Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Abigail

 So if you haven't been around here long enough to remember our last birthday/adoption day.....it has been since July!!!  Yeah....and now it is time to start the marathon of birthdays and adoption days- all 9 within 2 months!  Our tradition is to wake up and right away- open presents in our pjs!  Today started off the same with all of us in pjs.  And YES Abigail is a daddy's girl :)
 Reading through her cards....
 Joanna loved the pink balloons!
 We had to get a new camera (if you remember a few posts ago we talked about ours mysteriously dying??) and Jason is messing with some of the settings on these next two photos. 

 Joanna what do you think of Abigail turning 12- she LOVES IT because well let's just say she is a wee bit spoiled by her oldest sister ;)
 She got American girl Samantha books, ultimate doodle book- she loves to draw, and will be going shopping with me this weekend to buy some things with money given to her :)
 She loves her momma too!!!!!  Note how tall she is  getting??  Yeah, what???
 Awww.....tooo cute!
 Now here is her cake which she basically made on her own.....with a smidge help from me.  She insisted!  She has really started to want to learn a lot more about cooking.  Might I add she made an excellent choice!  She wanted chicken alfredo for dinner with a peanut butter chocolate cheesecake.  Now the recipe we found was more of a cheesecake meets ice cream style - it was AMAZING!!!  Oh and the picture doesn't show that you heat up fudge topping and put that on top!!!  YUMMY!!!
Happy 12th Birthday to the most beautiful, compassionate, loving young lady.......who I can't imagine our lives without!!! Abigail you totally amaze me and have brought JOY to our lives! We LOVE YOU more than words can say!  
Abigail means source of JOY and you my love are a true source of JOY!!!!!  PRAISE GOD!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Abigail!!!!!!

  2. Happy, happy birthday beautiful girl!!!

  3. What sweet pictures. Happy Birthday!

    (just got the ultimate doodle book for my oldest for Christmas... too cute! We love AG books- Kit is our fav- haven't read Samantha yet!).