Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Matthew Joseph Wright! & A little boy needs a home!

 To our one and only- Matthew Joseph Wright Happy Happy Birthday Baby!!!!! 
 He loved his new watch- lego star wars of course :)
 And his super hero action figures too!  Because you know all boys need super heros!!
 And his cards- especially from fun loving grandmas and grandpas.......
 OH AND if you haven't been around my blog for a while.....THIS IS THE KICK OFF TO OUR TRIPLETS WEEK!!!!  What is triplets week you ask?  Well.....there is one week every year between Matthew and Andrew's birthday where all 3 boys are the same age!  YEP- our version of triplets.  Technically they are all 6months apart.  But really very much triplets!!!
 Awww......look they are sleeping on the balloons. 
 Say CHEESE mommy!  OK sweetie ;)

 Matthew wanted his pic with baby girl :)
 Oh and for his cake- Captain America's shield of course!
 Notice anything in these pictures that is different???? 
 Happy Birthday sweetie- we love you more than words can say!
To a boy who came into the world 9 years ago (yesterday) tiny- under 6lbs.  We met you and instantly LOVED YOU!!!  And 2 days later they let us leave the hospital with you......note to self - Abigail came to us at 14 months....Andrew at 8 weeks, but a ity bity newborn felt soo different!  It felt like we could break you and we knew then what most parents feel- SCARED OUTSIDE OUR MINDS!

Thank the Lord for His guidance and provision!  You have grown into a handsome, comedian, inventor- yes he takes things apart! AND loves to see how things work, and our super hero in the making :) !!!!  He was thrilled to help daddy make his cake.  Because who doesn't want to be as cool as their dad?  And he thanked us over and over for his gifts- why?  Not because they were expensive or mind blowing, but because he truly appreciated them.  We THANK YOU GOD for bringing Matthew to us!!! is some information about a boy who needs a HOME:  Please join me in prayer and petition for him to find his family!!!!!!!  :)

Male, DOB: April 16, 2008
Also known as Simon, Sewmehon is estimated to be three years old. He has been reported to be a smiley little boy with a sweet personality and was admitted into the orphanage in October 2009. His birth mother has disappeared and his birth father is unknown.  
Given the complexity of this little boy’s medical and developmental considerations, he has spent most of his time lying in his crib. He interacts with people and other children living in the orphanage although his movement is extremely limited. He is able to utter sounds and cries but is not able to say meaningful words.
Sewmehon is reported to have global developmental delays, spastic cerebral palsy, and possible encephalomalacia. A CT scan of Sewmehon’s brain revealed a large porencephatic cyst on the left side of his brain from possible encephalomalacia. The doctor has reported that these health issues have most likely been present since Sewmehon’s early infancy and that he would greatly benefit from an evaluation by a neurosurgeon. 

Even with his needs our staff have shared that Sewmehon has so much joy in his soul and his eyes. It is believed by the doctor that Sewmehon has potential for improvement given adequate medical care and stimulation. We believe a special family out there is able to meet these needs and help Sewmehon to thrive and have life to the fullest.

***If you feel this is your son or just want to learn more PLEASE contact  or go directly to and fill out a free pre application!  PLEASE SPREAD the word and help find his family.  He needs them!!

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  1. I have been praying for Sewmehon since August. I am glad you shared about him. I am praying he will find a family soon.