Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silly Wright Family

 OK So first off LOOK AT MICHAEL!!!!! I know you are thinking....ummmm.....what?  So I will explain.  Michael had very very little "core strength" to sit up at all!  He always had the rounded back you see in the picture below.  In fact unless you made him- he never sat up with his legs out.
 Until I have caught him recently doing the W sit (yes I know it's bad sorry to offend those who are physical therapists, we do encourage and change him to side sitting when possible)- and then GOING TO THIS ON HIS OWN!!!!!  What does that mean- that means he is gaining strength!  He is trying sitting up with his legs out in front of him on his own!!  This is huge!!!  We do have him sit in a "bath seat" on the floor to - force him to sit this way and help build up those muscles, but to see him doing this......ok- you know me- I was a puddle of mush.......  I just love it so much- seeing him do so much!  I can't help myself!!
 Joanna....ummmm.....those shoes may be a bit big?  Aren't those daddy's new shoes?  ;) 
Her response "Yes, I cute" 
What do you say to that?  Yes sweetie you are cute! 
 Now this is really random......Jason cuts the boys hair and Joshua wanted a mohawk with 3 stripes.......her you go son.  ;)
 Hilarious, and yet his is sooo handsome!!!  How do they grow up too fast? 
Just in case the above wasn't enough to convince you that we may be a little bit on the silly side.......this is a picture of the boys- outside going swimming!  OK no in Florida it isn't cold.  Well to most of the world anyway.  BUT it was only in the low 70's!  They have been begging and begging to get into the pool. 

So while momma was away.....daddy gave in......and this was the result! 

Will try to upload a video of them jumping in, but my technical skills are very limited..... :) 

Hope your day is BLESSED- I KNOW MINE IS!  :)


  1. Cute pics! Cute family!

    Gotta tell you . . . "Low 70s" is Hot Summer Weather for some of us. :)

    Love you all!

    Laurel & the Gang

  2. How exciting! Our 4-year-old is working on "core strength" with his therapists. I think that if I would do the exercises as well I would improve my core too! :-) He "W" sits...I never knew it was an issue until I started learning more...