Friday, November 14, 2014

Abigail turns 15!!

 This is a picture redo that Jason did with Abigail- did she grow up so fast? 
 HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY ABIGAIL!!!!!  This was my note to her on her special day:

To our first born sweetheart: Our compassionate, beautiful, young lady who loves others well.  Who encourages and shares her heart. 

You love to dream, imagine, sketch, and design.

We pray today you remember just how special you are to us.  What a true gift from God you are to all who know you. 
 She got make up, fingernail polish, and loads of bling to go with it, and drawing and tracing supplies (she has a creative side that I just adore). 
 Of course when you bring out fingernail polish for one young lady you have to get more out for everyone.  We also went to a park, had a picnic, went on a walk, and had a very beautiful day!  
 I just had such a hard time with writing the number 15 on the board.  Oh don't even go there with me because ages 5, 10 also were huge issues for me.  A huge reminder that my fist baby is growing up and one day she will be completely independent.  I am happy for her to be as she is a beautiful young it's not a worry about it as much as it is a struggle because I just love her so much I have no idea how I am going to let her go?  I am pretty much thinking I am going to be a bubbling mess.  I am going to need some wise counsel from some of you out there!!!  So if you have some let me know. 
 She chose a recipe she found in a magazine (she loves to try new things out).  It had Oreos, two kinds of ice cream, fudge topping, and cool whip.  So she chose to do mint ice cream and chocolate which of course led to getting mint Oreos as well.  YUMMY!  My daughter of course has excellent taste :). 
These two how can I describe them together.  It is kind of like peanut butter and jelly.  They are right at 10 years apart and they have a deep love for each other.  I won't be the only puddle of mess when Abigail decides to leave the nest. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Big Announcement!!!


We are THRILLED to announce that we have launched our new professional blog/website!  This site is for anyone interested in specific information about adoption.  

NO WORRIES- we will still be posting here about our family, about our passion for adoption,  homeschooling, large family, Jesus lovin', and our daily crazy!  So stay tuned!!  

We just felt that we didn't want to crowd this blog out with all our clients matching, specific things about Christian Adoption Consultants, etc.  No worries we will crossover sometimes too, but again it gives us a whole new area to be very specific so we can still post here about our real life crazy. 

We would LOVE for you to go check it out and share our new blog/website with others as well!  So many are wondering if adoption is for them or if they can adopt.  This blog/website can be so very helpful for those who have questions.  We help families do infant adoptions, special needs adoptions- for children over the age of 3, sibling groups, or children with specific physical needs, as well as helping to assist those in doing international adoption.

THANK YOU for all of your love and support and keep and eye out because I will be posting soon about Abigail turning 15 although deep down I am still in denial ;). 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What some Christian Adoption Consultants clients have said about CAC

 Here is what Thomas and Kristi said about using Christian Adoption Consultants. “We are so blessed to have been matched with our sweet son and we cannot imagine walking this adoption journey without the support and guidance from Dawn and Jason Wright and Christian Adoption Consultants.

The process can seem overwhelming and daunting at times, but the Wrights were always there to answer any questions we had, lend a listening ear when we needed support, and really hold our hand every step of the process. What a journey it has been and we could not have walked this path alone. The Wrights not only shared their knowledge and experience about the process, but also their deep love and compassion for adoption and finding forever homes for these precious children. We are forever grateful for their help, and they will always be a part of our story ."

We chose Christian Adoption Consultants for two main reasons: we wanted our family profile done well to communicate who we really are in a way that birth parents care about, and we wanted to spread our net wide to adoption agencies that were already vetted (especially in terms of financial policies and birth parent services) by folks we felt we could trust. And we got exactly what we bargained for in those areas.

Our family profile looks exactly like what we would have wanted to make for ourselves, and it was composed over the Christmas holidays it was done well and speedily. All of our exposure to Christian Adoption Consultants- affiliated adoption agencies was superb: we loved connecting with so many individuals who care for every piece of the adoption journey.
We were specifically interested in minority adoption, and the expertise and experience that Christian Adoption Consultants have in that area was invaluable to us. Dawn and Jason Wright were easy picks for us because we had mutual acquaintances who raved about them, and they parent a multi-ethnic adoptive family that has come together through international and domestic adoption. With two children who came to them through Christian Adoption Consultants. We figured that we could benefit from their personal experience, and we certainly did.

