Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whew- the month of July ;)

 Let's see.....the month of July....has sped by!!!!  ;)  In this great month we have done a lot, and yet my blog is empty. 
 I came up with a list of some things I wanted to do this summer, and we have done quite a few.  One was to go to a "big pool"/splash pad which we did!!  Hey, $2 a person can't beat that and our kiddos loved going off the diving board and slides. 
 We have done lots of slip and slide, water balloon games, mini golf at Disney (half price for those who have passes). 
 We have had a lot of outdoor time, cleaning up our yard which is a non stop party or never ending project depending on which way you look at it.  We have 3 acres of many many many trees!
 We have worked on our garden which has carrots, onions, watermelon, cucumbers, sunflowers, and tomatoes. 
 We have planted raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry bush things.  ;) I know you value my crazy! 
 We went to the 4th of July parade with some foster adoptive church family!!! 
 It is HOT, but also fun!!!
 Michael has come a long way in "holding things" I love that he has new skills all the time!!!
 Spider Man posed for us!
 I took the girls shoe shopping.....
 We have also done swimming in other people's pools!!!!  Hey, when you don't have one you use other people's because - IT'S HOT HERE IN FLORIDA ;).
 We have gone to the beach a few times too! 
 Abigail and Andrew left a few days after church camp to go with Joe & Lisa (former summer staff members from the camp we used to direct) to serve with their church. 
 They came back on July 3rd and then that following Sunday we had our church's serve week with the youth! 
 I was sooo excited to be a part of it.  I typically serve with the jr/sr high youth at our church. 
 Here we are!!!  We made PB&J, along with all kinds of soaps, shampoos, socks, deoderants, etc to give to the homeless.  We also served alongside another ministry- a hot meal. 
 We did much more than that though as we reached out to them in love.  Shook hands, talked with them, looked them in the eye, and shared Jesus.  I tell you there is nothing better than sharing your faith- with anyone at anytime!!!! 
 Of course we had some fun time at a park too.  :)
 Boys all playing football. 
 The next day we went to our local pregnancy crisis center. 
 We cleaned it inside and out.....
 Helped them do a huge project of getting rid of some landscaping, raking leaves, picking up trash, and organizing the many donations they receive to give to expectant mothers.  :) 
 They decorated huge boxes of thank yous, supplies, and fun giveaways for our local firemen and police officers.  They went on to read and play with elementary students, talk and hang out with the elderly, and other serving opportunities.  Of course that is when I got sick.... UGH!!!  Talking HUGE TONSILS :(.  As I was just getting better- it hit Jason!! 

Jason ended up taking me to the doctor on his birthday- :/ sorry....  UGH!  Now he is still recovering. 
 This was my 17th Anniversary Surprise.  We went to Pinot's Palette.  Drank OJ, laughed, and painted!
 Aren't we cute? 
 Not professional, but so fun!!!!
 There is a huge classroom of people doing the painting together.  They have a fun instructor that gives you step by step instructions.  Even for those of us who can't draw stick people- THAT would be ME!!!  For real!
 Oh, and our latest project..... 
 Building a trampoline!!!!  :) 
 The boys, Jason and I all worked on it for a couple of hours......
 And- here it is!!!! 
It has already provided several hours of fun!!!!  AND YES this mommy has rules ;).  So don't worry, but man is it fun!!!! 

***More babies being born soon so get ready for some cute pics!!!  Oh and coming soon as well we will be sharing in a live interview about adoption!  Should be fun!!  :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

To young women and men everywhere!!

As you can imagine having preteen/teens in the home brings you to a new level of prayer!!  I mean like as in all the time!!!  Prayers for them to grow in faith, to keep them safe, to block out things they shouldn't see, to bring them God honoring friends, for their future spouse, but also for them to stay pure and wait.  Oh that is soooo hard. 
When we buck the trend we are really in for the questions from others who think we are crazy as well as our children.  We don't try to brain wash them, but to help them understand God's Best and Our Best for them!  They have their own minds I can assure you and thoughts, but we have very open conversations about marriage, dating, courting, why do this, why not do this.....all open book here!!! 

