Thursday, January 3, 2013

Michael's Adoption Day! (December 27th)

 Hey mom, what's up?  You act like today is special or something?  Why are you acting so funny?

Me:  Well Michael today is your ADOPTION DAY!!!!  Today we get to stand before a judge and tell her that we want to be your family forever.  We get to testify that we want to meet your needs.  To love you, support you, help you with anything we can- FOREVER!

Today we think about your birth mom and your first healing mom.....their deep love for you and their pain with having to let you go!  The fact that there are 1,000's out there that have been praying for you for well over a year and a half now when they first found out about you!

We are all so very proud of you and how much you have accomplished!!!  Today we get to celebrate YOU!!!!!!
 Look at my handsome boys!!!!!!  I am seriously starting to cry just looking at them all....remembering each of their "stories" knowing that I could not be more BLESSED!!! 
 Except then I look at these beautiful girls and the same thing happens......they take my breath away!!!! 
 OK for those who think all our pictures are is part of our photo shoot from that day......
 yep, ummm....not bad.....
 Hello.......Matthew open your eyes......Joanna's CHEESE face....
 Elizabeth where are you looking? 
 OK add in a couple of cousins (my best friend and cousin Heidi's girls- both through domestic adoption)......
 Switch.....parents in now....Andrew are you making Michael laugh? 
 Now both twins are laughing..... :)  Oh well.....he he he he....
 Michael is now doubled over laughing and looking at the ceiling.....
 Another family volunteers to take all our picture- That beautiful chica  in the purple is my cousin.   We have both been through adoption loss......and hurt together, prayed for each other in our darkest you SIS!!!!
 I know.....Michael just never gets enough love?  ;) 
 Looking at pics on the phone.....
 laughing away....that is until we were told we couldn't take pictures in the hall before court- HA - good thing we had already gotten a ton of pics huh?  :) 
 Don't adjust your screen....our camera did something stupid and these last couple of pics (our memory was almost full and this is what happens) with the judge went wasn't the picture takers!
 This is us at Chili's afterwards....

 Michael is eating spaghetti- 3rd foods. 
 Later on after getting into pj's we opened his presents 2 toys and a book.  Everything I get for him is because of skills I know he can do.....that he needs to practice.  Turning pages of a board book, microphone, sounds to imitate, pushing hard enough to make the ball go to the top, etc. 
 Testing the new toys together.....
That was our day together!  :)  It was fun.  We had a good time, and none of the kids went off the rails- pretty good day!

Michael Jason Wright- WE LOVE YOU BEYOND WHAT ANY AMOUNT OF WORDS CAN SAY!!!!!  We love you to the heights and depths of the earth, we would give our lives for you, we try to help you in any way we can whether it is practicing a new skill, or cuddling you when you need comfort, or being tough on you because we know you can do it.  We have seen the HAND OF GOD on you since we first met you and can not wait to see what God has planned for your life.  WE KNOW YOUR TESTIMONY WILL BE FOR HIS GLORY AND COMPLETELY AWESOME!


  1. Congratulations to Michael and the entire family!!

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