Dawn and Jason prayed for us, advised us on situations that raised questions for us, and walked us through our match with ease, calm, prayerfulness, encouragement, and excitement. I felt like I was Dawn’s only care in the world . . . which, of course, I wasn’t! Her own family and her other adoptive families surely required her energy and attention too, but she was always there for us when we needed her. And we seemed to need a lot! We felt completely free to ask any question that we had, knowing that Dawn would give us wise, God-centered counsel.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Questions about Christian Adoption Consultants- Answered!

I am writing a post for those of you I know who are curious, but maybe you just haven't gotten around to asking your questions about Christian Adoption Consultants.  I am going to take some of the most common questions that I have gotten, but if you have more please call me, email me, or leave a comment on my blog and I will be happy to answer them for you.  

1)  Is there a need for domestic adoption?  

Now if you would have asked me this same question before we adopted domestically I would have said- no.  I just personally didn't think there was a need because all I heard was how people waited years and years to adopt.  

When we originally signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants as clients and they said typically families match within a year I had my doubts.  Now after doing 2 adoptions with CAC ourselves as well as helping many, many clients I have seen that it is true!  

 2)  When should I sign on with Christian Adoption Consultants?

Typically they are asking if they should sign on before they start their home study, during, or after their home study is done.  The answer is any of the above.  Although there are some advantages to signing on earlier in the process.  

Some of those advantages are that we can give you financial education, give you home study and agency guidance, as well as create a professional profile for you in those early stages.  Sometimes this can help you get a great start!  

3)  How does Christian Adoption Consultants work?  

We help you network with multiple agencies that are ethical and need adoptive families. This gives you a huge advantage and helps you match quicker.  It also gives you the control of saying yes or no to situations based on if they are in your budget or match what would be a good fit for your family. We work with agencies that work in adoption friendly states as well so typically consents are signed in 48-72 hours. 

One of the greatest advantages is having your own personal advocate with a lot of experience helping to answer questions along the way and giving you personal support throughout the entire process.    

4)  Is there a time limit in working with you?  

No.  We know that sometimes things just take time.  We want you to relax as much as possible along the way.  If it takes a while to find the best home study agency, time to raise funds, or apply for grants then we want to give you all the time you need.  

5)  Can families with children adopt?  

Yes.  As you can see from the pictures above we have families with children all the time that use CAC and adopt domestically.  We work with agencies that are family friendly.  In fact I have had a client that has 14 soon to be 15 children through their upcoming adoption.  Families with 6-8 children, families with 3 very young children that have all matched and brought children home.  

I hope this answers some of your questions about Christian Adoption Consultants.  

If you are interested now is a great time to get started!  
CALL 813-360-7368
Let me answer your questions today and help you get started on your adoption journey! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

EXPERIENCE MATTERS- Christian Adoption Consultants DISCOUNT!!

 Who can you trust with your adoption journey?  How do you choose where to turn?
 Someone with at least some experience?  Definite yes because EXPERIENCE MATTERS.
 That is the great part about signing on with us through Christian Adoption Consultants!

When you sign on with us as consultants you are getting a family that has experienced every aspect of adoption several times.  We know how it feels to wait to be matched.  How it feels to pace the floor waiting to hear back if a birth mother has picked you.  We understand the extra cleaning and nesting that happens as you spend those endless hours checking your phone a million times because you know maybe you didn't hear the ring (even though you set the ring tone on the highest setting and the phone has never left your hand).  
 We understand the journey that is tough when you are trying to get work done and yet these dreamy thoughts of your next child pops into your brain and distracts you.  We understand loss- the loss of being able to have biological children.  The loss of a child as we have had a failed adoption (both of ours were international) and the loss of a child that went to be with Jesus before you could hold them in your arms. 
 We also know the sheer joy that comes with the call that you have been chosen for a child!  The call that your child is being born!  The joy that comes when you walk into the room and there they are! The call that the paperwork is signed and your child is legally yours!  The court date of finalization where you get to testify that YES you want this child and they will be forever yours and now carry your last name! 
When you hire a consultant you are hiring someone who will connect you with several agencies and answer your questions along the way.  You are hiring someone who looks forward to every step anticipating they way you will feel because they too have felt those same emotions.  You are saying I am trusting my journey to someone who has the experience.

That is a lot of trust and we don't take that lightly.  We feel confident in sharing in your adoption journey because we have done this 9 times for our own family as well as for the many many families we have been able to walk through this experience with already.

I had one of my clients tell me the other day you are always so happy to answer questions and share your joy over our steps along the way.  It's true this is not a job- It is our passion!

