Monday, November 7, 2011


 Awwww........are these two cute or what?
 Yes, I am wearing a poncho- it was freezing cold water :) 
 Anyone know how to rotate a pic?  This is supposed to be side on....oh well......Joshua is just so handsome anyway.
 Just tell Sarah how to pose and she does it....he he he
 Awwww Elizabeth was know I am not sure what she was thinking.....but I could get scared.....possibly :)
 Andrew- NOOOOOO!  Do push down!!!  Too late.....
 The kids are all hungry????
Thanks for eating it all Dagwood!  He he he...... can you resist such beautiful faces?
 Wish YOU WERE ALL HERE!!!  Because then our lives would be sooo much more fun!!!!
Awwww.....Joanna needs some daddy love :)

So sometimes our hearts need to be completely broken, so broken we can't sleep, so upset over injustice we cry out to the Lord, and are ready to take action!!!!

And sometimes for our bodies and minds to cope with taking that action we have to rest and be peaceful, or in our families case- Silly!!!  WE love to be silly.  For those of you that followed Jason and I's latest facebook conversation you can see this to be true.  For those that know us personally ....well....I don't even need to say more :)

I ENCOURAGE ALL OF YOU- especially when you are struggling to take time out to be silly, let things go a bit (not discipline) not important things, just all those little things.  RELAX!  You don't have to have a lot of money- you can go to the park with your kids and run around playing with them.  Get down on the floor and play whatever they are playing.  Play a card or board game with your kids.  Watch a family movie together and then quote some silly lines.  Play a joke on your kiddos.  Make up silly stories and use all of your families names in them.   LAUGH as much as possible!!!

I was recently reminded when I was thinking oh dear we are behind in school again.....this is why we just homeschool year round :)  and I felt desperate to "catch up" ....instead of reclaiming the time when I was sick.  Because it had been TOOO LONG since I played with them.  I didn't get to worship with them, pray with them, eat with them, fellowship with them while I was sick (it was that bad!).

I had to LET GO of those guilt feelings of not being on my "school schedule" and spend that NEEDED time just being with them.  It can be hard to do.  My heart is heavy for all the angels out there today whose birth mothers were convinced they were not worthy to be alive anymore.  Sold a lie by satan.  My heart is heavy for education and trying to get it all right all the time.  My heart is heavy for all those wandering around in life aimlessly- not having direction or knowing their purpose in God.  My heart is heavy for those who will eat nothing while I am overeating.  My heart is heavy for the single moms that don't get to have a break.  My heart is heavy.............

But our heavy hearts.....have to be lightened to know that I can't do it by myself.  What?  Yeah, new concept for me too.  Or one that I have to relearn over and over.  I CAN'T......BUT GOD!  HE CAN!!!!!  My God is sooo big and so amazing that HE CAN help open people's hearts to adoption, feeding the hungry, giving the widow strength, reaching those that are lost.

So go ahead and cut loose.....know that you can be ACTIVELY broken as well as someone who can be full of LIFE, and FUN, and PASSION for those around you too!  Hope your week is getting off to a great start!

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  1. What sweet/funny pictures... looks like a load of fun!

    What a good reminder!!!! Need to cut loose with my little family.