Dear Young Man,

I know a lot about YOU because I was your age a few years back, and I remember it well, so listen up......Maybe you’ve been ‘interested’ in girls lately. Online, Facebook, at the beach, school, and maybe you’re interested in a sweet ‘church girl’. That’s all well and good, but I need to tell you something:

When you ‘look’ at my daughter and ‘think’ about her I want you to also ‘think’ about her Daddy. You see, I will always see her as a precious princess sitting on my lap, hearing my heartbeat as she sleeps on my chest, running into my arms as I walk through the door, giving and receiving her butterfly kisses. SHE IS A PRECIOUS PRINCESS, and I WILL ALWAYS see her this way, and so will God. She is not your ‘eye candy’ or some ‘sweet thing’ to look at. She needs to be treated with honor, with respect, and with with respect to the mother and father who raised her.

If you see her the way her mother, God and I do, then you will understand how important it is to keep your eyes and heart pure when it comes to her, to wait until your wedding day before touching her intimately. To wait until your wedding day to kiss her. Can you do that? If not, then move along, she’s not for you. If you can wait (and she‘s worth the wait), then you are on the road to being a man of honor, and only then will I consider your interest in her.

 Dear Young Ladies,

You see these handsome young men? They are MINE as in I am their momma!!! Let me share something with you. When you look at my boys you see handsome, respectable young men. They are indeed just that. They are also my little boys. They always will be my little boys. They reached up for my heart and hands first. That is the way I will always view them. 

Maybe you have got the bug- you know the boy crazy bug? Yep, I had it too when I was younger, but it didn't really help me. It made me long for something that really wasn't mine. You see we are helping our boys stay pure in a world that is anything but. Help us out. Please don't follow them around or ooggle over them. They need to hear how amazing they are FROM ME and their DADDY not from someone who will date them and break their hearts 2 weeks later!!! 

Also, I am trying to show our boys respect for all young ladies, but when you wear those short shorts, shirts that show cleavage, dental floss bikinis, or make kissy faces on your FB feeds - YOU ARE NOT HELPING US!! Please- I know you don't always mean anything by it! I know you may want a young man to protect you and give you respect. Please go to your father or mother for those things. I know some of you don't have that- please pray that God would lead you to Himself HE can be your father figure who wants you, tells you that you are beautiful, and wants what is the absolute best for you! 

When it comes to our boys I want them to remain pure and focused on being the best godly father on the planet. Hey, we have taught them to change diapers, play with younger kiddos, cook, do laundry, the whole works! I want them to feel comfortable with hanging out with their mom and dad! I want them to chase after God not short skirts or an inappropriate photo or video!!

So here is the deal. In order to have the husband YOU DESERVE we need to take a step back from what society thinks is normal. You know date tons of men/women, kiss and tell, and much more that we don't need to detail. We strive for a "hands off" approach to ladies until they find that special young lady they will marry! 

Believe me ladies----- when it comes time for them to find a young lady. YOU WILL BE THANKING ME!!! You will say oh my goodness......why would I have wanted it any other way? PROMISE!!!

Their Momma!!!

 We know not everyone agrees with us and that is fine, but these were notes we wanted to share because sometimes as a parent it is scary.....  When you consider websites available from phones, FB, media, magazines at the check out.....  Then add in those changes that God created in us as we change from girls to ladies and boys to young men.  Well sometimes it would be easier just to lock them away in a closet!!! 

Believe me we joke about that often.  Not because we want our children to be sheltered, but yes in a way we do!!!  We want our children's innocence in tact!  We don't want them concentrating on things that are not appropriate for anyone.  We want them to know they whys, the hows, and the whens!!  But not from a s*x happy media, but from people who have lived life and have found out our own mistakes. 
We want them to ask questions NOW and daily!!!  We want them to learn and grow in God First!!  We want them to be pure and faultless (doesn't mean they and we won't make mistakes because we do) before their Heavenly Father and Their Bride or Groom one day!!! 

Just thinking about it gives me chills.  I want them to have a pure and beautiful love for their spouse that is not polluted!  We have been praying since they were babies for this very thing....and we have tried our best to help them attain that!!! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS Will & Holly - It's a Boy!!!

