Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wright family Meets the Bender Family!

 So a blog reader from Missouri emailed me and said that her family would be in the area.  They were going to go to Busch Gardens.  Ummmmmm.........YES- sooooo would you like to meet up with us? 
 Yes Please! 
 So we met up and it is always kind of her hubby Sheldon said- are you sure this is a real family? 
 Oh yes- we are real.....maybe a bit too real??? 
 And the whole day was a BLESSING! 
 Look at their daughters!!!  Awwwww............soo CUTE!!!! 
 Joanna even approved!  Now that is a big deal! 
 Loved seeing our kiddos interact with each other :) 
 Hmmmmm......can you say matchmaking?? 
 You never know? 
 Sarah always loves to hold children :).  
 Denise was a great mommy and all four of us parents got to talk about our lives with our kiddos. 
 We got to share the great parts of adoption!!!! 
 And the not so great parts- the tougher parts that can rip your heart out. 
 They too have dealt with the foster care system, and have done domestic adoptions too. 
 We both have experienced things we never thought we would. 
 Yet, we both totally agreed that this was what we are meant to be doing! 
 You see when adoptive families get together.....
 support each other......
 share with each other.......
 there is something very powerful that happens! 
 God whispers- you see.  There are others out there.  They have heard my children crying out.  They have answered me with a YES LORD! 
 They have put away selfish desires and said- Lord we will!  We will be a family for a child who is in need of one. 
 We totally agreed that there will be people that go to heaven bounding up to the pearly gates. 
 Then there will be us......worn out.  I mean exhausted.  With little energy left from this life. 
 PRAISE GOD!!!!!! 
 That is what we want! 
 We want to use all our energies, all our efforts, all our money, all of US! 
 Spend it so that we don't have anymore.
 Because that is what we KNOW God has called us to do with our lives!!! 
 Another great point that Denise brought up is that so many people say- well I just don't feel called to adopt or foster children. 
 It is a very true statement that THERE ARE CHILDREN WAITING- over 163 million to be exact!!!! 
 It isn't really about being called - it is about a need.  I don't remember Jesus saying.....IF I call you.  I believe the words are- I have called you. 
 It isn't an easy calling. 
 It might be scarier than this "creepy thing from Busch Gardens....  ;)  BUT IT IS THE BEST THING!!! 
 (* side note:  I have to tell the story behind this picture.  You see Jonathan is a pretty quiet boy.  So while we were there he found a small white stone.  He came running up to me and said, "mommy I pulled a tooth".  I totally bought it hook, line, and sinker.  Or should I say stinker!  Hilarious!  That is the first time he has taken the initiative to try to trick me.  Totally made this mommy's heart laugh with joy from a little boy that was brought to us from Ethiopia, to our home.  LOVE THIS BOY :)
 So here is the deal! 
 When I say.......I would love to meet up with you - if/when you come to Florida for vacation, road trip, to adopt a child/ren. 
 I TOTALLY MEAN IT!!!  I mean look at all the sweetness.....
 That happens
 When families play together, encourage each other.....
 and love each other........
Thank you Denise and Sheldon and your beautiful children!!!!!!  WE have your picture up on our fridge and your family close to our hearts!!!!  You are welcome anytime to come visit us, and we truly love you all!!!! 

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