Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baptisms and a Bed of Nails

 OK first off this is Joanna here (we all know I am your favorite so you don't have to hide it.  I know you come to this blog to see ME- a shout out to all my fans out there!).

Just wanting to be very clear on something.  There has been a lot of talk about another child coming to our home.  I just wanted to make it clear now that I am THE CUTEST!  Mommy says she will still love me just as much when this new child comes along!

What is a baby anyway?  I guess I will find out when this "next baby arrives", but in the meantime- Love to you all!!
OK Joanna.....mommy's turn at the computer now........
So during our week of vacation we made a trip to MOSI and had a blast! 
 Joanna giggled and giggled at the ball "floating". 
 We had all the kids take a turn at trying the wheel chair.  We talked about how it feels, that there is some serious skill involved for people who use them, how it would feel if we had to be in a wheelchair all the time, what are our feelings about the fact that we may have a child that has to use a wheelchair.  What a GREAT conversation tool to use with any child to get them thinking on what it feels to be different than everyone else.  How can we respond with God's Love to people who are different than us.

Of course since we are completely open to a child with special needs we know that this is a reality that may happen, or may not.  It was a great tool though to think about all the different aspects. 
 This was a challenge to get to the other side not letting go of your rope and climbing all over the other people and ropes as you do that.....he he he....a bit of fun!
 Yep, opening doors....not so easy is it......
 So there is this nail bed......and I am thinking NO WAY???  Then as I read the instructions, etc......and of course the kids cheering me on.....I decided to give it a go!

Here is the lay down (there is a board under your head) relax - yeah right there are nails under you!  (when you lay down they are all beneath the plastic).  After you are nice and comfy you reach over and press a button that slowly lowers your body until you are resting on a bed of nails!  SERIOUSLY!!!  Don't believe me.......take a closer look....
 Yeah, thanks Jason for this upclose view of my thigh- UGH!!!!!!  Anyway, if you can keep from can see the nails are for real!

So I was thinking to myself this would be dangerous, except you are relaxed (yeah well kind of), and your weight is spread out over all the nails.  And in reality you are fine UNLESS you tried to move quickly off the bed of nails!  (**Now here if you let go of the button it releases)

So I was thinking that we as Christians feel the attacks of our enemy satan.  Satan tells us we aren't good enough, we can't make a difference, we don't know what we are getting in to, what if we fail, what if "there is no real God?", and sooo many more LIES!!!!!

Am I willing to lay down on a bed of nails for Christ?  Am I that confident that HE will protect me?  Am I ready to really give ALL of me to HIM?  Am I willing to risk it ALL?

Last night Jason, myself, and Abigail were all baptized.  I was baptized and dedicated as an infant, and confirmed in the church as well.  But our church desires for everyone to be baptized in the tank as a person knowingly says- YES LORD I AM ALL YOURS!!!!!!

***Please no theological debates- that would miss the point of this post :)

Let me explain further.....I have been a Christian since I was 5 years of age, and yes I totally knew what I was doing!  My faith has been a core part of my being.  Of course there have been and continue to be times when I waiver, BUT never a time when God waivers.  So we stood in front of the church and said YES!  Our desire is more of God, more of what HE wants, and less of what I want.  We are WILLING!!!!!

Willing to do HIS calling!  Willing to die to ourselves!  Willing to trust HIM with all our resources!  Willing to lay down on a bed of nails knowing- God has our literal lives in HIS UNFAILING HANDS OF LOVE!

And just like the bed of nails- the only real hurt comes when we don't trust.  When we jolt off the bed of nails because we wig out over what is happening.  Praying, praying, praying, praying.........God PLEASE LET ME GIVE IT ALL TO YOU!  Every bill, every disciplinary action, my heart, my thoughts, my speech, my "stuff", my time, my desires, my husband, my children- ALL YOURS LORD!

***If you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Savior- and want to know more- PLEASE contact me!!!  By email or facebook!!!  I will Gladly share more about my precious Savior!!!!
 On to more crazy with the Wrights......
 This is a "hurricane" display where they winds get amazingly high and crazy!!!!! 
 Jason giving it a try!
 And Andrew.....
 My boys in the wind tunnel laughing hysterically!
 This is one giant light bulb!
 He he is soo funny in person!

 These were actually windows that you could see out.....
 And there was even one for Joanna.....awwwww......
Elizabeth working on the puzzle.

On a side note.........yesterday happened to be a REALLY HARD DAY!  As in suddenly aliens took over my children's bodies and everything went crazy!  Thank God for those days- no I am not insane well maybe, but that is beside the point.  I thank God for those days because it is a reminder that although it would be easy we are not giving in or giving up!  Circumstances my swirl around us.  There are times when others think we have "lost it".  There will be people who will say....well you wanted a child with special needs.  Or you choose this path.  Or other things will be spoken.



  1. What a fun family!!! What and where is MOSI? We head to Florida in our camper every winter and we're always looking for places to take the kiddos! We're hoping to adopt again anytime now, too (I was adopted and my 2 boys are adopted ~ Mama's needing someone in pink running around here). Blessings, Denise

  2. We love MOSI! So much fun! You are a hoot. And an inspiration! xoxo

    P.S.--I'm going to be talking to Donna while she drives you your house today!

  3. Looks like a fun time...and I loved your baptism/bed of nails story!

  4. Hey Denise.....MOSI is a children's science museum place, with LOTS AND LOTS of great HANDS ON exhibits. It has taken us 4 visits just to see most of it. We got year round passes :) through my couponing website that were cheap!! It's great because the kids learn sooo much and THEY LOVE IT!!! There is an IMAX theater, whole section about weather, electricity, the human body and how it grows and works, a how it works section, planetarium, butterfly garden, a few trails, and seriously the list goes on..... :)

    And it is located in Tampa- literally within a 1/2 mile of Bush Gardens theme park.

  5. MOSI sounds like a homeschooln' mama's dream. FUN!

  6. Elijah laid on a bed of nails at the science center in Louisiana (when we visited Gregg).

    No theological debates here. :) Great to see you doing what the Lord is calling you to do.

    Sounds like your vacation was FILLED with fun!

    love you MUCH!

    :) :) :)