Let us share our passion and extensive knowledge with you on your adoption journey!

Now is the time to start as we have a 10% DISCOUNT now through November 7th!  So let me answer your adoption questions today and help you on your journey to adoption! 
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Why I became a Christian Adoption Consultant.

 Everyone has reasons for what happens in their lives.  Reasons we start to do something.  Reasons we step out in faith.  Reasons we change jobs or move.  Our reasons for working for Christian Adoption Consultants are many!   
 One is that when we found out about Christian Adoption Consultants we were in the midst of a failed international adoption.  We couldn't do foster care because "we had too many children", and we were doubtful that with 7 children we could even do a domestic adoption.  We were heartbroken, devastated, and felt like we had no hope of adopting again.

Until we found out about Christian Adoption Consultants through a blog I had read.  The family I was reading about had just adopted their 10th child through Christian Adoption Consultants so I immediately called and asked how they did that which led us to call CAC right away!
At the time were Christian Camp Directors and had a busy retreat planned for that weekend so very little time to talk about it.  That Monday however we started working with Christian Adoption Consultants.  Let's just say we had a whirlwind experience that led us to our baby girl and by the end of the week she was in our arms and ours!!!
 This is not a typical story, but it is ours and we were thankful!  We loved that even as a "larger" family (at the time remember we had 7 kiddos) that there was someone out there that would work with us, and welcome us to work with them.  They showed us through the entire process!  We didn't have to feel overwhelmed with how do you know you are working with a good agency?  Will we have to wait years to get matched?  How do I know what questions to ask?  All of that and so much more was answered by working with Christian Adoption Consultants
 It's not hard to see that this sweetheart changed our lives again!  Then of course we brought home 2 years later her "older" sibling.  Of course they are only a month apart.  Michael brought a new dimension to our family that we were thrilled about.  Michael came home to us through Christian Adoption Consultants Special Needs Program. 
 So why did we become Christian Adoption Consultants?  Easy!  When you have had 2 great experiences with people who know what they are doing and wonderful to work with you want to be a part of that! 
 So here is our Top 10 reasons:

1) We love helping families through the adoption process.  Seeing their faith as they wait for their little ones to arrive and then seeing them grow as a family.  It is very rewarding!

2)  Getting to pray for our clients and their families is a wonderful thing.  Drawing closer to God through being on your knees for other families is great!

3)  Encouraging others on this journey.  Having been on many adoption journeys ourselves as well as reading and watching others is something that we feel we can do.  It isn't easy and we remember and know those feelings well.  So being there to just encourage and root for our families as they show their profiles is rewarding.
 4)  Sharing the ups and downs of adoption.  You see it isn't just a journey for a little while until our clients are matched.  I love keeping up with our clients and being there for all of the ups and downs.  There are sometimes when it gets hard.  That baby you prayed for, for months is awake all night every night.  You have added another child and now juggling everything is a little tougher than you thought.

Oh and the joys of seeing them roll over, take a first step, meet siblings, and the millions of steps towards going to school, those adorable costumes this time of year, opening Christmas gifts, and many many more great memories! 

5)  The privilege of praying for the many birth families.  This is dear to my heart as we have birth families of our own we pray for, but each child represents their birth families as well.  Those who made a huge unconditional gift of life!

6)  Working to share our adoption knowledge!  We have fostered, adopted through foster care,  sibling groups, older children, at birth, different skin colors, various alcohol and drug exposures, special needs, international adoption, regular domestic adoption......  We love sharing our hearts with people about all of the above.  Sometimes people just want to know that someone understands their questions.  I have never worried about sharing what we know with people.  Clients have many times said I am not sure how to ask ........  We are a safe place to ask any and all questions regarding adoption!  So ask away!
 7)  I am pretty sure I have the best job in the world, but what makes it even better is that the other consultants I work with are amazing!  We often converse with each other and are able to encourage and ask each other questions sharing important knowledge to pass on to our clients.  This just makes working with Christian Adoption Consultants even better!

8)  There is a real need for adoption!  I tell people all the time that although there are some programs that seem to take longer there is a real need for adoption domestically and internationally.  This was a myth I believed for years especially regarding domestic adoption.  It is not true and we have families getting matched all the time dispelling this very myth.  
9)  We get to live our passion!  Jason and I love adoption which may be obvious since we have adopted 9 children, but in all reality our children get to live it with us.  We get to share about our clients with our children when they get matched.  When the child is placed with them.  When I am on the phone searching for a family for a specific situation.

