Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Journey to Joanna part 3 with pics :)

This is the way Joanna is most of the day- in the sling. It looks uncomfortable, but she loves it and as soon as she is in it- her whole body relaxes.
Awwww....this blanket is sooo soft. And of course I look cute in it!
Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.....
There was NO posing here. Really I was just holding the blanket that said mommy's sweetheart just like this- for you my fan club :)
I am dreaming about milk.......mmmmmmm..........
Those eyes just say- come here- I am sucking you in- you have to do what I want- now hug me and kiss me :)
Awwwww.......what is this rattle doing on my arm. Please mommy it doesn't match my pink.
Awww....she's praying........
Mommy- please put some clothes on me....come on enough with the pictures....
That is pure blissful sleeping........

So- the story continues. I of course at this point am talking with the birth mother in the room for a while. She was sooo sweet, and friendly, and happy - although I know she was hurting. After a while the lawyer said we had to vacate the room - the hospital already let us use it longer as it was. So the birth mother left after I had dressed this sweet girl in her take home outfit. She said all of the baby stuff they give you at the hospital is for her. In fact when our agency called back saying it's all good that you are late just go directly to the hospital- the birth mom felt bad for me? What? Relief!

So after the birth mom left the lawyer talked to me a bit. Then she helped us get downstairs keeping in mind that at this point I had all my luggage with me still. Once we got downstairs the desk helped call me a cab to go to our hotel. Once at the hotel- I was overcome with joy, in awe, and wanted sooo desperately for Jason to be there.

So I passed time, skyping, e-mailing, etc. Of course we did not tell anyone yet- until papers were signed on Saturday. Now you all may think was cruel, but after losing 2 sweet girls we couldn't stand it any longer. We decided a part from family- everyone else would find out on Saturday - a little over the 72 hour wait Pennsylvania has.

I paced the floor the next day waiting for Jason to arrive......2 hours after his flight landed!!! As soon as he came in the door (because it was cold outside) I placed Joanna in his arms. We decided to venture out to Target only a couple of blocks from the hotel to you know- get more pink things :) And of course we bought the movie Blind Side to watch later at the hotel (we had seen it in movie theaters, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!).

We ate at TGIFridays which was next to the Target. It was great showing our little bundle off and spending time together, although I really missed the rest of our clan!

Then Saturday approached and I was nervous, sick to my stomach.....realizing I never asked the lawyer when they were signing the papers. So I called and she said she was on her way over......from her place to theirs - it was about an hour this was at 10 til 9am! I was going out of my mind. I cried, I paced, I prayed- continually, I just wanted to know it would be ok! Funny I really never felt that nervous until that last couple of hours.

Then the call FINALLY CAME!!!! At 11:20- they signed the papers, but they don't want to meet. The mom did give me her cell though. OK. Immediate EXCITEMENT, and then a bit of sadness. Jason would never meet her, and I hadn't taken any pics at the hospital- terrible I know!!! We started notifying everyone- my parents, Jason's parents by Skype- who didn't even know what we were doing yet, and we couldn't get a hold of them sooner with timing and traveling and the time difference. My cousin Heidi, my brother, and the list went on......

Then we get a call from the agency saying the birth mom is upset because she thought she would get to meet us while we were still in town. Yeah!! I mean not that she was upset, but that it was a bad misunderstanding and we would get to meet. So I immediately called her and we set up to meet later that evening. We met at TGIFridays again- only nicer type place to eat in that direct area. We talked over so many things. She is soo fun to be around. Amazing how that works. Then we went to Target to get some pics-but their machines only run until 7pm....oh well let's go buy some more outfits- her birth mother picked out. We gave her a letter, and some mementos, and exchanged some information.

Jason has to leave Sunday and we get to meet the Beatties! Dorean & Brian - 2 of the most wonderful people you could know! They are friends of Tracie's -from Christian Adoption Consultants. The Beatties take us- Jason to the airport, and me back to their home a little ways outside of Philadelphia. They thought of everything and had it set up for me while I am here- WOW!!!! God really provides!!!! So thankful!!!!!!

Since I have been here- I have had a great time talking, getting to know them, and enjoying some great company from brothers and sisters in Christ who support adoption! So there you have it- I am hanging out here until I get the all clear to leave the state. Pennsylvania has to approve it first. Then I can't enter the state of Louisiana until they then in turn approve it afterward as well. When I get the all clear I will fly to Houston......and wait with some of our wonderful AGCI families :)

We hope to be together as a family for Easter- please pray with us for this to happen!!!!!!

