Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Elizabeth and Jesus :)

 So Christmas here is actually Elizabeth's Birthday as well- Happy 7th Birthday!!!!!!! 
 As you can see.....she is so full of life!  She is very happy, excited about life, loves to play with her siblings....
 She enjoys reading, going out on family outings......
anything dress up, or princessy ;)  do you like the word I made up? 
 (We try to write in the books we give our kids- simple notes of love.  They get a book(s) for every birthday or adoption day. 
 Awwww.......Abigail you make a cute gift! 
 She likes this fun magnet dot thing- hard to explain, but you use a "pen" to drop the dots on the mat and as seen below you can see it in a 3D effect with the glasses. 
 (So if you are wondering....we don't do presents on Christmas day - we open them between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  They are all general gifts for everyone to play with and enjoy.)
 So we went to go visit GG!!!  We haven't been to see her for a while since there has been a mix of sickness, changing jobs, etc. 
 We decided to get festive!  Love Jason's hat with lights? 
 Now GG loves all her great grandchildren, but she went on and on about all the new things Michael is doing.  Awwww.........  :)  Proud Great Grandma!
 The staff there loved seeing us there- and of course they love to talk to and love on our kiddos too! 
 I mean she is really hard to believe. 
 Staying in the bedroom is hard to do with our crew for too long. 
 More fun out in the open space.....
 And then the kids could sing all the songs from our Jingle Jam program! 
 It was a great show!  :)  Thanks kids GG and Auntie Jane (my aunt) really enjoyed it!!!! 
 Jonathan was grumpy and GG was concerned so she gave him some extra love :). 
 Sharing some stories with GG.....
 The girls playing on the floor....

 Look who wants to be the Christmas present!  I was just thrilled he hasn't pulled down our tree or theirs ;). 
 Tis the season GG :). 
 Our kiddos with GG!!! 
 We love you Aunt Jane! 
 OK Daddy....bring on the feast! 
 Popping open our Christmas crackers.  This is an English tradition.  They have a paper crown in them, a silly joke, and a trinket toy.  When you pull them open with a friend they make a little "pop" sound kind of like the poppers you throw on the ground. 
 I bought ours at Target, sometimes Home Goods has them as well. 
 Of course I had to show ID when I bought them?  Weird...have never had to before?  Oh well- pretty sure I am way old enough, but maybe that is a compliment?  How old do you have to be to buy fireworks?  No idea whatsoever. 
 So here are the crowns....
 You will have to imagine the jokes.....yep- Abigail's face tells you how great the jokes are. 
 Fun colors though.....
 Right Jonathan? 
 Elizabeth is too cool. 
 My British babe!  :) 
 Joshua is showing his toy as well- a compass.
 Joanna she umm.....wore hers around her neck? 
 Then later.....we brought out the cake! 
 YUMMY!!!  It was strawberry with a jam filling! 
Our Christmas was BLESSED and fun!!! 

Pray yours was too :). 


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Love all the photos. And Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! Christmas is my hubby's birthday, too! :)

    1. That is cool! Sharing a birthday with Jesus is fun! Everyone always celebrates, you get to see other family..... :)