Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flat Dawn......

 So some great friends from up North in Iowa sent us something in the mail.  Their daughter Samantha had a school project.  She was supposed to send her "Flat Samantha" on a trip.  So Flat Samantha has been to 2 other destinations before coming to our crazy home.  We took Flat Samantha to Busch Gardens with us - on our fun trip with the Bender family. 
 So because I think it is important to be very goes.  I have been feeling a bit like Flat Dawn the last couple of days.  I posted yesterday on FB EPIC FAIL! 
 Sometimes in the midst of trials that happen in our home, struggles, bad behaviors from our children and ourselves!  Things that happen because you thought something was a good idea, but wasn't.  Your child is yet again lying, stealing, and cheating.  You have banged your head against the wall at least 50 times today because your children could really care less what you say.  They act as if you are not there! 
 So you get up to do it all over again........Praying, begging, seeking His Word..........
 And well......sometimes you get the same results.  :(  OYE!  It is FRUSTRATING! 
 So even though today I got up, had a positive attitude, had prayed, spent time in the Word........
 Still......felt flat! 
 Actually I felt more like this!  In the mouth of the lion!  SERIOUSLY!!!!!! 
 Not only that, but the lion was bounding away with me!  I was off course still!!!!  It felt like it didn't matter at all what I did......   I really hate those kinds of days, weeks, or months, sometimes years. 
 So I continue to tell myself.....remind myself........that God has saved me from the lion!  The lion is still roaming, but he can't touch me!  Even if he tries- God still protects me!  I have to dig deep and rely on that!  I have to keep repeating- I know God Loves Me even when ___________.  I know God will keep protecting me from satan's strikes against me.  I know I have to arm myself with the Word, with prayer, with help from my wonderful hubby, with encouragement that so many gave me. 
If life leaves you feeling flat- join the club!!!  It happens.  It is REAL.  It doesn't mean that you are actually flat.  It just means we have to rely on God to pick us back up and inflate us with HIS LOVE.  We can't depend on ourselves.  I can't inflate myself back to normal.  I HAVE TO FULLY RELY ON GOD! 

As in....I can't make my children obey.  I can't make my pain go away.  I can't undo my mistakes.  I can't go back and replay.  I can't get my children to change their hearts.  I can't!!!!!!  ONLY GOD CAN!!!! 

This is why Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen"

I HAVE HOPE!  Even in my failure of getting things right because God is the very definition of HOPE!  His Word, His Promises, His Provision is the evidence of things we can't see.  Praise God I serve a God that is alive and well! He moves,lives, breathes, loves, encourages, protects, and wants the best for us! 

Whew......cause I can't!


  1. Hebrews 11:1 One of my life verses for sure! How hard it must be for those without the Lord. Knowing how difficult these kind of days are, in the life that God has chosen for us, it hurts my heart to know that others try to swim against the tide of our culture without the Hope, the unseen substance, the evidence of eternity. I am saying a prayer for you that God would give you rest and peace because after all for today and tomorrow...John 16:33. Be blessed friend.

  2. fabulous analogy.
    And very real . I'm there with you lately, feeling flat.

  3. Preach it, sister! I had an absolutely horrid day as a homeschooling mama today....really felt like throwing in the towel....but I KNOW that he is faithful, and tomorrow is a whole new day in which He can work in me! Thanks for being real, Dawn!

  4. I love you friend! Thanks for being real!!