Listen getting to have your work be your passion is great and getting to see the joy on your children's faces because they get it too is even greater!

10)  We love it because Christian Adoption Consultants worked for us- twice!  It has been such a blessing to us that we want to share it with anyone who will listen.  We want everyone to know that domestic adoption, international adoption, and special needs adoption doesn't have to be scary.  It can be amazing and we can help!

Now for even more amazing news!  
Between October 29th- November 7th we are offering 
a 10% discount!!! 
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So if you have questions now is the time to ask away!!!
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Letting Go of Perfect

 Today's pictures have nothing to do with the post, but are of our picnic with my mom and dad from our road trip vacation :).  This is what happens when you don't blog for a have many pics yet to use.  I love this first one as if my mom and Michael are having a conversation- ADORABLE!

So what happens to us when we wake up and realize our family that we prayed for, yearned to have, and strive to keep all our ducks in a row in order to build....and then you turn around one day and realize it is so far from perfect? 
 I think for us this has happened on numerous occasions.  There are plenty of times that we have gone through the process of "letting go of perfect".  Hey, let's be real there are times we have to let go of thinking we are even "just ok" in our family.   
 Don't get me wrong there is plenty of love in our family.  There is also plenty of grief and trauma (from us as well as our children).  There are plenty of times we just want what we want PLEASE - NOW!!!  There are times we have to walk through the mud and gunk of our children's past and present.  There are times I just want 10 minutes of peace and can't find it even in a closet with chocolate- although I highly encourage all moms to have it!! 
 There are times we feel we are in life's groove and have it all down pat. 

HA HA HA HA!!!!  That can be squashed in less than a millasecond! 
 There are days when we can laugh a lot in the midst of turmoil.  There are days when we love fiercely and set our minds on consistently trying to do the right things. 
 There are days we beg God to show us how to love in the face of hate that comes from our children's mouths, and days we fall on our faces before the Lord because sometimes this life asks everything of us with no reprieve. 
 There are days of JOY!!!  Days when we just almost feel like we have it all. 
 Followed by days we don't have anything - or so it seems. 
 But letting go of perfect is a practice we have to pursue because when we hold ourselves to a standard we can not achieve it only leads to disappointment, doubt, and resentment.  We ourselves can fall deep into despair.  We blame ourselves thinking if only we knew it was going to be hard we just would have ??  BUT we can't do that. 

Instead we have to dig deep and say - God I am not sure why I keep thinking that this will get easier with time.  Why can't I just stop being selfish, why can't I just stop my anger from taking over, why can't I just be a better parent, why can't my children just obey without a fight, why can't they see how much I love them.  
 That's when it hits me that our relationship with God is just as imperfect.  There are days I chase after God, days I spend my days in praise, and days I can't bring myself to come before His Throne.  I want to run away.  I refuse to put Him in my life as Lord.  I want to throw a tantrum and tell Him NO! 

Oh my how much adoption and parenting reflects the Lord's relationship with us.  Except HE IS PERFECT.  That is a pretty big difference and the reason we have to let go of perfect.
 So I read and reread other bloggers articles on letting go of anger, of how to connect more with my children, of how to be a better parent and spouse.  Then I have to set them aside and remember to die to self.  To let go of perfect. 
 I see the most perfect poses on FB (mine included)....and as I try to take them all in, I once again have to let go of perfect. 
 I see those that have what seems like the perfect family life, the best relatives that live close by, the wonderful relationships, the best ___________, and I have to set that aside, and let go of perfect. 
 I have to find the balance once again in my life of wanting to do better with my time, with my energies, and with my talents- and still letting go of perfect. 
 I have to examine the fact that I WILL FAIL- today, tomorrow, and next week with the fact that I am still alive and ticking.  Along with letting go of perfect. 
 So today may be a great day or one of your hardest.  It may be a huge step forward for you or the two steps back. 
I pray you know that God is not done with you, with me, with our children, with our neighbors, family and friends.  That God doesn't make junk and yes I am talking to myself here, but HE creates love and gives it freely.  That there is always hope because that is the whole reason Jesus came to Earth, shared with the disciples and people, why He chose to die on the cross, and rise again!

We all need healing in many different ways.  We all crave the touch of our Savior.  In order to attain this we have to let go of perfect and just simply seek HIM in ALL THINGS & IN ALL SITUATIONS!  

Here is to me reminding myself to let go of perfect :).