lovable and cute and some more cute :)

  11. Congratulations!!! So glad the day was wonderful for all of you. The kids looked so cute in their matching outfits. Enjoy the first day of forever! :)

  12. Happy Adoption Day, Joanna! So happy for all of you!

  13. Congratulations! Can't wait for our baby's day!
    And what a lovely family!

  14. Yippee! glad Joanna is officially a member of the family!

  15. Congratulations on your new addition!!

    Joanna is SO precious and looks so cute & adorable on her special day!

    So happy for you all!


  16. Congratulations, and Happy Adoption Day! Enjoyed the photos - you have a BEAUTIFUL family!

  17. I am SOOO happy for you all! I love all the pictures. The kids in their matching outfits is absolutely adorable!

  18. CONGRATULATIONS! what a fabulous day!!!! loved ALL the pictures!

  19. Congratulations!! What a wonderful day. That picture of the kids all together is PERFECT! I love it! I also noticed in that photo that Jonathan is getting SO BIG!

  20. First of all--happy day for your family. Second of all--you were not the first correct guess about Bear Grylls, but certainly the most thorough (you must be a homeschooling mom! :) You even taught US some stuff about him and your husband :) Send me your address, you just won yourself a "got love?" car decal!!

  21. Congratulations! Your kids are adorable!

  22. And Happy 8 month Birthday to Joanna today!

  23. Hooooooraaaaayyyyyy!!!! WOOHOO!!! Happy Dancing here for you all! :) Congrats! :)

  24. Cutest pictures EVER!!!! Congrats! And I love the one of all your kids together waiting.

  25. Happy Adoption Day beautiful Princess!! Oh and happy 8 months too! What an exciting week for you!

    So glad your day was absolutely fabulous filled with abundant love and joy. You and your family are truly blessed indeed!!
    Much love!
    Lisa and baby Samuel who can't wait to meet you someday. :)

  26. Happy Adoption Day. What a cool celebration! She is so cute!

  27. Congratulations! What a beautiful family. Adoption day is an AWESOME day!

  28. Happy Adoption Day, Congratulations!

  29. Yahoo! The pictures are so so cute! Love the naked baby with cake all over and the one with all the kiddos in a row. everyone looks so happy and beautiful! Congrats and many blessings!

  30. Happy adoption day Joanna! You are loved, for sure. Love, Love, LOVE the picture on the bench.

  31. Congratulations -- crazy how one little piece of paper can make us soooo happy, relieved.
    The kiddos all look so beautiful in their photos.
    Unique shining jewels.

    Your are truly blessed....:)

  33. Finally catching up on my blog-reading after a crazy week!

    It was sooooo fun to meet your family and celebrate Joanna's Adoption Day with you guys... Totally worth the drive, we just wish we'd had more time! I'm soooo excited to see you guys next month. YAY!

    Thanks for sharing your special day with Kati and I. We were BLESSED. Loved meeting your kids, loved seeing the camp, loved getting to chat with you, Jason, and Sarah before we left. Such an awesome day!