Sunday, January 6, 2013

Michael learning how to eat, CAC discount, and other things......

 Hello everyone- this is me with my spoon.  Ha ha ha ha......oh yea! 
 You put it in like this, and then stir it around, or fling it whichever sounds the most fun at the time ;). 
 OK so by the end of this session what you don't see is that this place is a mess and my apple sauce is EVERYWHERE!  :)  What can I was fun! 
 Quick announcement:

So perfect timing today we celebrate our Andrew James Wright's 10th Adoption Day(pictures to come)!!!!! ......CAC has extended our discounts until January 11th!!!! WAHOOOO!!!!! There is still time to ask us questions and get signed up to bring home a new treasure this year :). The need is real! The children are there, and waiting for families like yours!

Today through January 11th, we are offering 10% off our Consulting Services and 20% off consulting services through our Minority Adoption Program.
(This discount does not apply to our Do It Yourself Program and may not be combined with any other discounts) As always if you are interested in a special child with physical needs, over the age of 3, or sibling groups, there is a 50% discount year round.

So what are you waiting for? Email, call, or FB us today!

 OK back to our regular programming ;).  This was the "before party" for Michael's Adoption......
 My kids were checking out the food....  ;)
 That is a lot of food!  And that is where I had a mommy in I didn't take any more photos during the party- WHAT?  I know I know.......UGH!!!!!!!!!  But it was fun, and we had a blast!!!!!  And we all thanked God for Michael and the pure JOY he brings us all the time!!!!!!!!!! 
 This is the after party though....and yes we are those horrible parents that like to suck in some helium and talk silly.  *****Don't stress!!!!  I promise we didn't do "that much" to make anyone pass out!!!!!!  We are fun, but not stupid. 
 The kids loved it!!!!!
 Oh and really treading on some toes I am sure, but we also attached laminated tags to balloons and let them go.  I know - we are horrible!  ;)
 So my question........this is one I thought of this Christmas..........
 Do you think Mary ever forgot that Jesus was adopted?  That He was really the Son of God?
 Because honestly in the day to day life......although it seems obvious to others around us......
 I forget that my children are adopted.  I sometimes forget their "pasts".......that they were once- not with us. 
 So would Mary have had the same issue?  Would she have forgotten?  With other children more than likely, a day to day routine, a constant time of getting everyone fed, running the home, cleaning and baking, marriage issues (we all have them people), those times when life seems too crazy, or a moment of hopelessness......did she forget? 
Just something I pondered.....because I love thinking about the fact that Jesus was adopted!!!  I mean I think it is cool that HE not only mentions poor, the widow, and the orphan, but HE was personally involved in those - HIMSELF!!!!!  From birth! 

Pray you are all settling well into your New Year!!!! 

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  1. We've had (2) adoption parties at our home...I have photos of decorations and food for both of them...but no guests! :-)