 Will and Holly started with Christian Adoption Consultants on January 4th!  The finished their paperwork, profile, and all those home study bits and were already matched by April 30th!  
May 19th this sweet face appeared and their world is forever changed!!!
 Holly shares:  After many many years of struggling with infertility and 7 miscarriages we still felt God wasn't done with our family. I turned to Facebook one day in January to ask how to even start a domestic adoption. I had many responses but two people strongly recommended not even starting without the help of Jason and Dawn Wright at CAC. So I checked the website out and realized we needed some help with everything! 
 After one phone call with Dawn I knew we were in the right hands. We started our home study right away and it was finished towards the beginning of April. Jason and Dawn did all of our paperwork and made our profile book for us! They answered ALL those questions you feel silly for asking and never thought a thing about it!
 When I felt the process was long and nobody wanted us since we had two kids already Dawn was there to reassure me there was a baby for us! They "held" our hands when we felt alone and gave us SO much exposure to situations!
OnApril 29th I got an email from one of the agencies they directed us towards saying we were chosen by a birth mom!! On May 19th we welcomed our son into our family! We can't imagine our lives without him! Needless to say I would never adopt again unless we had them walking with us!

WE ARE SO THRILLED FOR YOUR FAMILY!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS WILL, HOLLY, and your entire family!!!!  What a beautiful baby boy :)

If you have questions about Christian Adoption Consultants, how it works, what is the difference between an agency and a consultant, or anything else to do with adoption don't hesitate to contact me!  813-360-7368 or email

Friday, June 27, 2014

Becoming Oily

 Awwww......aren't they cute??  :)  So we got a new camera.  Finally!!!  However, I just now actually downloaded the pics so now I have more catching up to do. 
 This was Joanna's reaction to Mommy, Abigail, and Andrew being HOME from camp!!!  She was thrilled to have us all back again.  She really struggled with having us gone.  A big shout out to my awesome hubby who held it all together!!! 
 So these are some pics that I didn't post in Abagail's birthday pic post because... I hadn't downloaded them yet ;).

So I enjoy sharing what our family is doing.  So here is the deal....we are becoming oily.  THIS IS NOT A SELL JOB!!!  I am not going to start posting all the time about the wonders of Essential Oils mainly because there are literally 100's of people doing this already, and I have information on my pin board about oils too!!! 

I just simply want to share what I have learned so far.  :)
 I have ordered Essential Oils from both DoTerra & Young Living :)  he he he....cause I did.  It's all good and I am pretty sure I am not going to be captured by the police for it!!!  I have many friends that sell them both, and I was curious about them. 

I do have to say that Young Living's intro Oil packet (so to speak) is cheaper!!!  That's all I am saying about that. 
 So I am a believer in Thank You Lord for medicines, doctors, surgeries, and THE GREAT DOCTOR'S HEALING.  God made us to think and use our skills to help each other.  However, something about constantly taking medicines for everything is also worrying.  I am not one to hand out medicine on a regular basis.  I use sparingly.  However, I do also want my babies to be comfortable as well as myself. 

That is where the oils have come in!!!  With just the intro pack so to speak I have been able to take care of many "everyday" things.  From rashes from unknown source, poison ivy (specifically), headaches, body aches, bug bites, ear aches, congestion, sinus control, sore throat, sun burn, and more.  It seems a bit crazy at first.  Learning what is for what, but now Joanna will even come to me and say mommy I need some lavender for my itch, etc.  It's kinda adorable!!!  
 I think the thing is using oils is natural and unless you are allergic to them there are no side affects that I have seen.  Now you can't use them and then stick your finger in your eye before washing your hands ;), but really they are very family friendly.  And the oils last a looonnngggg time even in a family our size!!! 
 I know there are many combinations of oils too that can really help children from hard places.  We have just started our journey in that.  I think it took quite a while to really convince me of "is this real"  ;).  I can say that we have been using some to help Joanna go to sleep at night which is a real issue for her.  They seem to be helping- YEA!!!! 
 I think too when you have children who are from hard places there are times when you want to "give them something" because they ask.  I definitely don't want to just have them "popping pills".  Giving them oils is another way to say yes without harming them for sure!!!  Some of our kiddos struggle and I want to say yes as much as I can!!!  Kind of like Karen Purvis' - give them a 100 bandaids if that is what they need.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Give them an oil!!!  Especially when you know it will help too :) in more ways than one. 
 Awwww.......isn't this sweet??  This is what I came home to.  :)  I must be loved and missed!!!!
He got me roses and a laptop pillow for my bed.  :)  Have a blessed weekend!!!