Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Putting in Tshirt order today!!

 Sneak Peak at what I will posting about later today....or tomorrow... you know sometimes things go crazy
So what would Joanna, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Matthew, Joshua, Andrew, Abigail, Daddy & Mommy like for Christmas?  TO GIVE ANOTHER CHILD A HOME FULL OF LOVE!!!!!!!  PLEASE HELP US :)

Buy a What is Good Tshirt!!!!  Yeah- those off to the left of this screen!!!!  If you place an order today the order is being placed tomorrow!  Once they come in I will be getting them out to you ASAP!!!  :)  They would make GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!!!! 

***Just click the donate button and you can either leave a note with the donation saying what color and sizes you want or you can email/facebook me.  THANK YOU!!!!

 Or you can buy something off of this scentsy site to help us bring our child home  GREAT scents to make cents for our adoption costs.  To bring home a special needs angel ;)
 Or you can buy something off of Olive Tree Promise site- which has- Superman was adopted tshirts!, Africa Christmas ornaments, Bead necklaces, Africa bags, monogrammed burp clothes and head bands, art prints, Superman was adopted bumper sticker, great music, and more to chose from!!!!!!  Go check it out!!!  The Superman was adopted shirts- come in pink, blue, or red!!!! 
Awww.......I mean look at all these gorgeous faces- Matthew doing his electric set, and the other boys joined in on the fun.  Elizabeth being very patient as mommy did her hair this morning.  Almost done.......

WE APPRECIATE all of your support for our family!  Including all of your prayers, your time you spend looking at our crazy blog :), your love of our family, and our next adoption!  THANK YOU!!!!!!


  1. Can't wait for my shirts! :-) And the Scentsy stuff is awesome...to bad I just bought some from my consultant friend.