***Some have wondered so I thought I would point it out. Joanna is also a Biblical name. She was a follower of Christ. One of the posse if you like. You can find her in Luke 8:3 & 24:10. She was one of the women who went to the tomb and reported back with the Mary's to the disciples. So how perfect is that - she is an Easter present- with an Easter name as well. You know we didn't plan that- we picked that name a while ago. God knew!!!!! And that is the story so far of our remarkable little angel called Joanna Faith Wright.


  1. Can't wait to see the pics of your whole family together!!!

    So excited for all of you!

    Love you!


  2. I love the pictures! She is so cute, and her name is very fitting:) I am so excited for you and your family!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!
    I just caught up on all your news!!! CONGRATULATIONS! She is beautiful :)
    Many congrats and blessings!

  4. LOVE IT! God is so good! And as if Easter itself wasn't a good enough gift- you got the cherry on top. Congratulations again- SO HAPPY for you!

  5. WOW! My stomach is a whirlwind just reading how you described these past few days. I can't imagine actually living it!!!

    Joanna is so beautiful!!!! Congrats again!

  6. Yippee Jesus!!!
    I don't get all that ICPC stuff really but you do what you must. So happy for you. Obviously God has been at work since before you could have known!

  7. Wow! Congratulations! I loved reading this and was so overwhelmed with you! I was also so excited that you are here in Philadelphia. Have followed your blog for some time now and would love to have scooped you up at the airport and taken you to the very exciting! Much love to your family and a speedy journey home to celebrate.

  8. what a wonderful story! i'm so happy for you guys! she is A DOLL!!!!

  9. AMAZING! Only God could orchestrate a story like Joanna's! I said it in my last comment, but reading your blog has been SUCH an encouragement to me this week. I am facing many closed doors, and when I read about Joanna, I am reminded that He is working in my life. Your story gives me hope that perhaps I will also be surprised by an unexpected open door in the near future.

    Praying for her birth mama... she sounds like an incredible woman. May God give her His sweet comfort and peace, and may He bless her richly for her choice.

  10. wow what a story. This is my first visit so I had to start at the beginning and read it all, one of the best stories, and oh the pictures, beautiful is the only word to describe them. Congratulations on the newest member of the family. You keep us posted with pictures, Please! Have you bookmarked and will return daily , if possible. God Bless

  11. Can't wait for the new family photo! I am so happy to hear about your wonderful time spent with her birth mom, what a treasure for all of you.

  12. I am in awe once again with how our Father works...Thank you for sharing this story and we share in your joy right now. It is so amazing to see this precious girl in your arms. I can't wait to see all her brothers and sisters faces when she comes home:) "How sweet the father's love for us, how vast beyond all measure..."

  13. God's ways are so wonderously mysterious to us at times!!

    What a beautiful treasure!

    Praying you both home quickly!!!

  14. So THANKFUL!!! Dawn, this is a beautiful story, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Oh my- I have truly missed out on this! i will be reading back posts!!

    Thank you Jesus!! What a blessing your sweet little angel is!! I am so excited for you! You have an awesome family and now you are blessed with another little angel! God is so good!

    WOW!! Too Cool!

  16. WOW!! Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. What a crazy/amazing story! I couldn't help but smile the whole time I was catching up. :)
    I bet your other children are so excited to meet her. What an awesome reunion that will be!
    Praise God!!

  17. Congratulations on your precious baby girl!! She's gorgeous! Praying things move quickly and smoothly, allowing you to get back home to you family.

  18. She is so stinkin beautiful! You are blessed!

  19. Congratulations again! She is BEAUTIFUL! My Xander was born right before Easter last year and we were matched right after. A-MAZING how God works huh?

  20. We have been moving, as you may know, to a remote part of Northern Uganda, thus the reason I am just finding out this EXCITING NEWS. God is so good! What a beautiful baby girl. My oldest daughter looked at the photos with me and said, "mom, I want a baby girl." And yes, that is the plan :-)

  21. Congratulations! All the pictures of her are beautiful! Dawn I am so happy for you and your whole family!

  22. Yeah God!

    What an amazing story of God's hand in all of your lives.

    I love that sweet praying picture...

    May God continue to bless you!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 3/4 adopted

  23. So happy for you guys!!! God Bless!!

  24. I just found your blog but wanted to back track to see if you chose Joanna for the same reason we have it on our short list for our next daughter, and you did! I just think that the name of a GIRL who was a personal friend of Jesus is too cool a namesake!

    Our adoption story for our first child was similar to hers, the birthmom chose us the night before she was getting induced and wanted us there asap. We were up all night with last minute paperwork and packing before getting on the first plane out. We landed right as she was being born and got to meet her in the hospital at just a half hour old. It was so stressful, and so hard to become parents on such little sleep, but a great story for her later on :)

    Blessings to all of you!