Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving with family.

 Here is my handsome hubby with our little babe and her cousin- Jessa who is 6 months younger than Joanna.
 So the Geer family has a tradition of painting faces for Thanksgiving and our kids loved joining in!
 Awww......they are cute!
 Especially those smiles
 Look at that looonnnnnggg table!  Glad my cousin has redone her home recently and made it all open- AWESOME!!!!
 Joanna having a conversation with daddy :)
 Cute decorations from my cousin's wife- Caroline and Grammy (my aunt Jane). 
 YEAH!!!!  Uncle Jackson is here!!!!  Greeted like a celebrity- which HE IS- he was recently on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!!!!!  Of course he is bound not to say a WORD about how he did or how much he won, until it has aired.  Just got word it will be December 9th 7:30 Eastern time :)  YEAH!!!!!
 Joanna got some pretty stripes too!

 All the cousins outside playing!!!!!
 Look at this- soo CUTE!!!  With a cupcake inside the ice cream cone!!!  ADORABLE!!!  I sooo need lessons from Caroline on doing cute things- I am NOT a great crafty homeschooling momma.
 Uncle Mark and Jessa!!!  She just turned 1 not long ago and we are sooo excited to have this miracle in our family!!!!!
 Heidi and Mark endured a few failed adoption attempts before Jessa came into their lives- PRAISE GOD for this gift!!!!!!!  That is soooo a proud mommy look!!!  And I think Jessa is telling her something.  This girl can walk and talk like a pro!
 Joanna wanting to know if I want her toy?
 Working hard in the kitchen getting everything ready!
 Joanna and Ezra looking at the dog- Rose Bud. 
 Oh never mind- let's run this way....OK says Ezzy....
 Yep this table set up for 24 people!!!!  Now just so I don't totally confuse you.  When I say Aunt Heidi or Caroline- they are actually my cousins, but we decided we liked the idea of sisters instead.  So our kids call them aunt and uncle instead! 
 Joanna let Makenna hold her!  YEAH- and other family did too!!  That is a big step for her!
 Love this picture of Abigail and Daddy together!!!!  :)
 My cousin Ryan and my aunt Jane!
 Ok everyone it's time to eat!
 Adults getting sat down too. 
 You know you have been to theme parks some when your daughter lines up the cousins on the swing and says.....
 OK are you ready to have some fun today at Islands of Adventure?
 Jessa and Aunty Caroline :)
Caught doing all the dishes- LOVE YOU HEIDI!!!!!  THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH FOR A FANTASTIC THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OH and if you have a sweet tooth- you NEED to visit the last post!!!  If you are local- feel free to browse for some holiday shopping for food that you DON'T HAVE TO MAKE!!!  If not- scroll to the bottom for some other ways to support our adoption!


  1. I am not such a crafty one either. But you should try pinterest. Lots of great simple ideas and you can post them on your own boards to keep track of ideas you like. Great educational ideas too.

  2. I have to ask... How did Jackson do on Millionaire?